Diablo 3: Act 2 Boss Fight Strategies

The shining city of Caldeum offers many delights, but in the dark setting of Diablo 3, evil has infiltrated the shimmering desert and it’s up to your band of heroes to end it. Travel the sands to fight cultists and demons as you get one step closer to Diablo, but you’ll have three more towered bosses to deal with. The gloves are off, and these big bosses aren’t going to let you win easily — that’s why we’ve put together a quick guide going over general strategies. Learn what to beware of, and how to exploit their weaknesses with the Act 2 Boss Fight Guide.

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Act 2 Boss Fight Strategies

This is a living document — check back as we provide new updates, or leave a suggestion in the comments.


Location: Alcarnus

Quest: City of Blood

Recommended Level: 18

General Strategy:

  • The witch will force you to multitask in this battle, as she’ll always fight with a contingent of cultists. Even as the fight begins, she’ll summon a gang of minions and bring more into the fight periodically.
  • Unlike the Skeleton King, the cultists won’t be damaged by Maghda’s main attacks. She’ll spew a torrent of moths at you which does damage over time just so long as you’re caught in it, or use a ranged attack to hurt your hero.
  • The witch mostly fights defensively, and lets her minions do most of the work. Case in point, she’ll become invulnerable as the battle progresses, forcing you to kill the minions around her before the shield will drop. Again, when she is invulnerable, the shield will not drop until all her summoned minions are defeated.
  • She’ll also teleport, but only defensively, she won’t use it to get closer and attack you like the Skeleton King. Instead, she’ll teleport away to flee. While she’s gone, go ahead and kill off her minions.
  • Barbarian Notes:

  • The barbarian will need to beware the gangs of enemies. Don’t let them box you in so the Witch can spray you with her moth breath. Use Seismic Slam or Ground Stomp to scatter and stun the minions, giving your barbarian time to chase down the witch.
  • The boss likes to teleport and send her minions after you. As a Barbarian, you’ll have to fight up close, so make sure you have Leap or Sprint to rush past the pets and focus on her.
  • Demon Hunter Notes:

  • The Demon Hunter must use her evasive skills to outrun the cultist pets and try to focus her attacks on the witch. Vault is a simple way to get around the pets, or a quick caltrops trap will slow them down long enough for you to keep attacking the boss.
  • To heal yourself, you have the option to take Shadow Power at Level 16, which leaches health off enemies with the amount of damage you inflict. Helpfully, there are plenty of targets. Hit up Rapid Fire and combine that with Shadow Power to regain some lost health and keep yourself alive.
  • Otherwise, stay at a distance and focus your attacks on the boss itself, only destroying the minion we you have to — like when Maghda teleports or become invulnerable.
  • Monk Notes:

  • The Monk will need to utilize quick strike and fade tactics to succeed without being overwhelmed. Luckily, powers like Dashing Strike allow the Monk to charge to the boss, or Tempest Rush which will plow through enemies and stun them.
  • Getting around the pets will be a big problem. When confronted by the buffed minions, use Serenity to shield yourself, or heal with Breath of Heaven.
  • Exploding Palm is also a good skill to use on the boss, as you can land a powerful hit while inflicting damage over time in a poison effect, letting you break away for a few seconds while leaving the boss with some lingering damage.
  • Witch Doctor Notes:

  • The Witch Doctor’s biggest hurdle is how the boss will force her pets to attack your hero, avoiding followers and minions. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your minions on task and attacking the boss while you lead the enemy pets around.
  • Poison Dart is a good source of damage against the boss, just keep landing hits to keep her health bar slowly ticking down. To keep all those minions off your Witch Doctor, use Grasp of the Dead to slow them down.
  • To save yourself in a tight spot, don’t forget the Spirit Walk ability. When the enemy pets target you, if you use Spirit Walk, they’ll have to fight it out with your summoned pets.
  • Wizard Notes:

  • Switch between crowd control abilities and direct damage attacks against the boss itself. To easily escape enemy attacks, create a Slow Time bubble between you and the boss. Any projectile attack or enemy entering the bubble will slow. Other area attacks like Frost Nova will help control surrounding minions.
  • As for the boss itself, there is no perfect time to exploit it. Keep on the move and launching quick attacks that don’t keep you standing still for too long.

