Deus Ex Human Revolution Good Soul Achievement

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Like Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, Deus Ex: Human Revolution finds a good friend of our hero in grave danger. You’re told to escape, but stick around and you can pull off a miraculous rescue. This isn’t an easy achievement / trophy to unlock, on the hard difficulty, it’s by far the most difficult in the game. Don’t worry, the helpful souls at Game Front are here to lend you a hand, just follow this guide to get a good idea of what you’ll need to save the day and boost your gamerscore.

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Good Soul Achievement / Trophy Guide

As Adam Jensen returns to Hengsha Island, you and Malik will crash land in a construction site. Immediately save your game. Malik will try to repair the helicopter, while soldiers open fire on her and you. It won’t take long for the enemies to kill her, meaning she’s just a sitting duck, and you won’t be able to run across the yard in time to save her without clearing away some of the enemies first – especially the heavies armed with Heavy Rifles. Sounds tough, right?

To succeed and save Malik, prepare properly before leaving Detroit or heading to Sarif Industries. You’ll need frag grenades or gas grenades to quickly down enemies, and at least one EMP grenade to take care of robots. Load up ammo for your most upgraded weapons, and plan to go lethal. Tranquilizers and the stungun are just too slow, but they’re handy for knocking out the heavies in one hit. A Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle will save you some headaches, as you can take out the powerful heavies from long range, just be careful not to blow up Malik!

When you’re all geared up, take off for Hengsha. Save after the cutscene, then start taking out bad guys. Shoot the explosive barrels littering the area, try starting with the left building at the back of the area to down a sniper quickly. Jump off and enter the building to your right, go up a level, and jump to the top floor. Take out any enemies on this floor, and start picking off the heavies below on the ground. Use frag or gas grenades to quickly put them down. Tranquilizer darts will also instantly knock them out, but that’s a slow method.

Further through the third floor, you’ll spot more enemies, so take care of them. Get down to ground level to face a robot guard as it lands in the courtyard, so use EMP or an upgraded typhoon blast to destroy it. After that, you only have stragglers to clean up.

Do all that, and you’ve got a pretty good chance at saving Malik. Good luck, good samaritans.

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4 Comments on Deus Ex Human Revolution Good Soul Achievement

Augmented Kitten

On September 24, 2011 at 3:13 pm

The above strategy could possibly work. On the hardest difficulty setting I found it impossible to get to the top level of the building on the right if I killed the snipers first as described above. The much easier strat for getting this achievement is to take a rocket launcher with six rockets, one EMP grenade and a sniper rifle. The key is not letting the heavies or the robot get any shots off at Malik.
Both the rocket launcher and sniper rifle are available from the weapon dealers in Detroit before you leave for Sarif HQ. There’s plenty of ammo for both to be found around the Detroit level unless you’ve already used it up.

Pull out the rocket launcher and move to the right of your start position. Take out the heavies first before they start their advance towards the ‘chopper’. Once they go down, take out 1-2 combat rifle soldiers in the building on the right as possible (you should be able to get one or two) before the dropship rocks up.

Just before the robot gets dropped off, jump down and run around to the left, past the tail section of the chopper. Throw your EMP grenade at the robot. It has to be thrown before the robot starts firing or Malik will always die :(

As soon as you throw the EMP grenade go back to picking off the remaining combat rifle soldiers – because they’re doing the most of the remaining damage – with either the rocket launcher directly on the targets or sniper rifle on the BUT definitely leave the snipers until last.

The key with the rocket launcher is to aim at the ground in front of your target’s feet. Anywhere else and the rockets won’t do any damage :(
I completed the achievement without upgrading either the rocket launcher or sniper rifle. A reload speed increase for one or both would definitely make it easier.

Good luck :)


On November 3, 2011 at 3:09 pm

gas grenade, mag w/ explosive ammo and rounds increased, emp. Stood next to the jet the whole time dogding left and right until. First a gas grenade front and center, magnum the heavies and ground. Hit two exploding barrels, emp the robot, with all but cleaning up the snipers


On December 7, 2011 at 9:16 pm

I tried some of these “action-at-a-distance” approaches, but the only thing that worked for me was a “close-up-and-personal” approach: immediately jump down, run through the ground floor of the rightmost building, doing double-takedowns as you go. By the time you get to the furthest corner, they’ll be releasing the robot…just in time for you to zap it with an EMP (in my game this also blew up one of the heavies). THEN you can play cleanup with the troopers and snipers on the upper floors.

This strategy requires the lightning-reflex double-takedown augment and a boatload of battery-refresher and health-retoration potions…err PILLS yes pills. I also started off with health plussed-up to 200.


On February 11, 2012 at 9:41 pm

I just used a revolver with the explosive bullets upgrade and took most of them down with 1 shot…aside from the heavies and the robot, of course.