Diablo 3: How To Use Followers After Normal Difficulty

Chugging away in Diablo 3 alone, you’ll become very familiar with those three handy followers. But, eventually the difficulty curve and your follower’s stat progression will yield negative results — your followers just won’t be as useful as they were before. Playing through Hell difficulty, you’ll experience the slow decline and eventual death of your handy followers, but they don’t have to thrown out. Your followers can still serve several special functions to help you in your quest and even keep you alive from time to time. Find our tips to using your followers in Hell difficulty and beyond.

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How To Use Followers Guide

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  1. Later, while playing in Nightmare and Hell difficulty, the three followers will become less useful. The Templar and the Enchantress are the most useful, but the Scoundrel has exactly one redeeming quality that might make him worthwhile to you.
  2. No matter which follower you use, only equip them with items that boost their Vitality stat and Magic Find stat. Magic Find items can be made by slotting magic items with special jewels that can be made with jewelcrafting.
  3. Ignore DPS, as long as the follower can come equipped with plus Vitality and Magic Find. If the only gear you can part ways with has a very low DPS, but can be slotted, equip away. The followers won’t need to do anymore fighting — you’ll outclass them in DPS by a factor of 100, easily.
  4. When using the Templar, he won’t be able to tank your enemies, but he can provide a distraction and keep you alive. Give him: Heal, Loyalty, Charge, and Guardian. Occasionally he will stun enemies, but otherwise just use him to draw large mobs off you. Healing probably won’t help, as many monsters will kill you in one hit anyway.
  5. Stack enough Magic Find onto your followers, and they can give you a +10% boost, helping you find more useful loot.
  6. With the Enchantress, stick her on crowd control duty only and ignore her damaging attacks — they’ll be useless anyway. She’s best used in conjunction with melee heroes like the Barbarian or Monk. Use: Charm, Powered Armor, Disorient, and Mass Control.
  7. The Scoundrel is only useful for Hysteria, his +10% damage boost critical buff. Powered Shot will occasionally stun, but it isn’t worth it compared to the Templar’s ability to actually taunt enemies if his Vitality stat is high enough.
  8. Another point; equip your followers with a chance to stun. Any weapons with a freeze, immobilize, or whatever chance will do. These sorts of weapons usually have a terrible DPS, but they’re well worth it for followers that really aren’t going to help you damage enemies anyway at this point.
  9. How do you use your followers? Leave us a comment!

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3 Comments on Diablo 3: How To Use Followers After Normal Difficulty


On June 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

“Magic Find items can be made by slotting magic items with special jewels that can be made with jewelcrafting”.

you cannot gem for MF on a follower, as the only gem slot that adds MF is the helm, which a follower cannot equip.


On June 15, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Ummm you can have MF on amulet, rings and shield.


On November 15, 2013 at 8:47 am

I found a Hellrack with reduced level requirement and 50% chance of ‘bleed’ around 10000 dmg over 5 seconds, meant that the Scoundrel dealt some pretty hefty damage for me while levelling up.

BTW demonik187′s point was that you cannot ‘gem’ MF onto amulet, rings and shield, only gems on helm provide MF boost and followers don’t wear helms…