Deadpool Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Chasing Chase

  1. Whaddaya think, training mission? Damn skippy, at least in the beginning. Figure out your buttons, especially the timing on the dodge/evade, which is very similar to (and uses the same button as) the Batman Arkham games. After you’ve killed a few fools and earned a few points, you get a reward and an open door to continue.
  2. Now you get to learn a stealth kill, which doesn’t require a button, Deadie sneaks on his own. After that, you can go shopping!
  3. Next is some platforming, while you have the opportunity to collect tokens which will help you buy more cool stuff. At the top of the passage, you’ll enter your first real combat.
  4. The guys come in waves, nothing too rough for you to handle at the moment. When you reach the elevators, you’ll have to shoot a red control panel to escape, then head back the way you came. After that is a bunch of guards with GUNS for the first time, and they require a bit of a different strategy. Use the left trigger to snap to new targets rapidly to stay on top of them and evade to keep from getting shot too much.
  5. Head to the basement, do the thing, head back up, learn a few more lessons. Deadpool and the voices in his head do a pretty solid job of walking you through it. Back toward the elevators, there’s your first real fight, buncha guys, including ones that guard and ones that shoot. Buy upgrades first.
  6. Hop the elevator when you’re done slaying, ride it up, appreciate Deadpool’s lovely singing voice, and then you’ll have to do some platforming to ascend the rest of the way. Head to the far end, jump up a level, and then look for green-lit shafts to ascend with wall jumps.
  7. When you reach the TV studio, there will be a LOT of guys, over and over. Don’t forget your momentum attacks, and if you haven’t figured it out by now, it’s way easier to string big combos together by using your guns for distant guys and then teleporting to catch up to them.
  8. At the end of the TV studio, the guys really come out of the woodwork. Getting in thick with melee guys while under fire will end you fast. Take your time, kill the guys from a distance as much as you can before you get close and personal.
  9. After using the scaffolds to ascend the building, you get your first real stealth kill!
  10. Use your regular fire to keep pushing the helicopter back so that you can proceed across the roof and sneak up behind it. After that, you get to have a really fun time with a minigun. You’d best get yourself a big fat combo with it.
  11. Once inside, there’s a fiesta of dudes to kill, and then a mini-boss with a rocket launcher. Don’t forget to teleport to avoid him. A momentum attack will take the wind out of his sales pretty well, too. After you get his weapon, you’ll have to fight another one. After that, you face off with Chase and things get really awesome.

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