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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

Trailing the Coven

  1. Inside Cain’s House, Leah displays her true power, and discovers that Maghda has taken the Stranger and the sword shards into The Highlands. You’ll have to hurry to catch her and save the Stranger and the sword!
  2. Return to the Chapel Cellar, then go north towards the other side of Wortham village, through the gates, and up to Wortham Bluffs. The path to The Highlands leads through the Caverns of Aranae, located just below.
    • Look for Rodger the Alchemist on the path before entering the Caverns. He has potions for sale, and a small quest for you.
    • Stay on the lookout for Egg Sacks, Cocooned Victims, Strange Bags, Dusty Bags, and Chests for sources of loot.
    • Waves of Spiderlings will rush at you down here, easily surrounding you if you’re not careful. They are highly resistant to poison attacks, so adjust accordingly, if needed.
    • Toxic Lurkers leave poison pools where they walk, so step lively. They attack with webbing to slow you down, making it easier for them to rush in and hit with their poison bites.
    • The Arachnid Horror also shoots webbing to slow you down, and will then try to hit you with biting and slashing attacks.
    • Enter the Chamber of Queen Aranae and quickly move to free the woman trapped in the wall of webbing.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Queen Aranae
      • Queen Aranae employs biting and attacks with her front legs in melee combat. Her ranged attacks involve a web spit to root you in place, followed up quickly with a stream of poison that will do damage as long as you are in contact with it. However, when she spits her poison, she stands still, so dodge the spit, flank her, and launch your best attack at this time. She will also summon swarms of her Aranae Minions, copies of the Arachnid Horrors fought earlier.
    • After Queen Aranae’s death, find and activate the Pool of Venom in a chamber corner to successfully free the trapped woman, Karyna, from the webbing.
  3. Exit the cavern, and speak to Karyna about Maghda’s Coven. She will tell you she saw them dragging someone into Leoric’s Manor, but the path there has been blocked by the local Khazra clan. If you can get to Karyna’s cart and retrieve the staff she stole from the Khazra and return it to them, they may let you pass through their camp.
  4. The Highlands area is divided into the Southern Highlands and the Northern Highlands.
    • The Dark Moon Clan of Khazra dominate the Southern Highlands, and come in Impaler, Warrior, and Shaman forms. Highland Walkers, Withermoths, and an assortment of traps should also be on your watch list. Also be on the watch for these locations: Skehlinrath, Cave of the Moon Clan, Watch Tower, and Ancient Pyre.
      • Dark Moon Clan Shaman attack with Ice Orb at range, and staff and head-butts when in close. Dark Moon Clan Impalers prefer to stay back and throw spears, circling to get better angles. Dark Moon Clan Warriors wield a damaging two-handed axe along with their standard head-butt.
      • Highland Walkers are Wood Wraiths that will sprout poisonous spores on the ground around it while in combat.
      • Withermoths attack by swiftly flying in and stabbing with their hind legs, and also have lightning abilities.
      • Skehlinrath is a walled camp of Khazra, lead by Rambolt the Lunatic, a Dark Moon Clan Shaman with extra lightning abilities.
      • The Cave of the Moon Clan is a two-level cavern system full of Dark Moon Clan Khazra and Spiderlings. Look for and loot Urik’s Satchels for his notes.
      • The Watch Tower’s first level primarily houses Dark Cultists, while the second level is home to Returned Archers, Returned Executioners, and Returned Shieldman.
      • Encounter the ghost of Gharbad and accept his quest to get the Shard of Resurrection from atop the Ancient Pyre. He has strong melee attacks, but is slow and easy to pelt with range attacks.
  5. Once you find Karyna’s Lost Wagon, expect a wave of Dark Moon Clan to attack, including Nalghban the Foul, a Shaman with electric abilities.
  6. Find the zigzag path to the Khazra barricade in the north, and fight your way up to the main camp leading to the Northern Highlands.
    • Expect many of the same creatures encountered in the Southern Highlands to be here, with the addition of Winged Moloks, Cursed Nests, and very possibly a couple of rare Withermoths.
      • Winged Moloks quickly dive from the sky, land, then circle around you spitting fireballs.
      • The Cursed Nest will attempt to keep a steady stream of Vile Hellbats headed your way, who fly slow and have a basic stinger attack.
  7. Continue to the north to get to the crumbling ruins of Leoric’s Hunting Grounds.
    • Look for and destroy the Khazra Totems in this area to stop the summoning of Khazra.
  8. Enter Leoric’s Manor.
    • Advance through Leoric’s Manor, slaying Dark Cultist left and right. Make your way to the balcony that overlooks a group of the Coven and Maghda herself, surrounding a Wounded Man.
    • Kill off the Dark Summoners and their summoned Dark Hellions. Consider using the stairs and high ground to your advantage.
  9. Speak to the Wounded Man. Trailing the Coven quest is complete!

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