Deus Ex: Human Revolution Side-Quests

Like any good RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes with a variety of side-quests in its two hubs. Not every side-quest is equal though, and that’s why the hackers at Game Front are here to provide a quick and easy list of every side-quest, where to find them, who to talk to, and what achievements you get for completing them. For a more in-depth look at side-quests in Deus Ex, check out Game Front’s complete text and video walkthrough. Or, if you’re looking to run on the wild side, look up our cheats page to get the most out of your game.


Lesser Evil

  1. Where: Detroit City, Sarif HQ
  2. When: After returning from Sarif Manufacturing.
  3. Check Adam Jensen’s office on the third floor of Sarif HQ, after a special PA announcement. Speak with Tim Carella, the nerdy scientist in your office to accept this side-quest.
  4. Reward: 3450 XP, Laser Targeting Mod
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Lesser Evil (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.

Motherly Ties

  1. Where: Detroit City Streets, in front of Sarif HQ
  2. When: After leaving Sarif HQ for the first time.
  3. Megan Reed’s mother Cassandra will request Adam Jensen’s help just as he leaves Sarif HQ, she’s in the pavillion, you can’t miss her.
  4. Reward: 3200 XP
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Motherly Ties (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: Sentimental Value (10G / Bronze) – While searching the storage shed behind the Police Station in Detroit, you’ll need to read the many eBooks laying around for clues. In one corner, you’ll find a safe. The safe has a security level of 3, with no code, so you’ll have to hack it to get inside. There are some items, and a bracelet. When talking to Cassandra at the end of the quest, do not return the bracelet, keep it for yourself.

Cloak and Daggers

  1. Where: Detroit City Streets, on the road to the Chiron Building, south of Derelict Row.
  2. When: Anytime in the Detroit Hub, but Pritchard will contact Adam Jensen after leaving the Police Station.
  3. On the street south of the gang barricade blocking off the main road to Derelict Row, speak with Jenny Alexander, an undercover cop among some prostitutes, to accept this quest.
  4. Reward: 5650 XP, 4500 credits, Ammo Capacity Upgrades, Bottle of Great Wall Red Chardonnay Wine
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Cloak and Dagger (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: The Take (10 G / Bronze) – Near the end of the quest, you’ll have the option to arrest O’Malley yourself. Confront O’Malley in his apartment, and you’ll be given another option to let him go in exchange for a bribe. Take the bribe to unlock.

Rotten Business

  1. Where: Hengsha, top floor of the Hung Hua Hotel.
  2. When: Just as you arrive in Hengsha, you can access this quest.
  3. Enter the Hung Hua Hotel, run to the fourth floor, and enter the first hotel room where two people are arguing. Speak with Mei Suen to accept her side-quest.
  4. Reward: 5000 XP, 3000 credits
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Rotten Business (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: The Fall (10G / Bronze) – When you’re asked to kill Diamond Chan, knock him out with a non-lethal takedown – any weapons, including the stungun and tranquilizer, will fail the objective. When Diamond Chan is unconscious, drag his body over to a ledge and drop him to the streets below.

Bar Tab

  1. Where: Hengsha Hub, The Hive
  2. When: Talk to the manager of the Hive first, and you’ll be able to ask the bartender about work.
  3. Speak with Bobby Bao, the bartender in the Hive to accept this side-quest.
  4. Reward: 3850 XP, 2 Praxis Kits
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Bar Tab (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: Guardian Angel (10G / Bronze) – Pay off Jaya’s debt of 5000 credits to Bobby Bao to unlock.

Shanghai Justice

  1. Where: Hengsha, Alice Garden Pods
  2. When: When first entering Alice Garden Pods to speak with the hacker.
  3. Your pilot Malik will stop and ask for your help. Ask her a few questions and she’ll admit she wants your help, allowing you to accept the side-quest.
  4. Reward: 3900 XP, Praxis Kit
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Shanghai Justice (10G / Bronze) – Completed the quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: Super Sleuth (10G / Bronze) – When looking for evidence in Lee Hong’s apartment, find four pieces of evidence; e-mail on his computer, the clock in the bedroom, a baseball bat, and the answering machine. Use the evidence to out-smart Lee Hong to unlock. Check out our walkthrough for more information.

Smash the State

  1. Where: Detroit City (Second Visit), Detroit Convention Center
  2. When: During the second visit to Detroit, after discovering Sandoval’s location, while leaving the Detroit Convention Center.
  3. As you’re leaving the convention center, a cop named Officer Nicholas will plead for help. Speak with him to accept the quest.
  4. Reward: 2800 XP, 1000 credits, Silencer
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Smash the State (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: Lucky Guess (10G / Bronze) – Finding the bomb in the sewer, instead of hacking it, type in the code “0000″ to shut it off and unlock.

Forgotten Acquaintances

  1. Where: Detroit City (First AND Second Visit)
  2. When: This is complicated — returning from the FEMA facility to Sarif HQ, Pritchard will ask to speak with Jensen before speaking with Sarif. Talk to Pritchard, then save before talking to Sarif. Engaging in dialogue with Sarif, make sure you win (Check out our conversation guide for more info.) and Sarif will send Jensen some e-mail. Read these e-mails before leaving Detroit!
  3. Returning to Detroit, when leaving Detroit Convention Center after discovering Sandoval’s location, Pritchard will contact Jensen and send him on the quest proper.
  4. Reward: 5650 XP, 4500 credits
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Acquaintances Forgotten (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: Kevorkian Complex (10G / Bronze) – While investigating the break-in at Brent Radford’s apartment, the man will beg Adam Jensen to kill him with a final dose of morphine. Follow this request, and you’ll unlock.

Corporate Warfare

  1. Where: Hengsha (Second visit), rooftops.
  2. When: On your second visit to Hengsha, walking the streets and completing the main quest, Hugh Darrow will contact Adam Jensen.
  3. Contacted by Hugh Darrow, he’ll ask Adam to meet on of his agents on a rooftop. Climb the fire escape to reach the apartment complex roof and find Mengyao to accept the quest.
  4. Reward: 2050 XP, 1000 credits
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Corporate Warfare (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.
  6. Achievement / Trophy: Ladies’ Man (10G / Bronze) – Unlock the social enhancement augmentation (CASIE) before speaking with Mengyao. During the final conversation, use your CASIE augmentation and select ‘Charm’ to make her spill the beans and unlock.

Talion A.D.

  1. Where: Hengsha (Second Visit), LIMB Clinic
  2. When: As you leave the Construction Site crash and return to the Hengsha Streets for the second time.
  3. Leaving the crash at the Construction Site, Pritchard will contact Adam Jensen and give you a lead. Enter the LIMB Clinic and talk to Doctor Wing, he’s second doctor behind the counter that won’t sell to you. Talk to him to accept his quest.
  4. Reward: 2450 XP, Praxis Kit
  5. Achievement / Trophy: Talion A.D. (10G / Bronze) – Completed the side-quest.

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3 Comments on Deus Ex: Human Revolution Side-Quests


On September 11, 2011 at 8:57 am

on motherly ties why keep the bracelet??? can you give it back to megan??


On September 13, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Give bracelet back and you won’t get the trophy Sentimental value.


On October 8, 2011 at 2:55 pm

@soldox – no, Megan won’t ask for it when you find her. If you give it to Cassandra, you won’t get the ach.