Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Missing Link DLC Walkthrough

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  • Locate the Rendezvous Point

    1. Move towards the indicator and search the area around it for supplies, then approach the machine marked by the map and flip the switch. Take cover in the nearby darkness and wait until the large door has completely dropped, then use the shadows to disable any enemy that approaches.
    2. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: You made it off the boat… but to what end?
    3. Use the large container nearby as cover and equip an automatic weapon to clear out the remaining guards, then sprint down the far left side of the ramp and collect supplies around the small building at the bottom. Move towards the security cameras within the enormous entryway ahead, then creep across the long patch of darkness and make your next left between the shipping containers.
    4. Enter the room in the back left corner ahead and move right to collect supplies, then turn to the left and approach the wall marked with a “4″. Make a left to exit the room and takedown the nearby guard, then move towards the distant area across from you that’s covered in a yellow haze.
    5. Make a left when you reach the far wall and stay close to it as you move forward, then climb up the next ladder on the left and take cover when you reach the top. Stay hidden to survey the movements of the guards ahead, then move forward when they aren’t looking and duck behind the next crate on your left.
    6. Wait until the enemies ahead have moved into the building behind them, then sprint out from cover and disable the closest guard with his back to you. Search the building nearby for supplies, then exit the room through the glass door and climb down the ladder.
    7. Take cover when you reach the bottom and wait for the two nearby guards to separate, then disable one of them with your stun gun and approach the field of lasers ahead. Hack the keypad to the left of the lasers and move through the doorway you just unblocked, then approach the industrial fan to the right and turn the corner ahead.
    8. Move through the automatic doors on the right and make your way forward, then take another right between the shipping containers and clear away the stack of crates against the wall. Enter the next area through the opening you’ve uncovered, then exit out the other end of the container and make a left.
    9. Either sneak past the enemies patrolling around the stairs or disable them with your stun gun, then climb the steps to reach the level above and make a right to approach the next door. Stop outside the room and listen to the conversation within through the vent in the door, then wait until one of the guards approaches your position and sprint towards him.
    10. Take down both of the guards in quick succession with a combination of strikes, then search the room for supplies and hack the computer by the windows facing the factory to disable the cameras. Keep an eye on the door you entered from to quickly dispatch of invading guards with your stun gun or a sudden takedown.
    11. Exit the room through the previous door you used, then make your way forward to the opposite wall ahead and take your last available left. Approach the next door above and hack the keypad beside it, then enter the room you’ve just unlocked and make a left down the steps.
    12. Make a right around the corner and down another set of steps, then enter the last hallway on your right and turn left when you reach the far wall. Turn right ahead and hack the keypad beside the door on the left, then enter the next room and collect supplies.
    13. Crawl into the ventilation shaft below and move through it to reach the next grate on the right, then remove the panel and drop into the room below. Exit the area through the door marked with a “4″, then make a right and sprint beneath the cameras when they are facing sideways.
    14. Continue down the hall and hack the next terminal on the wall to your left, then drop through the opening in the floor beside you. Move forward up the shaft and follow it around until you can stand up again, then climb up into the room and use the computer on the left to disable the cameras.
    15. Hack the nearest keypad to the right, then return to the previous shaft and move back down it the same way you came. Climb up out of the ducts and make a left, then turn the corner ahead and sneak up behind the nearest guard to execute a takedown.
    16. Eliminate another enemy ahead and hack the keypad on the wall to the left, then move through the doorway that opens and search the room for supplies. Exit through the door at the back of the room and move towards the map indicator, then use areas of cover to clear the tunnels of enemies with a long-range weapon.
    17. Continue moving towards the map marker and follow the neon signs that point towards the Loading Bay, then hack the keypad by the fire extinguisher on the right and enter the next room. Search the room for supplies and return to the previous area, then move left around the corner and the next door to the right.
    18. Collect the weaponry and use the computers to disable the cameras, then crawl into the ventilation shaft below and move through it to reach the next grate on the right. Stand up in the room ahead and search the area for supplies, then exit through the door on the back wall and make a right.
    19. Turn right at the fork ahead, then approach the elevator across from you and press the button beside it. Enter the car when the doors open and hit another button to descend, then move forward when you reach the bottom and turn left at the end of the hall.
    20. Clear away the boxes at your feet to reveal a vent, then crawl into the shaft and move through it to reach the next room. Climb up the ladder nearby and turn around when you reach the top, then run and jump to the beam on the right and use it to reach the ledge above.
    21. Turn right in front of the industrial fan ahead and climb another ladder, then crawl into the ventilation shaft below and move through it to stand up in the next hallway. Make your way to the left and move into the next hall above, then open the double doors with orange glass and enter the room ahead.
    22. Approach the map marker and drop down through the opening you find in the floor, then move through the shaft towards the next indicator. Stand up when you reach the last duct to activate a cut scene and complete the objective.
    23. Choose to “Negotiate”, then ask “Why Me?” and about “Black Project”. Question her about the “Scientists” and choose “Continue”, then ask about “Burke” and select the “Quit” response to finish your end of the conversation.

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    8 Comments on Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Missing Link DLC Walkthrough


    On October 23, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    I wish this many some sense because I can’t find the Launcher Barrel

    gene gilmore

    On October 27, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    how do i save everyone in the prison and the doctor their is an achievement for saving her and all the prisoners


    On October 27, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    In the detention centre, don’t go up the stairs of the central tower. Instead, go to the periphery on ground floor where there is a fragile container to lift. This reveals a ventilation shaft. Go in and jump up onto a pipe and through another vent and you will be in a room with the poison container. Destroy it and you will save everyone. Note: You need augmented jump to get up the pipe.


    On October 28, 2011 at 6:29 am

    this makes absolutely no sense. useless

    Mistress Vixen

    On November 8, 2011 at 10:31 pm

    In the room with storage containers and turrets after leaving the ship you will find the launcher barrel in a container on the opposite side of the room to the Office/Admin Area.

    As you look at the door with the camera on it and the laser grid it will be to the far left. Be careful of the robot stamping aorund and the guards. Jump on crates or one of the forklifts to reach it


    On December 9, 2011 at 8:03 am

    This walkthrough has no heart. If I want to be a robot and follow your instructions without caring about anything around me and without finding any upgrades or stashes, this would be perfect. but who on earth wants to do that?


    On December 20, 2011 at 5:27 am

    The achievement for saving both the Doctor and all the prisoners does NOT require the augmented jump upgrade. If you collect two of the small boxes, they will fit through the vent, lengthwise, in front you. Then you place one on the floor, one on the pipe and jump your way up.


    On January 9, 2012 at 5:28 am

    You forgot to include the step where the eye is acquired. Which severely limits the utility of this walkthrough