Zoltun Kulle

Location: Realm of Shadow

Quest: The Black Soulstone

Recommended Level: 21

General Strategy:

  • Kulle is another cowardly boss, letting his minions fight for him. Only this time, unlike the witch, these minions are quite powerful. Defeating them should be your first priority.
  • The two minions are so tough, you’ll want to stay far away. With melee fighters, make sure to buff yourself with a quick skill before entering close-range combat, as the minions have a very powerful attack. They’re both very slow, but deadly. Land a few hits, and run away to escape their overhand swings. Ranged characters will have it easier here.
  • Kill both giant minions, then focus on the Zoltun. He’s a wimp at melee range, most of his attacks come in the form of ranged fireballs. Sometime he’ll cause the chamber to shake, dislodging rocks from the ceiling. This area attack is very tricky to dodge, and it’s best to save your defensive skills for this.
  • If you haven’t killed the Zoltun’s minions yet, he may try to chase you down and attack. The chamber is huge, giving you plenty of room to lead the giant minions away. If the Zoltun does get close, hit him with a few attacks, and he’ll retreat.
  • Barbarian Notes:

  • The Barbarian will only have trouble with the two giant statue minions before having to deal with Kulle. Alone, Kulle will offer no challenge to a leveled up Barbarian.
  • The giant minions with him will be a problem. Make sure to have Ignore Pain ready to engage these giants in melee combat, or when Kulle drops boulders from the ceiling.
  • Demon Hunter Notes:

  • The biggest problems here for the Demon Hunter is her lack of resistances. Keep dodging and moving with Evasive Fire, Vault, and Strafe.
  • Hurt the giant minions by used the Marked for Death skill to increase your damage. They’re so large, any weapon will do, and they’re so slow the Hunter will have no problem running circles around them.
  • Kulle will become a problem once the minions are down. Keep on the move, the Demon Hunter doesn’t have the kind of defenses needed to absorb his attacks.
  • Monk Notes:

  • The Monk might have a lower armor value than the Barbarian, but his quick speed makes him a natural Zoltun Kulle hunter. The trouble will be moving in quickly to take care of the two minions at his disposal.
  • Use hit-and-run tactics on the two giants. When they’re defeated, Kulle can just be chased down and brought down at melee range, where he’ll be almost helpless.
  • If you’re badly hurt, just retreat and heal in the corner of the chamber. It’s large enough to hide while it takes time for the minions to slowly walk over to you and attack.
  • Witch Doctor Notes:

  • The Witch Doctor will need to be especially careful for both phases of the boss. Her melee can be strong, but her minions will have trouble escaping the powerful attacks of the giants. Let them hurt the two minions, die, then run away. Use the giant chamber to keep far back until your mana recharges.
  • Let your minions keep Kulle busy, while you attack with Poison Darts and Firebombs. Use Spirit Walk when the boss shakes rocks loose from the ceiling.
  • Wizard Notes:

  • The Wizard’s Slow Time skill will be invaluable here against both phases of the fight. Slowing the two giant pets will give you more time to lay down attacks, while putting up a Slow Time bubble between yourself and Kulle will make escaping his projectiles easier.
  • To avoid getting crushed by rocks, or the minions, keep Diamond Skin on standby.
  • The Hydra can help out too, as a summoned creature it might just pull the boss and his pets off your back while doing a significant amount of damage.


