Deadpool – Apartment Easter Eggs & Achievements Guide

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Unlock every achievement and check out every Easter egg in Deadpool‘s apartment with the handy guide below. The cult fourth-wall breaking superhero (?) doesn’t live in a luxurious tower like Iron Man or the Fantastic Four, but he makes do. He’s got a TV, radio, blow-up doll, and a massive arsenal of weapons — what else could a mercenary hope for?

See how to get two early achievements, “Makin’ a Game” and “I’m Expecting Company” in the checklist below. Don’t forget to interact with everything more than once if you don’t want to miss out on anything. After trying three or so items, the door will knock. Ignore answering the door, and continue to explore to see everything there is to find, right at the start of Deadpool’s first big game.

When you feel like leaving the starting area and chopping fools to bits, check out Game Front’s full Deadpool walkthrough with video. If you’re looking for more guides like this, give our Deadpool cheats list a shot.

Apartment Easter Eggs & Achievements Guide

Makin’ A Game Achievement Guide

There are interactive objects scattered around the apartment. Use all 14 to earn this achievement.

  • 1. The brown chair, right as you’re in control of Deadpool, can be used to watch TV.
  • 2. Use the phone next to Deadpool’s recliner for an important chat.
  • 3. Play with the dog behind the recliner. Dogs love Deadpool!
  • 4. The radio in the left corner (next to the neon sign) pushes Deadpool into some air-guitar action.
  • 5. To the right of the chair, sleep on Deadpool’s old sofa.
  • 6. Behind the sofa, there’s a bookcase — it’s just a prop.
  • 7. To the left of the kitchen door, you’ll find Deadpool’s bathroom. Go inside to use the toilet!
  • 8. Wash up with the sink to get a quick glimpse of Deadpool’s disfigured face. Gross!
  • 9. Inside the kitchen, use the refrigerator just ahead of the door. Keep drinking until the counter goes up!
  • 10. In the only light corner, to the right of the door, is an open pizza box. Bite it until Deadpool tosses the slice.
  • 11. To the right, you’ll find an oven. Use it to earn the “I’m Expecting Company” achievement.
  • 12. Almost done. Run across from the kitchen to find the bedroom door. To the left of the door, you’ll find a pump.
  • 13. Right of the pump, jump onto the computer for a quick search on the internets.
  • 14. Check out Deadpool’s arsenal on the right wall. Impressive!

I’m Expecting Company Achievement Guide

  • To unlock this achievement, simply walk into Deadpool’s kitchen (right at the start of the game in the apartment) and interact with the oven. Voila — one-thousand pancakes.

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