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The Siege of Bastion’s Keep
Turning the Tide
The Breached Keep
Tremors in the Stone
Machines of War
Heart of Sin

The Breached Keep

  1. With an over-the-wall attack diverted, Azmodan turns his forces to an attack from underground. Delve into the three-level Keep Depths below Bastion’s Keep to thwart this assault.
  2. Search level 1 for the entrance to level 2.
    • The first level holds sword-wielding Skeletal Marauders and Dark Skeletal Bowmen who work in tandem when fighting you.
    • Blazing Swordwielders are a new creature encounter, and easily handled as long as you don’t let them and their fires surround you.
    • Many groups of creatures can be attacked through iron gates and doorways with ranged weapons.
  3. Search level 2 for the entrance to level 3.
    • The second level holds a number of the very dangerous Swift Skull Cleaver, able to make deadly horizontal and overhead attacks with its huge double-bladed axe.
    • Fallen Maniacs will charge directly at you and explode in your face if you let them.
    • Demon Raiders are tougher versions of Demon Troopers.
  4. Search level 3 for the entrance to The Larder.
    • Level 3 holds the terrible Demonic Tremors, which have large ‘shields’ on its front legs that it uses along with a shimmering aura when in a defensive stance. Their massive bulk allows them to crash through doorways to chase you.
  5. Enter The Larder, where the main breach is found. Consider returning to the Stronghold before engaging in the next fight.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Ghom, Lord of Gluttony
      • Ghom will emit large gas clouds that will slow you down when caught within, allowing him to get close for a chomping attack with one of his four mouths.
      • He can spit up to four acid slimes at you, and each will pursue you until they or Ghom are killed.
      • Ghom will also vomit forth poisonous bile in a large area, and at a good distance.
      • Ghom moves slow, so move around to keep your attacks on his flanks and rear, and to stay out of direct line of his mouths.
  6. Once Ghom is slain, return to the Stronghold. The Breached Keep quest complete!

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