Diablo 3: Best Follower for the Barbarian

Barbarians might be tough, but even these giant brutes need a friend. Here we’ll discuss the various benefits of all three followers, to help you decide which will be serve you when playing through Diablo 3. Barbarian fits a special niche, that of swinging a giant axe around madly in the thick of a battle, so you’ll want to figure out which Follower will benefit you most as the center of monstrous attention. Scroll down to see our tips.

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Best Follower for the Barbarian

This is a living document — check back as we provide new updates, or leave a suggestion in the comments.

Note: Each Follower serves a specific function and can help your Hero in several ways. This guide doesn’t presume to say that one Follower is better above all others, but some Followers are better suited to certain Hero play styles.

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Barbarian General Overview

  • The Barbarian is a melee bruiser, built to withstand the rigors of front line combat. Instead of use long-range attacks, the Barbarian is about wading into the enemy ranks and taking them on in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Due to his close-range focus, the Barbarian needs high statistics in Strength and Vitality, to keep him hurting his enemies with basic weapon attacks, and Vitality to keep him alive.
  • His lower Dexterity and Intelligence means he’ll take more hits, as most attacks won’t be dodged, and his resistance to elemental attacks, poisons, and magic is low. Enemy magic-users will causes problems for the Barbarian if he can’t close in for the kill quickly, luckily the Barbarian is equipped to get in close with his Leap skill.
  • The Barbarian needs to survive long enough alone, coming with very few personally defensive skills early on. Sprint and Leap are good for escaping swarms of enemies or reaching a particular target, but they won’t do anything to buff your defenses. You’ll have to wait until Level 22 to unlock Ignore Pain to boost your defenses.
  • While the Barbarian is a naturally tough fighter, he can also help his allies. Skills like Threatening Shout at level 17, or War Cry at Level 28, decrease enemy strength and increase armor for your allies.
  • The Barbarian is naturally light on personal defensive abilities, mostly because he doesn’t desperately need them to stay alive. Still, health is important, and passive skills like Pound of Flesh will help generate more health orbs from slain enemies.
  • With the general options in mind, take a look at each Follower to see how they can supplement your ferocious warrior.

Benefits of the Templar

  • The basic Templar is one of the most well-rounded Followers, his skills serve to defend you exclusively, and fight in melee combat.
  • If you’re a berserker Barbarian, that runs into combat without a shield to dish out as much damage as possible, you might consider the Templar as a long term Follower.
  • The Templar works to keep your Hero alive. The Barbarian comes with no healing skills of his own, making the Templar’s Heal Level 5 skills a perfect choice if your health is draining too fast for comfort.
  • Meanwhile, his Level 10 skill Loyalty will regenerate health points. These are very useful abilities early on, but probably not required for your Barbarian as he levels. The Templar is helpful, but his lack of attacks, and his abilities to slow enemies are far more important for long-range heroes.

Benefits of the Scoundrel

  • The Scoundrel is a very different sort of Follower, he is mostly focused on dealing damage from afar with powerful skills.
  • Instead of aiding you directly, his help comes in that he can constantly do damage to enemies while you’re in combat, helping you put them down before they can inflict even more damage on your Barbarian.
  • The Scoundrel can slow your enemies with his Level 5 Crippling Shot skill, but the Barbarian mostly won’t get much use out of such an ability.
  • But, at Level 20 the Scoundrel can unlock the Hysteria skill, perfect for a Barbarian using two weapons at once, or with a high chance of critical hits.
  • Mostly, the Scoundrel will only multiply the damage potential of your Barbarian without directly aided him like the Templar, or controlling the crowds of enemies around like the Enchantress. Speaking of the Enchantress…

Benefits of the Enchantress

  • The last Follower may also be the diametric opposite of the Barbarian. Instead of dealing damage or drawing enemies away from the hero, she works to control enemies.
  • Her earliest ability, a Level 15 skill called Charm, will convert an enemy to fight for you. One less minion attacking you can’t hurt, and her Forceful Push skill can clear an entire swarm off the Barbarian once he’s surrounded.
  • To cover the Barbarian’s lack of personal defense, the Enchantress can use the Reflect Missiles skill at Level 20 to help alleviate his weak resistances.
  • At Level 30, the Enchantress gets even better with her Disorient Skill, which will leave a group of enemies stunned for two seconds. This ability is best for when the Barbarian is already surrounded, giving him plenty of time to whittle down the health of the surrounding monsters.
  • Last, she has the ability to turn a mass of enemies into chickens with Mass Control at Level 30, lasting for 5 seconds. That’s 5 precious seconds to kill enemies without absorbing damage.

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