Diablo 3: Challenge Achievements List

Prepared to pull your hair out? The most challenging achievements in Diablo 3 have landed, and they are going to kill you. Ever wanted to fight bosses nude? Ever wanted to fight bosses without healing? Ever wanted to kill unique rare monsters in one-hit, or kill 666 creatures with chandeliers? These are the achievements for you, friend. Only the most fervent fans of Diablo 3 need apply, because this is where the game gets hardcore. Think you’re ready to see the horrible challenges that face you? Scroll down and check out the list below.

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Challenge Achievements List

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General Challenge Achievements

    Light Entertainment
    Kill 666 enemies with a falling chandelier.

    Among the Elite
    Kill 200 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

    The Elitist
    Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

    Elitist Bubble
    Kill 1500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

    Elitist Jerks
    Kill 5000 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

    Elitist Few
    Kill 20000 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

    Golden Packs
    Kill 20 Treasure Goblins

    Greed over Need
    Kill 100 Treasure Goblins

    Never Seen that Before
    Kill one special unique enemy.

    Special Snowflakes
    Kill 15 special unique enemies.

    A Unique Collection
    Kill all unique enemies.

    Keep It Rare
    Kill 10 rare enemies.

    Rarin’ to Go
    Kill 50 rare enemies.

    A Rare Phenomenon
    Kill a rare enemy of all types.

    The Takedown
    Kill 10 champions.

    Not So Tough Now
    Kill 50 champions.

    Champion’s Collection
    Kill a champion of all types.

    Fresh Meat
    Complete the Butcher challenge achievements.

    Out of the Shadoes
    Complete the Belial challenge achievements.

    Complete the Azmodan challenge achievements.

    Complete the Diablo challenge achievements.

    In a Hurry?
    Complete the speed run challenge achievements.

    Sheer Lunacy
    Kill 100 Fallen Lunatics before they explode.

    Situational Awareness
    Kill 1,000 enemies using the environment.

    Punch Diablo
    Punch Diablo.

    Naked Lust
    Defeat Cydaea without any items equipped on Hell difficulty or higher.

    The Hero’s New Clothes
    Defeat special enemies without any items equipped on Hell difficulty or higher.

    Demolition Derby
    Get a destruction callout for breaking 50 objects.

    I’ll Be Your Wingman
    Let a follower get the killing blow on all of the following enemies.

    Massive Blow
    Kill 30 enemies in one attack.

    Survive combat with low health 250 times.

    Save players from death 250 times.

    Kill the special enemies while wearing head, shoulder, feet, leg, hand, and torso equipment colored with Lovely Dye.

    Kill the following enemies without taking any damage in a single player game.

    Got Out
    Escape the Crumbling Vault before it collapses.

    A Second to Spare
    Escape the Crumbling Vault in under 90 seconds.

    Smash and Grab
    Loot 5 chests in the Crumbling Vault.

    Hurt Bashiok using Rakanishu’s Blade.

    Imp Slapped
    Knockback 5 imps at one time.

    With Friends Like These
    Kill 30 enemies from the death explosion of a single Grotesque, Harvester, Horror, Abomination, Bile Crawler, or Spine Lasher.

    Attacking the Darkness
    Kill 20 Shadow Vermin, Gloom Wraiths, or Shade Stalkers at once.

Act 1 Challenge Achievements

    Instant Karma
    Have the Skeleton King kill 15 of his own Forgotten skeletons before killing him.

    Don’t Stand in the Fire!
    Kill the Butcher without being burned by floor fires or being grabbed by Ancient Spear on Hell difficulty or higher.

    A Brief Butchering
    Kill the Butcher in under 2 minutes on Inferno difficulty.

    Stunning Reversal
    Kill the Butcher while he is stunned by his own charge attack on Nightmare Difficulty or higher.

    Gate Crasher
    After speaking to Captain Rumford, kill all the zombies that attack in under 15 seconds during the Fallen Star quest.

    Cut off the Head
    Kill Headcleaver before killing any of the Royal Henchmen who arrive with him in Leoric’s Passage.

