Deadpool Walkthrough

Table of Contents

The Showdown

  1. Lots of platforming, spiced up with guys who shoot at you and guys who fly. Use the blasters for their range to make your life simpler.
  2. Soon after you go through a cave, you’ll meet your first big wave, including lots of guys who shoot, and an ice giant, and eventually another flying guy.
  3. Next is a really fun ascending section, without any real challenges for you, until three of those pale creepy guys show up. At once. I recommend using the Old School spinning sword super attack up at the top of the stairs. You may even kill all three of them at once.
  4. After that comes several waves, none of them complicated, none of them particularly HARD, there’s just so damn many of them! Keep your wits about you, and keep moving so you don’t become too much of a target. When you’re in close, shotguns. When they’re at a distance, something more accurate.
  5. And they just keep coming. There’s not another group of tubbies, but there are more ice guys, the ninja girls, and just about the time Deadpool asks if Sinister bought bad guys by the bulk, you’ll be wondering the same thing. Just get those momentum attacks charged and keep using them.
  6. After that you face the Marauders. Blockbuster and the psionic chick go first, and it’s tough to do them together. Bear traps will stop him, but not make him vulnerable, and her you just have to keep at. Using momentum attacks when BB is stunned can be huge, but the timing is really dicey. After that, someone else drops in, but she’s easy, and then you just have to shoot Vertigo.
  7. Now it’s the same thing again. Only it’s Sinister himself. You start out with two, then there’s a wave of three, then there’s about six more. He has a wave attack, and a multi-shot attack, where he’ll hover before unleashing it. Otherwise, he’s not too bad, it just sucks there’s lots of them, and there are two who will bring defense to the rest. Target them fast. Close-in work with the shotgun does really good damage, and I found an upgraded machine gun worked well, too. The other guns, less so. There’s plenty of ammo around, thankfully, cuz you’ll use all of it, and bear traps work perfectly well. If you haven’t bought the multi-teleport ability yet, it’ll save your bacon.
  8. Stay for the credits. It’s actually worth it.

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