Diablo 3: Advanced Tips & Tricks

Diablo 3 may seem simple, but there’s plenty of depth for hungry button-clickers the world over to sink their diabolical teeth into. Many of the options in Diablo 3 aren’t immediately obvious to newcomers, and even veterans might not realize the breadth of customization options available to them. That’s why we’ve put together a list of helpful tips and tricks to get you started and accessing some of advanced options in Diablo 3.

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Advanced Tips & Tricks

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  1. In the options, you can turn on “Advanced Tool Tips” to show extra information like Damage Increase Percentage and descriptions for what a Skill does.
  2. Turning on Elective Mode will allow you to customize your Quick Bar with multiples of the same type of skill, giving you more freedom to mix and match skills.
  3. Loot and Gold drops are not shared between players, each players can pick their’s up individually without losing items or gold to another player. But, Health Globes are shared, and will heal all nearby players.
  4. If you don’t want people joining your game, go to the Social Options to turn off “Quick Join” to remove the Join button from your friend’s list.
  5. Using [CTRL] + Mousing over an item on the ground will bring up a stats window. If you also have your inventory open, your equipped items will be compared with the item your cursor hovers over.
  6. You can assign a button bind to “Move” in the controls, literally forcing you to move instead of attacking. This helps when moving through groups of monsters and you don’t want to accidentally stop by attacking them.
  7. Bring up the Text Chat window and [Shift]+Click the item to show items to several teammates instead of just describing the item’s stats.
  8. You can check to see if a teammate needs an item by Right-Clicking their Icon in the top-left corner of the screen to see what they have equipped. Then you can check to see if the item you have is better by directly comparing stats without having to ask.
  9. Discovered Lore will reward your Hero with EXP. Find all you can, but you’ll only be rewarded once per Lore discovery. There are no rewards for finding the same Lore twice.
  10. The [G] key will summon your Banner and place it on the ground. It will show off your unlocked achievements, as well as your custom banner symbol.
  11. The [F] key will open your Follower’s Inventory. From there, his or her skills can be chosen and they can be equipped.
  12. Wielding two weapons at once gives you a %15 Attack Speed Bonus.
  13. Rare monsters called Treasure Goblins will retreat and teleport away if you don’t kill them quickly. Once they’re spotted, make them your highest priority. They drop a huge amount of gold and rare loot.
  14. The number keys on your Numpad (0-9) will cycle through canned audio character samples.
  15. When Dual-Wielding, you won’t be able to compare both items to a Merchant’s gear, or on the ground. To compare the weapon in your off-hand, hold [Alt].
  16. The [Z] key will zoom in on your Hero until it is pressed a second time.
  17. The [Alt] key will make ground items show their names for 10 seconds. The time item names are shown can be changed in the options menu.

[Tips & Tricks via Diablo 3 Reddit]

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