Deadpool Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Big House

  1. Step one: Chase dog. With screwed-up controls. Enjoy.
  2. Kill a couple dudes, go back the way you came, climb up and over…you’ll see signs for “the Arena” which is probably a sinister sign.
  3. When you drop down into the next room, you’ll face a few guys, including one who hops and throws fireballs. When the screen prompts you with the exit, look for it, but don’t go toward it. Next up come guys who’ll go all ‘splodey on you if you don’t shoot them quick enough. So be ready to be quick on the trigger.
  4. You’re not at the arena yet, so keep going, platforms, gunning, the usual by now. No heavy or new unusual baddies.
  5. Just keep following the arena signs and look for doors you can open for bonus loot rather than continuing on your way.
  6. Follow the awesome music to a pool party. Interact with eight different groups for an achievement. After that, it’s a fight with those tall, creepy guys and a handful of regulars. Unleash the powerful gun on the tall guys to get rid of them quick.
  7. The next section is more of the same, but with gunfire coming from a balcony above you, so target those guys when you can to prevent extra damage.
  8. After you flip a switch, you’ll need to complete a circuit. With you. That opens the door to the next area, and more of those creepy guys and some regular soldiers.
  9. And then we’re in for another tribute to not just one, but TWO different old school classics, Mario and Frogger. I’m pretty sure you can manage from there.
  10. There are a few more river crossings with floating platforms, some Gambit clones, and a couple of lava grenadiers.
  11. Then you’ll gain a nifty new ability from a very old-fashioned chest. You’ll use this to ascend the next section, as follows the rules of all video games ever.
  12. There’s a lot of walking, climbing, jumping, etc to come, and when you hit the end of the line, it’s time for some stealth killin’!
  13. Kill the first guy in front of you, the second from the right, the third from the right, and then follow the fourth to get to Sinister.
  14. At the arena (finally!) you’ll face Blockbuster. When he charges, evade to stun him, and then unleash the fury. He’s not stunned for long, and reinforcements show up soon, so hit him hard and fast. Which is what she said.
  15. Speaking of she, enjoy the next section, although your controls will be messed up again.

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