Diablo 3: Blacksmith Crafting Guide

Unlike Diablo 2, in Diablo 3 you’ll collect helpful merchants as you play. Not only will these artisans follow you to each new act, they’ll also level up and share progress with each character you have in Battle.net online or off. The Blacksmith will help you create items better than anything you’ll find in the game world, but each creation comes at a cost. Check out how to craft below, and how to improve your Blacksmith.

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Blacksmith Crafting Guide

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The Blacksmith — Why He’s Important

  1. The Blacksmith, Haedrig, is recruited to your caravan in Act 1, during the quest “A Shattered Crown.” From that point on, you’ll have access to all the Blacksmith’s abilities.
  2. You can speak with Haedrig at your Caravan at any time, and the caravan will follow your hero to all four acts.
  3. Primarily, the Blacksmith will salvage and forge weapons or armors. When salvaging, he’ll break down your items into base materials for future crafting. Check out the full list of crafting materials below.

Forging Items

  1. When you first meet Haedrig and recruit him, he’ll begin at Level 1, with only a handful of blacksmith plans. We’ll discuss blacksmith plans further down on this page.
  2. Each plans constructs a basic item. Constructing the item will cost gold and the base materials listed in the plan menu.
  3. After the basic construction, you can also add more crafting materials to enhance the item, often imbuing it with a random essence that improves with better materials.
  4. You’ll have to pay and create the item before you can see the random essence, but there are a set amount of random magical properties that can be imbued into the item.
  5. Magic, rare, and legendary materials each have their own set of magic properties. The title of the basic item crafted will be chosen randomly, with the random additional properties.

Blacksmith Plans

  1. Plans are unlocks by two methods; either by training the Blacksmith to Level 10, or by finding blacksmith plans as drops from enemies or random treasure chests.
  2. Some plans found out in the world require the Blacksmith to be at a certain training level. Once found, just craft with the Blacksmith and you can add them to the recipe list.

Blacksmith Leveling

  1. To increase the level of your Blacksmith and improve the camp, you’ll need to upgrade each of his levels through five training stages.
  2. The first training stage costs no gold, but every further stage will. The Blacksmith will unlock new plans for each stage.
  3. After five stage upgrades, you’ll have the opportunity to increase his level. You can increase his level up to 4 on a Normal playthrough of Diablo 3.
  4. But, level after 4 can only be increased with special Pages of Blacksmithing, or Tomes of Blacksmithing. These special items can only be found as drops from monsters or treasure, and only on high difficulty levels.
  5. At Level 5, you’ll also need Pages of Blacksmithing to upgrade your Training Stages, later even requiring Tomes of Blacksmithing.
  6. The level and stage of your blacksmith is shared between all characters on your Battle.net account.
  7. Pages of Blacksmithing only appear on Nightmare Difficulty. Tomes of Blacksmithing only appear on Hell Difficulty.

Crafting Materials

  • Subtle Essence (Found only in Normal):
    Gained by salvaging Rare gear.
  • Fallen Tooth (Found only in Normal):
    Gained by salvaging Magic gear.
  • Encrusted Hoof (Found only in Hell):
    Gained by salvaging Rare gear.
  • Wishful Essence (Found only in Hell):
    Gained by salvaging Magic gear.
  • Shimmering Essence (Found only in Nightmare):
    Gained by salvaging Magic gear.
  • Lizard Eye (Found only in Nightmare):
    Gained by salvaging Rare gear.
  • Fiery Brimstone (Found only in Inferno):
    Gained by salvaging Legendary gear.
  • Iridescent Tear (Found only in Inferno):
    Gained by salvaging Rare gear.
  • Exquisite Essence (Found only in Inferno):
    Gained by salvaging Magic gear.

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