Deadpool Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Chase Escape

  1. Well that was a short-lived victory, wasn’t it. Fortunately, you have silly 8-bit Deadpool goodness to make up for it. Make your way through two rooms, killing skeletons, to retrieve the key. Head back to the first room, go through the key door. And enjoy the music while you’re here.
  2. D-list villains! This is all very straightforward, just keep moving and keep killing. You’ll reach some green lights that require a wall jump, and soon after, there’ll be a big, green croc-looking mini-boss. Stun grenades work very well on him, and he packs a punch, but you can shoot him a whole lot at no personal cost for big combos.
  3. You’ll notice the guys are taking a LOT more damage now, so remember to use your guns in your combos to break up defense and build up combo points.
  4. At a central point, you’ll see their leader, and she’ll send some cronies after you. They’re easy to push off the edge of the platform, and they’re easy to rack up high points with, but if they go off the edge, you don’t get the loot, so keep that in mind.
  5. When she enters the fight, it’s easy to take her down to half her life, just pound away (Ha! Sorry, the game is getting to me) and rack up a decent combo. After that, you’ll just have to dodge more and expect to set up less combos, but keep at it.
  6. At the bottom of the passage, you’ll see Chase, and the other weird broad who’s protecting him. She’ll start doing her thing, which messes with your head (and screen).
  7. Follow Deadpool’s sarcastic suggestion. There are two switches to throw. After the first one, you’ll come under attack by some Morlock lookin’ mofos. After the second switch, go back to where you started so you can throw one more switch and reach Vertigo.
  8. Or not. Make your way through some more tunnels, and when you reach the weird pipe room, hop up on the right, cross on the pipe, then climb up the rest of the way on the left. On the next platform, you’ll meet another crew of four who will take a bit of killing.
  9. At the top of the elevator are a few guys with guns and practically no life bars. After them is a weird lava-grenade dude. If he hits you with a grenade, teleport to un-stick it. Otherwise, if you haven’t bought the bear traps, now would be the time. They keep him frozen so you can kick the crap out of him. His grenade launcher is rad, but not much use for combos.
  10. Next is a Battletoads-style dodging section, just not quite as hard. And then you’re done and on your way to the next chapter!

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