Diablo 3: Best Follower for the Wizard

The Wizard brings an expanded arsenal of skills to the table in Diablo 3. While the Sorceress could be limiting, the Wizard can sling magic from afar or crush enemies up close, it all matters how you want to play. But, there’s no shame in wanted some help sometimes. The Wizard can’t handle everything by themselves, and the three Followers can bring strength where the wizard shows weakness. Just as we look at the Wizard and figure out how and why each Follower might work out best for you.

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Best Follower for the Wizard

This is a living document — check back as we provide new updates, or leave a suggestion in the comments.

Note: Each Follower serves a specific function and can help your Hero in several ways. This guide doesn’t presume to say that one Follower is better above all others, but some Followers are better suited to certain Hero play styles.

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Wizard General Overview

  • The Wizard, naturally, comes with a wide range of special magical skills. While in previous games the magical classes were weak in close combat but powerful out of close-range, the Wizard can hold her own anywhere on the battlefield with the right skills.
  • The main attributes for the Wizard are Intelligence and Vitality. Although weaker in Strength and Dexterity, the Wizard doesn’t have to ignore melee weapons like swords or daggers thanks to useful close-range spells.
  • To keep the Wizard’s skills bolstered, you’ll need to equip orbs or spellbooks into her left-hand slot. That frees up the primary hand for any weapon. You can give the Wizard a bow, but the wands serve better for a standard ranged attack. The wand is the standard weapon of the Wizard, but any weapon is available if you’d like to use a sword.
  • Most of the Wizard’s damaging skills are ranged, such as the Electrocute skill at Level 15, or the Magic Missile at Level 1. Her most powerful skills, like Meteor at Level 25 or Blizzard at Level 27 are ranged, but you’ll need to lead enemies into their areas of effect.
  • By Level 11 the Wizard will have access to the melee Spectral Blade skill. Combine that with the Diamond Skin spell at Level 8 to fight your way through enemies while cornered, or if you just want to survive in melee.
  • There are more melee abilities — like the Ice Armor at Level 14, the Storm Armor at Level 17, and the Magic Weapon at Level 20. While Magic Weapon will boost any weapon, even ranged, it is one method of making your weak melee abilities just a bit stronger, if that’s how you’d like to play.
  • The Teleport skill at Level 22 is your only truly evasive skill, but it will save your life when surrounded, or if you just need to reposition yourself.
  • Otherwise, the Wizard must slow or distract opponents to stay safe. Wave of Force at Level 9 will knock monsters away, similar to Frost Nova at Level 4. Slow Time at Level 16 will slow down time in an area, giving you time to pull off a skill on the slowed inside inside the effected bubble.
  • To distract enemies later in the game, the Wizard can summon a Familiar at Level 22, or even decoys with the Mirror Image skill at Level 25. The last primary skill is Archon at Level 30, summoning a powerful ally to fight by your side.
  • At early stages, the Wizard is fairly weak, but with the passive skill Blur at Level 10 you’ll take less damage, which is very helpful against early bosses like The Butcher.

Benefits of the Templar

  • The Templar is a natural fit for the Wizard at early levels where the Wizard will need the Templar’s distractions.
  • The Wizard has no real effective means of healing, although they do have some useful defensive skills. Still, when low on health, nothing will help more than the Templar’s Heal skill at Level 5, or his Loyalty skill at Level 10, that regenerates your health. His Inspire skill at Level 20 will also improve regeneration of your magic and health pool.
  • To distract or slow enemies, the Templar has Intervene at Level 5, and Intimidate at Level 10. Intervene will taunt two enemies away that are targeting your hero, while Intimidate will slow them after they attack the Templar. His Charge skill at Level 15 will stun enemies in a large circle.
  • If you’re down, the Templar can save your life with the Guardian skill at Level 20.
  • The Templar, equipped with a shield, can stay alive and survive the torrent of monsters coming to kill your Wizard.

Benefits of the Scoundrel

  • The Scoundrel won’t be able to defend your hero much, but he can add damage output to your already formidable Wizard.
  • The standard skills of the Scoundrel at Level 5 are the Crippling Shot and Poison Bolts. The Crippling Shot is probably your best bet, as it will slow targets for several seconds, but only one enemy at a time.
  • Moving up the list, the Dirty Fighting skill at Level 10 will blind several enemies at once.
  • To slow more enemies while dealing damage, choose the Powered Shot at Level 15 to cause an explosion with a chance of stun.
  • Otherwise, the Scoundrel can buff your damage output with his Level 20 skills Hysteria and Anatomy.
  • The Scoundrel is more helpful to the Wizard than to other ranged heroes like the Demon Hunter thanks to her collection of defensive skills. If you want to kill more enemies faster, choose the Scoundrel.

Benefits of the Enchantress

  • The Enchantress is a difficult choice for the Wizard, one that will increase the Wizard’s crowd control abilities. While the Enchantress can’t defend your Wizard as well as the Templar, or damage enemies as well as the Scoundrel, the Enchantress can distract enemies and help defend your Wizard.
  • To defend your Wizard, the Enchantress has two useful Level 20 skills. Reflect Missiles will do just what it says, reflect ranged attacks — but the Wizard does already have high resistances. The Powered Armor will help defend both with improved armor rating while also slowing opponents.
  • To distract, the Enchantress will Charm and Forceful Push at Level 15. Charm will turn one enemy to your side, while Forceful Push will knock back surrounding enemies. Disorient at Level 25 will stun enemies in an area of effect, while the final Mass Control at Level 30 will turn a group of monsters into harmless chickens.
  • The Enchantress can also buff your Wizard with the Focused Mind skill, boosting attack speed. While useful, the Focused Mind skill isn’t that useful to the Wizard.

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