Deadpool Walkthrough

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Lovely Genosha

  1. Head through the tunnel after you check on Wolvie. After a few rounds of guys, you’ll face a pasty, chunky guy. Bear traps will keep him in place so you can end him easy.
  2. Next is a bunch of guys with guns, so keep your distance until you thin them out. After that is another lava-grenade guy, but you know how to deal with him right quick now.
  3. After a few waves of baddies, you have to face off against two of the pasty chunky guys at the SAME time, which makes things much more difficult. Take out the little guys first, then use stun grenades or bear traps, and focus all your hitting on one guy until he’s dead. The team-up of two of them attacking at once is brutal.
  4. After that, there’s some platforming and some token collecting and two more waves of guys before you meet another very familiar face.
  5. Next is a flying guy, and the game will tell you how to lock on a target (put the reticle over him and hold LT in case you weren’t aware already) and then you have to kill him. Look around for a battery to pick up on an “island” of concrete. Use that to move on.
  6. Running, jumping, killing, it’s all very normal until you bump into Cable again. After that, there’s a sneaky kill waiting to happen, then a bunch of guys, one of those flying dudes, then several waves that include big grenade guys and more annoying fliers. Take your time, keep to cover, and use your momentum attacks on the big guys.
  7. After clearing away all the bad guys, Cable ditches you, and you have to do some platforming on your own. It’s challenging, but it’s not hard.
  8. Now enter the building indicated. Face off with a few guys, do some wall-jump platforming, move an arm, more bad guys, then another battery, and this time you’ll need to move BOTH arms to reach Cable’s part. Some more guys are lined up, and then you need to take the part to Cable.
  9. In the next section, you’ll fight some guys, and then drop down into shallow water. When you do, there is the opportunity to do two stealth kills in a row. Use the button on the pad, not the trigger, to kill the first one silently, rather than drawing attention with your gun.
  10. If you do the stealthing, you’ll end up near a power source. Grab it and go back looking for a ramp. Up there is a sentinel arm. Use it to fire not once, not twice, but thrice into the bathroom to move on.
  11. It’s pretty simple running and platforming to get the next battery, and you use that to cause some serious destruction.

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