Diablo 3: Class & Crafting Achievements List

Your class is everything in Diablo 3, and the third click-manic action-RPG features five unique classes. Each class comes with their own abilities, and with those abilities, their own special challenges to pursue and unlock as you play. While class may be important, keeping your gear strong and up to the challenge of cutting down thousands of monsters won’t be easy. To keep your hero going, check out the list of crafting achievements below, and try to out shine your opponents with the best crafted loot.

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Class & Crafting Achievements List

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General Class Achievements

    Level 10
    Reach level 10.

    Level 20
    Reach level 20.

    Level 30
    Reach level 30.

    Level 40
    Reach level 40.

    Level 50
    Reach level 50.

    Level 60
    Reach level 60.

    Two There Are
    Reach level 60 with 2 characters.

    Warriors of a Broken World
    Reach level 60 with 5 characters.

    Heralds of the New Dawn
    Reach level 60 with 10 characters.

    Class Warfare
    Reach level 60 with 2 different classes.

    From Arreat to Xiansai
    Reach level 60 with 5 different classes.

Barbarian Class Achievements

    To the Victor Go the Spoils
    Complete Act 4 with a Barbarian in Normal.

    A Dream of Victory
    Complete Act 4 with a Barbarian in Nightmare.

    From the Mouth of Hell
    Complete Act 4 with a Barbarian in Hell.

    Bul-Kathos Reborn
    Complete Act 4 with a Barbarian in Inferno.

    Warriors of the North
    Reach level 60 with 2 Barbarians.

    Bask in My Glory
    Use a skill that grants a beneficial effect to your follower.

    Mighty Vengeance
    Equip a mighty belt and a mighty weapon at the same time.

    Controlled Fury
    Fight with maximum Fury for 5 minutes.

    An Impenetrable Defense
    Block 4 attacks in a row.

    Blowin’ in the Wind
    Break 2,000 objects with Whirlwind.

    Death from Afar
    Kill one special type of enemy with a thrown weapon.

    Keep a monster under the Bleed effect continuously for 20 seconds.

Demon Hunter Class Achievements

    I Am Vengeance
    Complete Act 4 with a Demon Hunter on Normal.

    Dreamless Sleep
    Complete Act 4 with a Demon Hunter on Nightmare.

    Hell Hath No Fury
    Complete Act 4 with a Demon Hunter on Hell.

    Grandmaster Hunter
    Complete Act 4 with a Demon Hunter on Inferno.

    Disciples of the Night
    Reach level 60 with 2 Demon Hunters.

    Death Dealer
    Equip a Cloak and Hand Crossbow at the same time.

    Use Vault 6 times in 10 seconds.

    Death Trap
    Kill 15 monsters in 5 seconds using Spike Traps.

    Kill 100 monsters from 45 yards away.

    Bleed, You Filth!
    Damage 20 enemies with one Fan of Knives.

    But You Can’t Hide
    Kill 100 enemies that are running away.

    Hunter of Hunted
    Kill 100,000 demons.

    Right Where I want You
    Keep a boss snared using Caltrops for 40 consecutive seconds.

    The Madness Contained
    Spend 150 Hatred and 50 Discipline in 6 seconds.

Monk Class Achievements

    Restoring Balance
    Complete Act 4 with a Monk on Normal.

    Servant of the Gods
    Complete Act 4 with a Monk on Nightmare.

    Enlightened One
    Complete Act 4 with a Monk on Hell.

    Complete Act 4 with a Monk on Inferno.

    Champions of Ivgorod
    Reach level 60 with 2 Monks.

    Secret Weapons of the Veradani
    Equip a Spirit Stone and a Fist Weapon or Daibo at the same time.

    Use Mantra skills to grant a beneficial effect to an ally 200 times.

    Ambuscade from Seven Sides
    Hit 7 enemies with one Seven-Sided Strike.

    Like Water
    Dodge 15 attacks in a row.

    Spirited Away
    Kill 150 enemies without reaching maximum Spirit.

Witch Doctor Class Achievements

    Spirit Guide
    Complete Act 4 with a Witch Doctor on Normal.

    Complete Act 4 with a Witch Doctor on Nightmare.