Location: City of Caldeum

Quest: Lord of Lies

Recommended Level: 22-24

General Strategy:

  • This is a real fight, and the first that follows three distinct phases. The palace itself is just big enough to run from one end to the other to lead enemies around, and whether you’re melee or ranged, you’ll need to keep running.
  • At the first stage of the fight, you’ll have to deal with a small army of minions. They’ll group up and try to surround your hero. This is where area-of-effect attacks, slows and stuns will save your life. Any attack that damages or weakens a group of enemies will save your life. Every hero has something like that, we’ll go through all the available skills in the sections below.
  • Next, Belial will attack while summoning more minions to his aid. He’ll often launch a wide arc of green magic balls that you can duck in between. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the minions, and there are too many of them to run from. If you want to attack Belial, you’ll need to slow or kill the incoming minions.
  • Arc attacks will help out at this phase as well, hitting Belial and his minions at once will help control their numbers and give you less to deal with at once.
  • The last phase is where you’ll have the most trouble, it’s also the true form of Belial. He’ll take up most of the arena. He’ll try to crush you with his arms, but the game will show you where the moves will land. Steer clear and you’ll be fine.
  • His second smash attack will actually cause a large shockwave. When you spot a green circle in the center of the arena, run to the left or right far edges.
  • When Belial’s arms move back, you’ll know he’s about to use ranged attacks. Run to the opposite end when Belial unleashes a stream of lightning, and when multiple circles appear on the arena, he’ll hit the area with a lightning barrage. Just avoid the green circles.
  • As he tries to hit you with a barrage, this is a good time to keep attacking, as you’ll know when his body is clear thanks to the indicator circles.
  • Barbarian Notes:

  • Go crazy with the Barbarian, and make liberal use of his Ignore Pain skill. Otherwise, make use of your many area of effect skills during the first two phases. Seismic Slam, Whirlwind, Ground Stomp, any of these skills will hurt Belial and his minions.
  • Revenge is extremely helpful during this fight, as it’s the Barbarian’s best bet at keeping alive and healing while fighting off swarms of enemies.
  • Battle Rage will help do more damage to Belial’s last form quickly, where you’ll need to do sustained damage while you can before retreating from his many attacks.
  • Demon Hunter Notes:

  • The Demon Hunter will have to keep moving and harassing to survive this fight. Grenades will help take out gangs of minions with Belial, but their short timer will require a slowed area. Caltrops can slow minions and Belial enough to land three grenade blasts.
  • Rapid Fire and Shadow Power, once again, will help you regain some health when attacks land. Vault and Evasive Fire will only get you so far, but Evasive Fire is very useful at Belial’s last stage where you’ll need to keep dodging attacks while hurting the giant demon.
  • Multishot is another powerful skill to use against both Belial and the minions when grouped together.
  • Monk Notes:

  • Crippling Wave is a good start to dealing with the large number of minions in your path. Blinding Flash will help control the groups, while Wave of Light can hit Belial and any gathered pets behind him. Inner Sanctuary can also stop a group of enemies, or split some off from the main group, letting you handle the stragglers.
  • Serenity and Breath of Heaven will keep your Monk alive during the final stage of the fight where you may need to run straight through attacks or have no choice but absorb them. Mantra of Evasion will boost your dodging skill.
  • Seven-Sided Strike is another good attack to quickly pull out during the last stage of the fight while you’re safe from attacks.
  • Witch Doctor Notes:

  • Pelt the minions and Belial himself at every level with Firebombs and Poison Darts. The Witch Doctor has summoned creatures that make your life easier as you can just pop the skill and let the pets do their magic.
  • Haunt is perfect for ranged attacks, and Grasp of Death will help slow the incoming enemy minions during the first two phases, but won’t help you at all in the last phase.
  • As far as defense goes, the Witch Doctor doesn’t have much at her disposal, but to escape the last phase of Belial’s powerful attacks, you can walk straight through with Spirit Walk.
  • Wizard Notes:

  • To defend yourself as a Wizard, you can continue to use the Diamond Skin skill, but by now you’ll also have access to Ice Armor and Storm Armor. If you play to play offensively, and in this battle you should, go with Storm Armor. Anything that you touch will take damage, giving you a quick boost while attacking the massive last form of Belial.
  • For crowd control, pick up Explosive Blast and never look back. Blast Belial and his minions en masse, and use Teleport to escape nasty situations.

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