Devs Talk Fast Travel, Group Play in The Elder Scrolls Online

There is fast travel in The Elder Scrolls Online, Zenimax Online confirms in a new gameplay video.

These days, it’s a standard feature of open world games, but TESO is doing it a bit differently. Via waypoints on the map or your nearest group member, you can instantly teleport from point A to point B. So if you don’t feel like trekking across a region you’ve already quested through to get to your next mission (or your buddies), well, you won’t have to.

Go ahead and check that box and decide for yourself whether or not it’s a good thing. Personally, it’s a good thing. It’s optional, and if you don’t want to use it to create a more hardcore RPG experience, then don’t.

Fast travel is just one small feature the devs describe in their play session, which is focused on group gameplay in Tamriel. The eight-minute video shows a brief clip of the type of boss battles you can manage on your own, followed by a lengthy donnybrook with Daedra that requires some friends.

Impressions from the video: there’s no real tank in the group. At least not your traditional, bulky, huge, armored tank taunting enemies away from damage dealers. The devs note that one of the spell casters is wearing some heavy armor, but that’s it. It also struck me as odd that the devs chose to use all ranged characters for the demo, but I suppose it demonstrates how TESO won’t be stuck in the typical fantasy MMO meta game.

See it all for yourself in the developer play session below, and if it tickles your MMO fancy, sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online beta.

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2 Comments on Devs Talk Fast Travel, Group Play in The Elder Scrolls Online


On January 23, 2014 at 11:44 am

fast travel completly ruined oblivion, skyrim aswell. why walk 1 hour when u can just click it and boom. OR u can pay a dude outside of town to take you to another city, why the would i pay if i can do it for free ? BRING back Morrowind style fast travel… No more just open ur ing map and click. anyway im not even gonna buy this , MMORPG = Pay per month for a game= Good For ing Addicted nerds, i any gonna pay per month a game i play a couple of days a month. this is completly DUMB.


On January 23, 2014 at 3:31 pm

OMG, what a freaking moron. How can it ruin it? You don’t have to use it. I personally liked it, as when you’ve open up the entire map, it gets old running back and forth across the whole bloody thing. Now I still won’t be getting this piece of bantha poo doo, as I don’t really like mmo’s unless they cater to the single player as well. This doesn’t sound like it will, at least not very well.