Diablo 3: Act 1 Gold Farming Guide

Scrounging for gold in the higher difficulties of Diablo 3 isn’t easy, and equipping yourself with gear that gives you bonuses to Gold Find or Magic Find will leave you weak and exposed. Nothing is ever easy in the demon-infested world of Diablo 3, but if you’ve got time and patience, you can slowly amass a fortune. Fight your way to Leoric on whatever difficulty (above Normal for best results) you desire, and prepare to run fast, because the community has spoken and devised a simple method for farming gold. No exploits, glitches, or hotfixes incoming here. Scroll down for details.

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Act 1 Gold Farming Guide

This is a living document — check back as we provide new updates, or leave a suggestion in the comments.


  • To date, finding gold for all classes is accomplished by going to areas with low monster concentrations with high concentrations of breakable objects. Any and all breakable objects that drop loot will be referred to as “pots.”
  • Before you begin, you’ll want to equip yourself with gear that increases your Gold Find statistic. Equip every slot with an item that provides a bonus.
  • Equip rings and amulets with a bonus to Gold Find, as well. Purchase these items, or craft them yourself. A few farming runs will help fund your quest for better Gold Find gear. Throw in some Magic Find gear to help drop blue gear that can be sold at auction or in town.
  • A Gold Find percentage of about +150% isn’t unreasonable and should be a good basis. If you keep working at it, this stat can be boosted up to +300% or higher.
  • Next, finish or complete Act 1. You won’t want to farm this way until you reach higher difficulties. At Hell or Inferno, this is the easiest method for farming. It is quick, lucrative, and low risk. You might die or boredom, so beware.
  • Gold Find equipment is very weak, and won’t allow you to survive in a regular encounter in Hell or Inferno difficulties. Only use it for easy farming.


  1. Go to the Royal Crypts, in Act 1, on the quest “Sword of the Stranger” and break every pot you find. Run by enemies to make this extra quick.
  2. Once you reach the summoning chamber, use a town portal to return to town. Town portal back to the Royal Crypts, then leave the game, resume game, and run through the Royal Crypts again, breaking every pot and collecting gold.
  3. This way, you’ll have very few enemies to deal with and plenty of pots to break. Travelling through the Royal Crypts, ignoring the enemies, you can finish each run in about two minutes.
  4. On Hell difficulty, with +144% Gold Find, players have reported to earn six thousand gold per run, which equals about 180,000 gold an hour.
  5. Other players, following this method on Inferno, have reported to make 300,000 gold an hour with little difficulty.

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