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Shadows in the Desert
The Road to Alcarnus
City of Blood
A Royal Audience
Unexpected Allies
Betrayer of the Horadrim
Blood and Sand
The Black Soulstone
The Scouring of Caldeum
Lord of Lies

City of Blood

  1. Exit the east gate of the Command Post and into the next section of the Stinging Winds Desert, where you’ll battle more Hell minions and find more encounters before finally reaching Alcarnus.
    • If you come upon the unique Dark Berserker named Shatterbone, beware his massive overhead attacks with his mace, wait for it to get stuck in the sand, then attack him with all your might.
    • Hadi’s Claim Mine – This small cave has a hidden chest hanging down on a lift, but you’ll have to fight the unique Dervish Lord before retrieving it. He has bonus health, so dodge his electrified attacks and whittle him down to death.
    • The Restless Sands – Encounter Mehtan the Necromancer, activate the two Necromancer Totems, slay the six Deathly Haunts (claw attacks that slow and damage), then slay the band of Coven and Vicious Manglers.
  2. Find the bridge into Alcarnus on the east side. Cross the bridge and enter the city.
  3. Battle your way through Crazed Summoners and Frenzied Hellions to make it to the stairs in the north.
    • Bonus Quest – Save 8 Prisoners locked in cages. Their locations will be shown on the minimap.
  4. Head up the stairs and to the northeast corner of the city and find the Lair of the Witch.
    • Stop here and return to the Hidden Camp for supplies, if needed.
  5. Enter the Lair of the Witch, and prepare to take on Maghda and her army of minions.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Maghda, Leader of the Coven
      • Maghda has no special resistances, so any attacks you can throw her way will hurt – if you can hit her.
      • She will teleport at will all around the Lair, disappearing for a few seconds at a time. Down her summoned Dark Cultists and Berserkers and replenish your health at these times.
      • She has an impenetrable force field she casts at random, and nothing can hit or hurt her while this is up.
      • When she casts her force field, she also calls all Dark Cultists to focus their attacks on you and you alone.
      • Maghda will also spew attack moths from her mouth, or throw a swarm of them at you when you’re not close.
  6. Once Maghda is defeated, return to the Hidden Camp and speak to Tyrael. He’ll inform you that Belial has taken Leah, and you must find her quickly. City of Blood quest complete!

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