Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Missing Link DLC Walkthrough

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  • Locate the Sally Port

    1. After completing the Find the CIC objective, search the area around you for supplies and hack the computers for information. Move through the automatic glass door at the back of the room, then hide in the shadows by the top of the nearby steps and wait for a guard to walk by.
    2. Knock out the guard that approaches and make your way down the steps, then roll over to the red monitor at the center of the room and take cover behind it. Wait for the guard on the other side of the map to walk away, then sneak up behind him to execute a takedown.
    3. Search the area for supplies, then exit the room through the automatic glass door nearby and move into the hallway ahead. Make a right and approach the opening the floor ahead, then climb down the ladder and pick up a crate when you reach the bottom.
    4. Place the crate in front of the nearby pipe and use it to reach the vent on the wall, then crawl into the shaft and wait until the two men below finish their conversation before continuing forward. Make sure the guards outside have their backs turned whenever you pass through an exposed area of the shaft.
    5. As soon as there are a minimal amount of threats remaining in the room outside the shaft, emerge through one of the gaps in the wall and take down the guards silently. Drag the bodies into the darkness of the previous room and crawl back into the shaft, then wait for other guards to patrol through this hall and knock them out as well.
    6. Open the gold door towards the middle of the area and enter the next room, then approach the keypad on the wall and hack into it. Move into the unlocked area ahead and vault over the line of crates, then collect supplies from around the room and return to the hall.
    7. Move towards the map marker to open another gold door, then search the room for supplies and information. Afterwards, move down the hall to the left of the computers and follow it to reach an opened doorway around a corner.
    8. Enter the next corridor ahead and stay within the darkness to avoid detection, then silently approach the guard ahead and take him down from behind. Wait for another guard to arrive and take him down, then move through the doorway he just opened and make your way up the hall ahead.
    9. Jump over the crates blocking your path and enter the elevator to the right, then ride it down and drop onto the next floor below. Make a right and vault over the crates, then make another right through the opened passage and climb the ladder.
    10. Move into the room on the right when you reach the floor above and disable the security camera, then spin the valve on the wall next to you and clear away the crates. Enter the doorway you just cleared and pick up the supplies ahead, then exit the room and make a right.
    11. Approach the opening in the floor and climb down the ladder, then move into the hallway on the right when you reach the bottom and hack the next keypad on the wall ahead. Continue forward through the doorway and make a left, then search the room you enter for supplies.
    12. Exit the room and move back through the previous corridor, then approach the next opening in the floor to your left and climb down the ladder. Move around the crate to the left when you reach the bottom and pass through the doorway behind it, then enter the next room on the right and pick up supplies.
    13. Jump over the crate and move up the corridor in front of you, then collect the weaponry scattered around the corpse to the right and approach the far wall that’s marked with an “03″. Take cover next to the doorway in front of the “03″ and wait for a guard to walk by, then disable him from behind and move into the room on the left.
    14. Approach the opening in the floor and climb down the ladder, then crouch down when you reach the bottom and remove the grate ahead on the left. Move through the shaft towards the map marker to reach the server room, then sneak up behind the enemies patrolling the area and eliminate them one-by-one.
    15. Move towards the marked terminal to the left of the laser grid and hack into it, then make your way into the room that you just unblocked and open the golden door on the right. Continue towards the marker to reach a set of automatic black and gold double doors, then pass through them and activate the panel to the left.
    16. Step into the beam of light that appears on the platform and wait until the monitors above deny you access to complete the Locate the Sally Port objective. Wait a few more seconds until access is granted, then move into the exit directly ahead of you and open the door at the back of the room.

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    8 Comments on Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Missing Link DLC Walkthrough


    On October 23, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    I wish this many some sense because I can’t find the Launcher Barrel

    gene gilmore

    On October 27, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    how do i save everyone in the prison and the doctor their is an achievement for saving her and all the prisoners


    On October 27, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    In the detention centre, don’t go up the stairs of the central tower. Instead, go to the periphery on ground floor where there is a fragile container to lift. This reveals a ventilation shaft. Go in and jump up onto a pipe and through another vent and you will be in a room with the poison container. Destroy it and you will save everyone. Note: You need augmented jump to get up the pipe.


    On October 28, 2011 at 6:29 am

    this makes absolutely no sense. useless

    Mistress Vixen

    On November 8, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    In the room with storage containers and turrets after leaving the ship you will find the launcher barrel in a container on the opposite side of the room to the Office/Admin Area.

    As you look at the door with the camera on it and the laser grid it will be to the far left. Be careful of the robot stamping aorund and the guards. Jump on crates or one of the forklifts to reach it


    On December 9, 2011 at 8:03 am

    This walkthrough has no heart. If I want to be a robot and follow your instructions without caring about anything around me and without finding any upgrades or stashes, this would be perfect. but who on earth wants to do that?


    On December 20, 2011 at 5:27 am

    The achievement for saving both the Doctor and all the prisoners does NOT require the augmented jump upgrade. If you collect two of the small boxes, they will fit through the vent, lengthwise, in front you. Then you place one on the floor, one on the pipe and jump your way up.


    On January 9, 2012 at 5:28 am

    You forgot to include the step where the eye is acquired. Which severely limits the utility of this walkthrough