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Shadows in the Desert
The Road to Alcarnus
City of Blood
A Royal Audience
Unexpected Allies
Betrayer of the Horadrim
Blood and Sand
The Black Soulstone
The Scouring of Caldeum
Lord of Lies

The Black Soulstone

  1. Make your way northwest through the Desolate Sands to get to the entrance to the Archives of Zoltun Kulle.
  2. Learn that to complete the spell to bring Zoltun Kulle back to life requires you to venture into the Terminus and use Kulle’s blood on the Shadow Locks in the Unknown Depths and the Storm Halls.
  3. Enter the Unknown Depths and find the Shadow Lock. Use Kulle’s blood on it to unlock it.
    • Plenty of the Fallen occupy this section, including Masters, Curs, and Conjurers. Constructs and Guardian Towers are also to be expected.
    • Rock Giants are huge lumbering dangers, and will often attack by surrounding themselves with a swirling sand wall followed by slamming the ground with their huge fists.
    • Look for Vile Revenants to be guarding the Shadow Lock.
  4. Enter the Storm Halls and find the Shadow Lock. Use Kulle’s blood on it to unlock it.
    • Expect to battle through Skeletal Raiders, Skeletal Bowmasters, Rock Giants, Venomous Spinners (poison bite), Shocking Crawlers (lightning), and more Constructs.
  5. When both Shadow Locks are open, return to The Terminus.
  6. Take the center pathway to enter the Realm of Shadow.
    • Sand Behemoths are tougher versions of Rock Giants.
    • Beware of Shade Stalkers, as they have very good stealth and speed, and attack in large numbers.
    • Zoltun Kulle’s body is guarded by a pack of Constructs, elemental Sentinels (Molten, Frost, Vile, Lightning) with dangerous ranged and melee attacks.
  7. Retrieve Zoltun Kulle’s body and return to The Terminus, where Leah will bring Kulle back to life.
  8. Follow Kulle to the Soulstone Chamber.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Zoltun Kulle
      • Kulle will rely heavily on his summoned Eternal Guardians to keep you busy at close range while he attacks you from far away.
      • His Eternal Guardians are versions of Rock Giants, but with about double the hit points.
      • Kulle will throw fireballs, call down large rocks on your head, go invisible, and use a couple of strong magic spells against you. Watch his hands closely to get a tell on what power he is about to use.
  9. Kill Zoltun Kulle, then cross the bridge to claim the Black Soulstone.
  10. Return to the Hidden Camp and speak with Adria. The Black Soulstone quest complete!

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