Diablo 3: Side-Quest List & Locations

Diablo games are known for their optional content, usually in the form of random monsters and dungeon designs that appear for you to investigate. Diablo 3 takes the concept a step further, providing everyone with a chance to stumble into special events that might trigger during your playthrough. These events can be complicated, simple, easy, or painfully difficult, it’s all based on the luck of the draw. Search everywhere to find these hidden happenings, or check out the expanding list of side-quests available to you below.

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Side-Quest List & Locations

This is a living document — check back as we provide new updates, or leave a suggestion in the comments.

Note: Side-Quests in Diablo 3 mostly take the form of random events that will sometimes appear in certain areas if you’re lucky! Keep a look-out, you might find other events during your gameplay. If you find something new, leave us a comment!

Act 1

Matriarch’s Bones

  • Location: Defiled Crypts
  • Trigger: A ghostly woman named Lady Dunhyld will appear and request three urns.

Jar of Souls

  • Location: Defiled Crypts
  • Trigger: Interact with a raised blue urn.

Carrion Farm

  • Location: Fields of Misery
  • Trigger: Find a farmer in need of help and speak with him.

Last Stand of the Ancients

  • Location: Festering Woods
  • Trigger: In the southern edge of the woods, look for a monument.

Revenge of Gharbad

  • Location: Southern Highlands
  • Trigger: Speak with a Goatman Ghost.

Eternal War

  • Location: Festering Woods
  • Trigger: Find the Nephalem Monument. It spawns near the waypoint, often near the Last Stand of the Ancients event.

Act 2

A Miner’s Gold

  • Location: Howling Plateau
  • Trigger: Find a miner near a treasure chest on the wooden scaffolding, he’ll request your aid if you speak with him.

Rygnar Idol

  • Location: Stinging Winds — Chamber of the Lost Idol
  • Trigger: Enter the dungeon called the Chamber of the Lost Idol and speak with the NPC inside.

Crumbling Vault

  • Location: Stinging Winds — Crumbling Vault
  • Trigger: Enter the dungeon called the Crumbling Vault in the Stinging Winds area to start the event.

Restless Sands

  • Location: Stinging Winds
  • Trigger: Run into a necromancer located inside a crumbling town in the center of the desert and speak with him.

Prisoners of Kamyr

  • Location: Dahlgur Oasis
  • Trigger: In the oasis, look for villagers tied to wooden beams. Rescue them and the event will start.

Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab

  • Location: Dahlgur Oasis — Tomb Khan Dakab
  • Trigger: Find a spring in the center of the area, and search around for a treasure chest and a wheel that opens the entrance into a tomb. Go inside to start the event.

Shrines of Rakanishu

  • Location: Dahlgur Oasis
  • Trigger: Stepping near an area with five summoning stones and fighting the Fallen.

Lair of Lacuni

  • Location: Stinging Winds
  • Trigger: ?

Guardian Spirits

  • Location: Stinging Winds
  • Trigger: Speak with a wounded necromancer.

Act 3

Waiting for Reinforcements

  • Location: Stonefort
  • Trigger: Speak with an NPC named Cpatain Haile just as you enter the area.

Forged in Battle

  • Location: Bastion’s Keep — The Keep Depths Level 1
  • Trigger: Inside the first level of the Depths, you might find a blacksmith. Talk to him to start the event.

Blood Ties

  • Location: The Arreat Gate — The Barracks
  • Trigger: Inside the dungeon, if it spawns near the catapults, you’ll encounter the event as you enter.

Tide of Battle

  • Location: The Battlefields
  • Trigger: In the fields, look for a small fortified camp of soldiers and help them defend the area.

Crazy Climber

  • Location: Rakkis Crossing
  • Trigger: Look for an NPC near a watchtower, he’ll ask you to bring an item to his superior officer.


  • Location: The Battlefields
  • Trigger: Speak with the NPC Sergeant Brooks.

Blaze of Glory

  • Location: Rakkis Crossing
  • Trigger: Search around the center of the area for an NPC Captain. Help him fight off incoming demons.

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2 Comments on Diablo 3: Side-Quest List & Locations


On June 23, 2012 at 4:22 pm

The Crumbling Tower
Location southern highlands
Trigger: Entering the lyceum
Alternate of revenge of gerbad
Quest: disturb 3 rituals


On July 8, 2012 at 8:02 pm

Lair of Lacuni

I encountered the Lair of Lacuni in the Howling Plateau by entering the Abandoned Mines.

This side quest is particularly enjoyable because it’s not too difficult, just a small mini-map, and the quest rewards you with 25,300 xp and 1,320 gold at the end. I haven’t encountered any other side quests with such a large payoff for such a small investment of time.