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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

The Imprisoned Angel

  1. The Wounded Man speaks of Maghda’s new prisoner, someone with golden eyes, whom she has taken down into the Halls of Agony under Leoric’s Manor. The entrance is located just under the outside balcony.
    • On the first level of the Halls of Agony, watch for Inferno Zombies to crawl forth from fire pits along the walls. They are not particularly dangerous solo, but they are fire resistant, so fight accordingly.
    • Disentombed Hulks slowly roam around looking for heroes to bash with their massive clubbed arms. Don’t let it be you.
    • Packs of Vicious Hellions wander the level, seeking prey to take down with their lunge and bite attacks.
    • Bloated Corpses want to get in close and slap you around a bit, and turn into a Voracious Torso when brought down.
    • The Voracious Zombie is your standard slow-moving zombie, just don’t let them up close.
    • If you encounter the Cultist Grand Inquisitor and his entourage of Dark Summoners and Dark Vessels, try to stay away from his lightning abilities and pull him away from his minions to take him down first.
      • Dark Summoners have a punching melee attack, a ranged fire attack, and the ability to summon Dark Hellions.
      • Dark Vessels are the ones ominously tapping their staves on the ground. On the seventh tap, they transform into an Unholy Thrall, with the ability to make very quick and damaging dashing attacks.
    • Keep a sharp eye out for more traps and hazards, including huge automated cleavers and fire gutters.
  2. The second level has more of the same creatures and hazards, with the creatures in larger groups than on the first level.
    • Look and listen for Merhan, trapped in one of the Iron Maidens. Remove the nearby Disentombed Hulks and Inferno Zombies, and rescue him for an XP and gold reward.
    • Before exiting up the last set of stairs to the Highlands Passage, check the nearby pit to stir up the Tormented Behemoth and his Inferno Zombie friends. The Tormented Behemoth fights like a Disentombed Hulk, but with a strong knockback ability.
  3. Expect to battle more Dark Berserkers, Dark Cultists, Dark Hellions, and Dark Summoners as you progress across the Highlands Passage on the way to the Cursed Hold and the third level of the Halls of Agony.
  4. Enter the Cursed Hold and hear Queen Asylla’s request for you: find and release the souls of six of her people trapped here.
    • You’ll encounter more Returned (Archers,Executioners, and Shieldman) here than ever before, and they seem to be slightly tougher than before.
    • Use the cell bars to take as many down with ranged tactics as possible.
    • The Warden and his Savage Fiend minions will be waiting for you at a four-way intersection just before the stairs to the Halls of Agony. Kill him to get past and onward.
      • The Warden wields a huge spiked mace with an impressive knockback, and he can cast an immobilize aura around you, rooting you fast in place for a few terrible seconds to allow the Savage Fiends a chance to circle and strike you at will.
  5. Take the stairs into the third level of the Halls of Agony.
    • Expect much more of the Dark Cultists down here.
    • Make your way down stairs until you reach the Chamber of Suffering, where you’ll witness the awakening of The Butcher.
    • BOSS FIGHT: The Butcher
      • Dodge or stay out of reach of his axe smash attacks. The Butcher will do some quick hops just before this attack, so stay alert.
      • Beware his grappling hook, which he uses to hook and pull you up next to him, briefly stunning you in the process.
      • He has a cone-area attack where he shoots out chained spears in front of him to also look out for.
      • He also has a charge attack, where he will square his horns and dash at you full speed. His anger will cause him to glow orange just before this attack, so beware. Move aside and let him slam into the wall, stunning him long enough for you to get in some solid hits.
      • Lastly, pay close attention to the sections of the grated flooring. The flames underneath will flare up in a random section, burning you if you’re on the section.
      • Use the two Healing Wells in the Chamber’s upper area wisely, along with your own Health Potions.
  6. After butchering The Butcher, move on toward and down into the Cells of the Condemned, through more Dark Cultists, to where the Stranger is being held.
  7. Slay the Dark Cultists and members of Maghda’s Coven surrounding the Stranger, then give him his sword.
  8. Watch as the Stranger reveals himself to be the Angel of Justice, Tyrael. The Imprisoned Angel quest complete!

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