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Shadows in the Desert
The Road to Alcarnus
City of Blood
A Royal Audience
Unexpected Allies
Betrayer of the Horadrim
Blood and Sand
The Black Soulstone
The Scouring of Caldeum
Lord of Lies

Betrayer of the Horadrim

  1. Having learned of the Black Soulstone and the renegade Horadrim named Zoltun Kulle, set off to Caldeum Bazaar to begin your search for Kulle’s head.
  2. Enter the sewers leading into the Flooded Causeway.
    • Locate the refugee Karla to see if she has any items of interest to you.
  3. Meet with Emperor Hakan II, and he will open the nearby gate.
  4. Climb down the ladder and enter the Ruined Cistern.
    • This section is very similar to the Sewers of Caldeum you ventured through earlier, with like creatures, environmental hazards, and loot sources. Explore thoroughly.
  5. Locate and climb up the ladder leading to the Path of the Oasis.
    • The Path of the Oasis is but a short section, directly connected to the main area, Dahlgur Oasis.
  6. Search Dahlgur Oasis for the resting place of Zoltun Kulle’s head, the Forgotten Ruins.
    • Perhaps the most threatening creatures here are the Dune Dervish and Gore Harriers.
      • Dune Dervishes attack by spinning their way towards you to catch you in their swirling electric blades. Kill them from a distance, or wait until their spinning stops to get in a couple of good melee hits.
      • Gore Harriers circle high overhead, waiting for the most (in)opportune time to swoop down for an attack, usually when you get distracted by another creature.
    • Beware the many dangerous and poisonous plants in this area.
    • Watch out for numerous traps, and oil bottles on top of barrels that explode when hit. Use these to your advantage against creatures.
    • Cellars (Rotting, Storm, Swampy) – These small areas have merchants, miners, and villagers to save from numerous Fallen creatures.
    • Ancient Cave – A good 2-level cave system full of loot, worth slogging through the host of creatures for.
      • Chilling Constructs shoot a volley of 3 ice bolts at you, and are immune to cold damage.
      • Webspitter Spiders advance in groups, some spitting webbing at you to slow your movement, the rest circling around to attack you from another angle.
      • Electric Eels attack in threes, darting in for a quick shocking strike, then darting away.
      • Savage Flyers spawn from Blood Nests, and attack with lightning and poisonous stingers.
    • Mysterious Cave – Save Zaven the Alchemist from attacking Deathly Haunts, and he will open this 2-level cave, and his shop, to you. Venture within the Cave to slay Shock Guardians and Skeletal Rangers and take all the loot you can find.
      • Shock Guardians shoot lightning bolts at you, and have a good resistance to lightning damage.
      • Skeletal Rangers shoot a non-stop volley of arrows at you from long ranges.
    • Thirst for Salvation – Triggered when poking at a particular pile of Defiled Bones. A large group of Cursed Pilgrims (Bone Warriors) spawn and attack with swords. Stay alert for when their leader Fezuul joins the battle, a unique Horror with knockback ability and extra health.
    • Prisoners of Kamyr – Set loose a Captive Prisoner tied to a post to begin. Defeat the small army of Fallen in and around the immediate area, then rescue three other Prisoners for a gold and XP reward.
    • Flooded Cave – A 2-level lair of mainly Rockworms, Winged Moloks, and Webspitter Spiders.
    • The Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab – Find and operate two wheels and a lever to open a large stone door sealing off the Tomb of Khan Dakab. The Spirit of Khan Dakab and four Grim Wraiths will need to be vanquished to get to the Khan’s treasure.
    • The water wheel system in the center of Dahlgur Oasis is guarded by a host of Fallen, with a random appearance from their leader, a Fallen Shaman named Mundunogo.
      • This Bad Medicine Chieftain can resurrect his fellow Fallen, teleport, and launch fireballs. Attempt to pull him away from the other Fallen, and keep him in places where he has less ground to teleport away to.
  7. Locate and enter the Forgotten Ruins.
    • Guardians (Shock and Blazing), Guardian Towers, Spiderlings, Dust Imps, and Bone Warriors will mostly be encountered here.
  8. Find and claim Zoltun Kulle’s head, then either run to the nearby Dungeon Stone for a quick escape, or take on the Ancient Guardian that gets summoned after taking Zoltun’s head.
    • The Ancient Guardian packs a lot of health and a strong knockback, but moves slowly. Use powers that slow his movement even more, then employ hit and run tactics.
  9. Return to the Hidden Camp and speak with Adria. Betrayer of the Horadrim quest complete!

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