Deus Ex: Human Revolution Last-Minute Hands-On Preview

Lots to Do

Before heading to the police station, I headed out into Detroit to explore. The city is a strange mix of decrepit and advanced, the influence of the Sarif building spreading through the area but unable to fight off all the economic troubles of the city’s history. There are homeless people milling alongside tech professionals, and arms dealers camped out in out-of-the-way places.

We drop by the apartment building where the cop who worked the Sarif case is now doing building security. He’s willing to talk a bit, telling us the issues he had with the Sarif case and how the higher-ups seemed to bury it. He puts you on to the detective assigned to the case after he was dismissed, who you’ll find at the police station. Time to head that way.

There are a number of ways to get into the police station and into the morgue beneath it. A quick conversation with (and a little cash given to) a homeless informant nearby the Sarif offices gets some useful information: There’s a sewer tunnel that connects to the police station. There are also gang-bangers and weapons down there, if we bring the augs to find them — the ability to see through walls and the ability to punch through them.

I’ve already got the eye aug, but not the wall-punching one. We’ll save that for later and head over to the police station. In the lobby, we find the detective from the Sarif case and brace him; luckily, my social augs mean I can just talk him into giving me the information I need, which means I can skip sneaking into his office and hacking into his computer. My social augs tell me he’s playing off being an alpha personality — whom I won’t be able to threaten — but is actually an omega personality — who I can threaten liberally. I do so; he spills.

Talking My Way In

After getting the info from the detective that there’s an evidence locker I can go investigate and that the orders to drop the case came from the department’s captain, it’s time to go down to the morgue. To get there, I have to go through the watch commander, a former SWAT cop disgraced during a mission that Jensen was a part of, back when he was on SWAT. This exchange is another of the boss conversations DXHR incorporates into its gameplay — if I can talk him into letting me in, I’ll have free run of the police station. If not, I’ll have to sneak in and risk death.

The conversation is a tough one but my social augs allow me to get a decent analysis of what the watch commander wants out of the discussion. He’s been disgraced by shooting a civilian under orders; orders Jensen chose to ignore. He wants someone to tell him it’s not his fault. He wants absolution. And eventually, we give it to him, and he gives us access to the morgue.

That conversation could have gone very differently with different augs, though. Had we failed to talk our way into the station, we might have needed to take a much more combat-heavy approach, possibly through the sewers. Without proper stealth augs, that might have been tough; this path is easier, but we miss out on any potential rewards down there.

Inside the police station, we’re not harassed by any of the cops and have the ability to carefully pick the way through locks and into offices. With a little sneaking, we gain some more info for our side quest and find out a bit about what the cops are up to; it seems someone from the Department of Justice was behind the cover-up. The same name keeps coming up on emails and documents. Something fishy’s going on.

Before the end of the preview, I spent a lot of time in the police station. I upgraded my hacking skills so I could get into more offices, which yielded mixed results. I also repeatedly tried to sneak into the armory, disable the camera and knock out the guard, then hack my way into the police station’s weapons stores to get hold of a new non-lethal rifle they’d just gotten in. That resulted in repeated failure, first in the sneaking, then in dealing with the camera and the guard, and finally in hacking the computer. Eventually I gave it up because I just wasn’t powerful enough yet.

Instead, I head down to the morgue. The coroner there had started an autopsy and mistook me for someone from DOJ; apparently, somebody is on their way to collect the hacker’s body and didn’t want even the coroner to look at it. Luckily, apparently, Jensen looks like that guy. As per our orders, we take the hacking chip from the skull of the hacker. Sarif tells Jensen to take it back to his apartment, so we’re headed there next.

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5 Comments on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Last-Minute Hands-On Preview


On August 18, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Im sorry but it does not take 3 hours to get through the hostage situation.If it took you that long your a very bad gamer.30 min tops from start to end of the hostage thing that is if you dont off.Then again ing off makes up for a lot of games content these days.

Phil Hornshaw

On August 18, 2011 at 4:55 pm


Uh, okay. Two hours then. Regardless, I did everything I could because it was a preview of the game, so I was trying to be thorough. It can definitely last longer than 30 minutes — unless you sprint through it and ignore talking to people, searching for things, hacking, computers, sneaking paths, combat…

Trust me, I’ve played the opening of the game through about five times now.


On August 18, 2011 at 4:58 pm

That’s interesting that CHoedy took 1/4 the time as Mr Hornshaw. Mr Hornshaw told us in some detail how he did it, care to share your experience, Mr Hoedy?


On August 18, 2011 at 5:14 pm

@CHoedy: Or maybe he’s a very thorough gamer considering he’s, you know, writing a preview for the game and making sure he checks every nook and cranny so he doesn’t miss anything. I too have played through the first mission and could easily see how it could take that long.


On August 18, 2011 at 9:37 pm


The game is nothing like the first Deus Ex or even Deus Ex 2. It took me about 45 minutes to run through the place and about 20 minutes after the second playthrough (there is literally nothing else to explore or anyone to talk to, the only thing worth grabbing is more ammo and XP).