Diablo 3: Find All 3 Followers

Diablo games aren’t meant to be played alone, they’re best enjoyed with your friends — but for the friendless of us out there, Blizzard has a solution. In Diablo 3, there are three unique followers available to help you survive the hordes of opponents hiding in deep dark dungeons. Share the load with the Templar, Scoundrel, or Enchantress. Each comes with their own set of special skills and powers that will aid your hero. You’ll want to pick the right one to help you out the most, but that won’t be possible until you actually have them unlocked. Find where all three followers are hiding right here, just check below.

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Find All 3 Followers

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The Templar

  • Location: Act 1 – The Cathedral Level 3
  • Quest: Reign of the Black King
  1. On your question to into the Cathedral, once you reach the third Level, you’ll encounter a gang of Dark Cultists. To stop the flow of incoming minions, kill the cultists at the circle and free the Templar they have trapped in the center.
  2. Now that the Templar is free, talk to him and take him to a chest full of his equipment. He’ll offer to help kill an enemy called Jondar. Taking the stairs down and the Templar will help you defeat Jondar.
  3. With the mini-boss dead, the Templar will offer to join forces as a follower. If you turn him down, he’ll return to Tristram where you’ll be able to recruit him at a cost of gold.

The Scoundrel

  • Location: Act 1 – The Fields of Misery
  • Quest: The Broken Blade
  1. On your quest, you’ll be joined by Leah into the Fields of Misery going to the Drowned Temple. On your way there, you’ll encounter a Scoundrel.
  2. Talk to the man on the path, and he’ll lead you to a locked gate to a previously blocked off area. Take out the Brigands, including their leader Nigel. You’ll gain a reward for your quest from the Farmer’s Daughter, and the Scoundrel will offer to join.
  3. Take the Scoundrel with you, or refuse. Turn him down and the Scoundrel will return to New Tristram where he can be hired at any time.

The Enchantress

  • Location: Act 2 – Howling Plateau
  • Quest: Shadows in the Desert
  1. Just as you reach the Sundered Canyon, you’ll be able to speak with the Enchantress. Talking to her will make her a temporary ally, she’ll help you all the way to the Black Canyon Bridge.
  2. Fight through the Sundered Canyon, defeating Wasps and other creatures, until you’re able to reach a dead end in the box canyon that isn’t really a dead end at all.
  3. Kill the cultist ambush, speak with the Enchantress again, and she’ll reveal a hidden illusion, but you’ve got more work to do. Instead, you’ll need to bring the Enchantress with you to clear out two areas in the Howling Plateau.
  4. Once the Hidden Conclave and Secret Altar are crushed, and the magic within silenced, you’ll be able to travel to the Black Canyon Bridge located in the northern part of the Howling Plateau.
  5. Speaking with the Enchantress a final time will complete the quest, and she’ll offer to help you in your quest. If you do turn her down, she’ll return to the Hidden Camp — where you’ll also find the Scoundrel and Templar, all of which can be hired again for a fee.

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