    Till Death Do Us Part
    Lead Haedrig Eamon strike the killing blow on his wife, Mira.

    Destroyer of Destiny
    Destroy all 4 Pillars of Destiny in the Royal Crypts at once.

    Jars of Destruction
    Destroy 1,000 pots of ashes.

    Short Reign
    Kill the Skeleton King in under 20 seconds.

    King of the Hill
    Complete the Last Stand of the Ancients event without leaving the top of the hill.

    Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck
    Kill Larel, Karel, and Moek in the Drowned Temple with one blow.

    Cursed Captives
    Free 6 prisoners in 120 seconds in the Cursed Hold.

    No Time to Rest
    Complete Act 1 in under 1 hour.

Act 2 Challenge Achievements

    Good Eye
    Kill Belial without getting hit by his projectile or meteor attacks.

    Why’d It Have to Be Snakes?
    Kill 10 Veiled Sentinels in 30 seconds while fighting Belial on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

    Fist Missed
    Kill Belial without getting hit by his fist attack.

    Bad Breath
    Kill Belial without getting hit by his breath attack on Inferno difficulty.

    Hiding in Plain Sight
    Disrupt both Coven Illusions in the Howling Plateau in under 4 minutes.

    Hero of Alcarnus
    Free all of the prisoners in Alcarnus.

    Lord of the Flies
    Kill Maghda without getting hit by her insect attack.

    Got a Head
    Find the head of Zoltun Kulle within 120 seconds of entering the Forgotten Ruins.

    Big Trouble in Talking Barrel
    Hear everything Covetous Shen says before you break him out of the barrel.

    Kulle Duel
    Kill Zoltun Kulle without killing either of his Eternal Guardians.

    Hero of Caldeum
    Evacuate 20 Caldeum refugees to the sewers in one game.

    Watch Your Step
    Complete the Caldeum uprising without taking any damage from the poison walls.

    Complete Act 2 in under 1 hour.

Act 3 Challenge Achievements

    No Reinforcements
    Destroy the Demon Gates before any Demon Troopers can spawn while fighting Azmodan on Hell difficulty or higher.

    Hot Foot
    Kill Azmodan without walking over the bloody demonic ground on Hell difficulty or higher.

    Be Cool
    Kill Azmodan without getting hit by a fireball on Hell difficulty or higher.

    Azmodan Adds
    Kill Azmodan without killing any of his minions on Hell difficulty or higher.

    Burning Bright
    Light the fires before killing the Demonic Hell Bearers at the 5 Signal Beacons on the Skycrown Battlements.

    No Man Left Behind
    Keep all soldiers alive while raising the catapults on the Stonefort.

    Knock Knock
    Get Demonic Tremors to burst through 5 different doorways without leaving the same level of the Keep Depths.

    Crop Dusting
    Kill Ghom without getting hit by his gas attack.

    Takes a Lickin’
    Get licked by 5 different Soul Rippers, Soul Lashers, or Soul Devourers at once.

    Tear Down This Tower
    Let the Siegebreaker Assault Beast destroy all of the towers near the Demon Gate.

    Kill Cydaea without taking any damage from her Spiderlings.

    Cripsy Critters
    Use a Demon Forge to kill 3 Tormented Stingers at once.

    Swift Descent
    Complete Act 3 in under 1 hour.

Act 4 Challenge Achievements

    Kill Diablo without getting trapped in a spike cage on Hell difficulty or higher.

    There Can Only Be One
    Fight and kill 5 clones of yourself in Diablo’s Realm of Terror on Hell difficulty or higher.

    Self Sufficient
    Kill Diablo without using any health globes or healing wells on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

    Destroy all the corruption in the Gardens of Hope without leaving the game.

    Fallen Angel
    Kill Izual and his minions within 120 seconds of the start of the fight.

    Don’t Worry
    Kill Rakanoth before killing any of his minions.

    Return to the Light
    Release 25 Impaled Angels

    On the Wings of Angels
    Complete Act 4 in under 1 hour.

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