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Shadows in the Desert
The Road to Alcarnus
City of Blood
A Royal Audience
Unexpected Allies
Betrayer of the Horadrim
Blood and Sand
The Black Soulstone
The Scouring of Caldeum
Lord of Lies

The Road to Alcarnus

  1. Go across Black Canyon Bridge to enter the Black Canyon Mines. As Asheara mentioned in the previous quest, the direct route (north) to Alcarnus is blocked, so you’ll have to find and go through Khasim Outpost (northwest) instead.
  2. The Black Canyon Mines area is home to numerous creatures encountered before in the Sundered Canyon and Howling Plateau, along with some new ones. Of particular note are the Fallen Overseers and the Fallen Hounds.
    • Fallen Overseers are champion class monsters who attack with a ferocious battle roar that surrounds the Overseer in a red energy burst, and a massive overhead slam with its weapon that will both damage and knock you backwards.
    • Fallen Hounds are akin to Accursed and Frenzied Hellions, but tougher, a bit faster, and will pursue you no matter how far you run away.
  3. Look for a number of possible sub-locales that may appear during your jaunt through this section of the Stinging Winds desert.
    • The Lost Caravan – This former caravan is now the home to Beyatt the Reviver and his horde of Fallen. Beyatt can constantly summon Fallen as long as he’s alive, and he has electricity attacks and can teleport at will.
    • Deserted Cellar – Contains a bunch of Stinging Swarms, along with a possible unique creature named Hurax. Hurax is an Unholy Thrall class monster with electricity and the ability to multiply himself.
    • Saved from the Hounds – Enter the Blood Cellar to save a survivor from the packs of Fallen Hounds feeding on corpses within.
    • Tunnels of the Rockworm – Enter the Deserted Cellar and fight the unique Rockworm named Graveljaw the Devourer, then drop down into his vacant hole to retrieve his ill-begotten loot.
    • The Ruins – This tomb holds some very dangerous creatures, but the number of Resplendent Chests make it worthwhile, should you survive.
      • The Serpent Magus fights by moving up close to you and casting a large lightning AoE spell centered on it. Very dangerous.
      • The Writhing Deceivers wield tridents, can bite, and have the ability to go invisible, very often appearing out of thin air right next to you. Stay alert for a shimmering spot of air to detect where they will appear.
    • The Crumbling Vault – This two-level dungeon has a timer, so don’t waste time with much while looking for the Crumbling Vault Treasure Room.
      • Guardian Towers will endlessly spawn Spiderlings until they are destroyed. Kill only what you must, and quickly.
    • The Idol of Rygnar – Takes place in the Chamber of the Lost Idol, where Poltahr needs your help in finding the Rygnar Idol.
      • Noxious Guardians are resistant to poison, and attack at range and close up with blobs of poison slime.
      • Frost Guardians are resistant to cold attacks, and cast their own volley of three ice shards that numb and slow movement.
    • The Restless Sands – Encounter Mehtan the Necromancer, activate the two Necromancer Totems, slay the six Deathly Haunts (claw attacks that slow and damage), then slay the band of Coven and Vicious Manglers.
  4. In the western part of the Black Canyon Mines is the entrance to the Stinging Winds, with like creatures encountered in previous desert locations. Head northwest to Khasim Outpost.
  5. Enter Khasim Outpost and speak to Lieutenant Vachem. He will direct you to speak to Captain Davyd in the Command Post for the gate key.
    • Get the Guard’s Orders from the nearby chest.
  6. Head into the basement that holds the Command Post.
  7. Encounter another illusion trap as Maghda flees the scene again, leaving you to fight her Writhing Deceivers.
  8. Free Captain Davyd and his Iron Wolves.
  9. Exit the Command Post to find Serpent Magus and more Writhing Deceivers attacking the outpost. Kill them all.
  10. Speak to Captain Davyd and he’ll open the gate to allow you passage to Alcarnus. The Road to Alcarnus quest complete!

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