    Speaker for the Dead
    Complete Act 4 with a Witch Doctor on Hell.

    Shaper of the Unformed Land
    Complete Act 4 with a Witch Doctor on Inferno.

    Masters of the Teganze
    Reach level 60 with 2 Witch Doctors.

    Ceremonial Garb
    Equip a Ceremonial Knife, a Voodoo Mask, and a Mojo at the same time.

    Puppet Master
    Have 7 pets and/or followers at the same time.

    Stop Hitting Yourself
    Cause 30 enemies to kill each other while Confused.

    Summon 3 Zombie Dogs at the same time without using the Summon Zombie Dog skill.

    Not In Vain
    Kill 10 enemies with a single sacrifice.

    Kill 10 enemies in 3 seconds without attacking or casting any spells.

Wizard Class Achievements

    Live to Fight Again
    Complete Act 4 with a Wizard on Normal.

    Nightmare Scenario
    Complete Act 4 with a Wizard on Nightmare.

    To Hell and Back
    Complete Act 4 with a Wizard on Hell.

    Prophecy Fulfilled
    Complete Act 4 with a Wizard on Inferno.

    Sanctum Savants
    Reach level 60 with 2 Wizards.

    Magical Mystery Couture
    Equip a wand, a source, and a wizard hat at the same time.

    Time Takes Its Toll
    Slow 20 projectiles with one Slow Time.

    A Forceful Rebuke
    Reflect 8 projectiles with one Wave of Force

    Death’s Cold Embrace
    Kill 1,000 frozen enemies.

    A Cut Above
    Cast Spectral Blade as the killing blow on the following enemies.

    I Must Be Going
    Use Teleport while at less than 5 perfect of your maximum Life.

    Armor Plated
    Keep the same Armor spell active for 20 minutes.

General Crafting Achievements

    Made to Order
    Craft 5 items.

    Craft 100 items.

    Makes of Masterpiece
    Craft 200 artisan level 10 items.

    Reclaim Without Shame
    Salvage all types of items.

    One Hero’s Trash…
    Salvage crafting materials.

    One Warrior’s Trash…
    Salvage crafting materials.

    Too Good to Toss
    Salvage crafting materials.

    Resource Management
    Salvage crafting materials.

    The Garbage Disposal
    Complete crafting achievements.

    Recipe for Success
    Complete the recipe and design achievements.

    The Exalted Few
    Complete the artisan level achievements.

Blacksmith Crafting Achievements

    Mind on the Metal
    Teach the Blacksmith a recipe.

    Teach the Blacksmith 25 recipes.

    Heavy Metalworking
    Teach the Blacksmith 50 recipes.

    Heavier Metalworking
    Teach the Blacksmith 75 recipes.

    Death Metalworking
    Teach the Blacksmith 100 recipes.

    To The Smithy!
    Acquire the Blacksmith.

    Steeling with Feeling
    Level up the Blacksmith.

    Iron Heart
    Raise the Blacksmith to level 5.

    A Life with Meaning
    Raise the Blacksmith to Level 10.

    Return Business
    Craft items that have 4 properties.

    Gorging the Forge
    Craft items that have 10 properties.

    Swing That Bloody Hammer!
    Craft items that have 15 properties.

Jeweler Crafting Achievements

    Basic Gemology
    Teach the Jeweler a design.

    Expert Gemology
    Teach the Jeweler 3 designs.

    Master Gemology
    Teach the Jeweler 6 designs.

    Flawless Gemology
    Teach the Jeweler 9 designs.

    Perfect Gemology
    Teach the Jeweler 12 designs.

    Covetous, Covetous Shen!
    Acquire the Jeweler.

    In the Loupe
    Level up the Jeweler.

    I Like Jewels
    Raise the Jeweler to Level 5.

    Just a Hobby
    Raise the Jeweler to Level 10.

    Combine gems.

    Craft a Radiant Gem

    A Fistful of Gems
    Combine each of the gem types.

    Perfect as Tears
    Craft a maximum level gem.

    Like Stars in the Sky
    Craft a maximum level gem.

    Just Like New
    Unsocket an item.

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