Diablo 3: How to Find the Liquid Rainbow [Secret Cow Level Recipe]

The Dahlgur Oasis isn’t the sanctuary the name implies. It’s a horrible pit of despair, where players everywhere are hitting a brick wall trying to find the elusive Liquid Rainbow. One of five ingredients to craft the Herding Staff (Which just happens to be the sole key to unlocking Diablo 3′s secret level.) the Liquid Rainbow is also a pain to find.

Featuring not one but two random elements, you’ll have to depend on the luck of some unknowable Diablo-esque god to discover the Liquid Rainbow. That is, unless you use some of the tips below to find the illusive item — or scroll to the bottom for pointers to speed-run the Oasis and Cave to save you time and effort. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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How to Find the Liquid Rainbow

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  1. The Liquid Rainbow is one of the trickiest materials to find when searching for all the items needed to craft the Staff of Herding — which is the key to unlocking the Secret Level in Diablo 3.
  2. The Liquid Rainbow appears in a cave called the Mysterious Cave, located at the Dahlgur Oasis in Act 2. You’ll need to discover a man called Zevan the Alchemist outside a boarded up cave. Once you find him, he’ll be attacked by monsters. Rescue him, and he’ll open up the Mysterious Cave. This event occurs randomly.
  3. Next, once inside the cave, you’ll need to discover the Mysterious Chest. Not to be confused with the Resplendent Chest that always appears at the end. The Mysterious Chest will also only appear randomly. It can spawn anywhere in the Mysterious Cave, every time you enter you may need to explore the entire cave before giving up.
  4. Finding the Liquid Rainbow depends on two random factots; 1. If the Mysterious Cave appears with Zevan the Alchemist in the Dahlgur Oasis, and 2. If the Mysterious Chest appears in the Mysterious Cave.
  5. You’ll need to copy the process over and over. To quickly retry your search, travel to the “Path to Oasis” waypoint. From the waypoint, travel southwest, and hug the southern wall of the area to find a narrow path leading to an oasis clearing.
  6. In the oasis clearing, look for Zevan the Alchemist. If he doesn’t appear, leave the game and retry. If he does appear, fight the vultures that attack him. When saved, he’ll open the boarded up entrance to the Cave.
  7. Next, explore the cave fully. It is not the Resplendent Chest, you’re looking for a Mysterious Chest that spawns anywhere and on any level of the cave. If the chest does not appear, you make leave the game and restart again.
  8. Inside the Mysterious Chest, if you do find it, is the Liquid Rainbow.
  9. To quickly escape enemies so you don’t have to fight every single one over and over, focus on evasive abilities. For the Barbarian, use Leap or Sprint. For the Demon Hunter, use Vault or Smokescreen to escape bands of enemies. The Monk can equip the passive skill Fleet Footed, while the Witch Doctor can sneak by monsters with Spirit Walk. The Wizard, naturally, can Teleport.
  10. You can always completely out-level the area and go to the Dahglur Oasis over-leveled with the “Change Quest” option to return to a previously completed area. Just get to Act 3 or 4, then “Change Quest” back to “Betrayer of the Horadrim” to explore the area with easier enemies.

[Tips via Diablo 3 Wikia]

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3 Comments on Diablo 3: How to Find the Liquid Rainbow [Secret Cow Level Recipe]

Dave T

On May 18, 2012 at 5:19 am

Ha i wondered what that item was for when i found it nice!

M'ballz Ezhari

On March 28, 2014 at 9:25 pm

eerrrruuughhhh after restarting about 19 times i gave up, does it always spawn at the same spot???

Kevin Thielenhaus

On March 31, 2014 at 12:20 pm

@Mā€™ballz Ezhari: It’s crazy frustrating! It doesn’t always spawn in the same spot, but it usually appears on the first or second floor. Hopefully that can at least save you some time while searching, but it’s completely random whether it will appear or not. Not very fun, but I guess Blizzard really wanted to keep this stuff secret.