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Shadows in the Desert
The Road to Alcarnus
City of Blood
A Royal Audience
Unexpected Allies
Betrayer of the Horadrim
Blood and Sand
The Black Soulstone
The Scouring of Caldeum
Lord of Lies

Shadows in the Desert

  1. You are now located at the Hidden Camp, set high atop the bluffs overlooking Caldeum. Take a few minutes to look around the Camp to get familiarized with where everyone is.
  2. Speak with Leah; you’ll tell her and Tyrael to go in search of Belial, and you will track down Maghda.
  3. Take the stairs at the north end of the Hidden Camp to get down to the Caldeum Bazaar.
  4. Speak with Asheara, Commander of the Iron Wolves. She will say Maghda is headed to Alcarnus, and her Dark Cultists have blocked the road behind her, forcing you to make the detour through Khasim Outpost.
    • See the sights of Caldeum Bazaar and stock up on supplies from the vendors and the Searing Sands Inn before heading out.
  5. Speak with Leah and Tyrael to find out what they have learned, and about their plan to enter the sewers.
  6. Exit to the Sundered Canyon in the northeast part of Caldeum Bazaar. Make a note to seek out Captain Davyd if you make it to Khasim Outpost, as the guard by the exit requests of you.
  7. The first part of this journey leads into the Stinging Winds desert, where you are introduced to the Enchantress.
    • Sand Wasps and Lacuni Huntresses dominate this part of the desert.
      • Sand Wasps will fly in close to jab at you with its poisonous stinger, and launch a volley of poisonous baby wasps at you from afar.
      • Lacuni Huntresses can throw firebombs at range, but prefer to use their quick speed and jumps to get in close and slash with their claws.
    • Battle your way through the Canyon until you reach a blockade. It’s a trap set by Maghda’s Deranged Cultists!
      • Deranged Cultists don’t move around much, and are armed with only daggers. Easy kills.
      • Speak to the Enchantress, named Eirena, and she will remove the blockade illusion. Continue on.
  8. Encounter Jarulf leading a band of Iron Wolf soldiers, and hear his plea to help them defend against a group of Lacuni Warrior following them.
    • Lacuni Warriors expertly wield two swords, and can swiftly make a spinning blade attack that is best to steer clear of.
  9. Speak to Jarulf again to learn about some strong magic coming from two desert locations. The magic will have to be stopped before you can cross Black Canyon Bridge further on the path.
  10. Move on to the next section of desert known as the Howling Plateau to search for two locations: the Hidden Conclave, and the Secret Altar.
    • Expect more Sand Wasps and Lacuni, and a new foe: Dune Threshers.
      • Dune Threshers are sand sharks that roam around areas by burrowing underground, rising up to attack with strong bites.
  11. Eirena will sense and uncover another illusion, one that is hiding the tracks of the Cultists in the Howling Plateau. Once found, follow the tracks to the main locations you’re seeking.
    • The Hidden Conclave holds a group of Dark Cultists involved in a ritual, and are guarded by a Vicious Mangler armed with a large battle mace. Watch for it to power attack with the mace, which gets stuck in the ground, leaving it open to your attacks.
    • The Secret Circle holds more Dark Cultists and Vicious Manglers, along with Pain Mongers, Accursed Hellions, and Frenzied Hellions.
      • Pain Mongers look similar to and attack just like Vicious Manglers, including the power attacks.
      • Accursed and Frenzied Hellions are ferocious summoned dog-like beasts with a bite attack.
  12. A few other locations may be encountered within the Howling Plateau.
    • A Miner’s Gold – a lone miner requests your help in fending off a band of Fallen while he lifts a large chest of treasure. Take the closest Fallen out first, then go after any Fallen Shaman you see summoning in more Fallen. Once done, the miner will share the treasure with you.
    • Mining for Treasure – Keep your eyes open on the lifts that still hold a treasure chest. Use the lift to bring up the chest, and loot it.
    • Sirocco Caverns – a very dangerous lair full of Brood Hatchlings, Cave Wings, and Savage Rockworms.
      • Brood Hatchlings only have a poisonous bite, but come at you in large groups.
      • Cave Wings will pop up from the many pits throughout the Caverns, swarming in to sting and electrify their prey.
      • Savage Rockworms burst forth from underground, and can swallow you whole if it catches you standing still.
    • Frightened Girl – Help out the poor scared little girl trying to hide in a small area among some houses. Realize it’s another illusion trap set by Dark Cultists. Fight or die.
  13. After disrupting the magic, head north towards the Black Canyon Bridge.
  14. Speak to Eirena the Enchantress to hear her story.
  15. Your Hero will ask Eirena to join in on the quest against Maghda.
    • Allow her to join you, or not. If she joins, consider using the Town Portal to return to the Hidden Camp and getting her proper equipment.
  16. Eirena will use her magic to uncover the hidden Black Canyon Bridge. Shadows in the Desert quest complete!

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