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Shadows in the Desert
The Road to Alcarnus
City of Blood
A Royal Audience
Unexpected Allies
Betrayer of the Horadrim
Blood and Sand
The Black Soulstone
The Scouring of Caldeum
Lord of Lies

Blood and Sand

  1. Zoltun Kulle’s head tells you he wants to be made fully whole again, before he activates the Black Soulstone. That’s the deal, take it or leave it. Regrettably, you have to take it. Kulle tells you to retrieve his blood from the Horadric constructs from two places: the Cave of the Betrayer and the Vault of the Assassin.
  2. Return to Dahlgur Oasis and head northeast to get to the Ancient Waterway.
  3. Enter the Ancient Waterway and see that the path to the Waterlogged Passage is sealed closed.
  4. Search for and activate the Western Flow Control lever and the Eastern Flow Control lever to unseal the door to the Waterlogged Passage.
    • The Skeletal Sentry carries a shield, and can block your attacks. However, it lowers its shield when it attacks, giving you a chance to land your own strikes.
    • The Accursed and Hungerer are vicious melee strikers, and explode into a poison cloud when killed.
  5. Descend into the Waterlogged Passage and continue on until reaching a pile of Diseased Bodies, and a talking barrel. Yes, a talking barrel.
  6. Kill the Betrayed that rise up from the Bodies.
  7. Smash the talking barrel to release the trapped Covetous Shen, and listen to his story.
  8. Continue along to a lower part of the Waterlogged Passage to reach the Hidden Aquaducts.
    • In searching this section for Gavin the Thief and the Jeweler’s Crucible, you’ll have to deal with Vile Swarms, Serpent Magus, Writhing Deceivers, and Shen’s constant chatter. Which is the more irritating is for you to decide.
  9. Gavin the Thief has already found the Jeweler’s Crucible, so you’ll have to kill him and the surrounding horde of Serpent Magus to get it.
    • Take down the Serpents first, so you’ll not have to deal with their lightning attacks when taking on Gavin.
    • Because Gavin is plagued, his axe attacks deal poison damage, while he is resistant to poison. He will also explode in a poison cloud when he dies, so back away quickly.
  10. Retrieve the Jeweler’s Crucible from the altar.
  11. Exit the Hidden Aquaducts out onto the Ancient Path, where Leah and Shen will return to the Hidden Camp.
  12. Return to the Hidden Camp.
  13. Talk to Covetous Shen to convince him to join your caravan. He will open his jeweller shop for you.
  14. Return to the Ancient Path and continue up the path to the Desolate Sands.
  15. Search the large Desolate Sands area for the Cave of the Betrayer and the Vault of the Assassin.
    • The Desolate Sands is home to more Lacuni, Bloodhawks, and Dessicated Imps, along with various Skeletons and Constructs.
    • Beware the numerous tar pits here, as well. Walking through them slows you and creatures alike, so use them to your advantage.
    • Cave of Burrowing Horror – Look for a ring of Ancient Bones, and slay the unique Rockworm that erupts from the center to attack. Drop down the hole it made to enter the Cave. Explore the 2-level area, fighting off Charged Stingers, Murderous Fiends (razor-toothed sword), and the very dangerous Reapers (burrowing and leaping).
    • Vile Cavern – This is another 2-level cave system, full of Charged Stingers, Webspitter Spiders, Slime Spewers, and Rockworms.
    • The Cave of the Betrayer is a 2-level area predominantly with Charged Stingers, Rockworms, Slime Spewers, Larva Sacks, and Webspitter Spiders.
      • Locate the Blood of Zoltun Kulle on the second level.
      • Taking the Blood will trigger four Chilling Constructs to spawn and attack, so be prepared beforehand.
    • The Vault of the Assassin is home to Guardian Towers and their spawned Spiderlings, along with numerous Skeletons and Blazing Guardians.
      • The Blood of Zoltun Kulle is guarded by Mage Lord Misgen, the Guardian Lord of Blood. He has adept control over fire, using it to surround his body, mark the path where he walks, and lobbing fireballs at short and long distances.
  16. With the total of Zoltun Kulle’s Blood in hand, return to the Desolate Sands area. Blood and Sand quest complete!

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