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The Siege of Bastion’s Keep
Turning the Tide
The Breached Keep
Tremors in the Stone
Machines of War
Heart of Sin

Machines of War

  1. Speak to Tyrael in the Armory, and he will tell you the news of Azmodan’s forces moving a number of siege machines into position out on the Fields of Slaughter. It’s now time to take the fight to them.
  2. Exit the Stronghold via the drawbridge and make for the Arreat Gate.
  3. Meet and talk to Sergeant Pale at the bottom of the steps. He will tell you to battle your way across the Battlefields to the Bridge of Korsikk, then across the Fields of Slaughter to get to the siege machines.
    • There’s an entrance to a new area close by Sergeant Pale and the catapults, leading to one of two areas.
      • The Barracks – A two level area full of Fallen and plenty of loot. A guard on the second level asks you to search for his missing friend here for a nice XP and gold reward.
      • Fortified Bunker – A two level maze filled with Demonics (Tremors and Hellflyers), Plagued Swarms, Winged Moloks, and Tormented Stingers. The loot makes it worthwhile to explore fully.
  4. Cross the Battlefields. Expect more khazra, much tougher Blood Clan members than the Moon Clan ones you’ve previously fought.
    • Tide of Battle – Come upon a camp under attack by Blood Clan, and help Colonel Severyn defend it. Following the defeat of the Blood Clan, a Colossal Firewing will attack. Similar in look to the Winged Moloks, but much larger and with way more hit points, it attacks by spitting fire and with its tusks and claws.
    • Beware for the Herald of Pestilence, a particularly dangerous and toxic foe. It will plunge an arm into the ground, which will then pop up some distance away for a ranged attack, or it may pop up right next to you. Wait until it uses this tactic, making it unable to move, then launch your own attacks on the main body.
    • Guard Rescues – A number of Bastion’s Keep guards have become separated from their units, and are now scattered about the Battlefields. They will join you when you find them, but don’t expect them to last long in combat.
    • A large crater in the center of the Battlefields has steps leading into it and down to an entrance to a random area: Battlefield Stores, Foundry, or Forward Barracks. They have no special encounters within them, just monsters, XP, and loot.
  5. Make your way northeast across the Battlefields to the Bridge of Korsikk.
    • The Bridge is short, and not held by many enemy. Blast across it quickly.
  6. Cross the bridge and venture onto the Fields of Slaughter.
  7. Find and destroy three Demonic Ballistae (and their demon guards) near the center of the Fields.
  8. Destroy the gigantic Trebuchet in the midst of the Ballistae.
  9. Continue northeast to the next bridge, Rakki’s Crossing, where Tyrael awaits news of your victory.
  10. Speak to Tyrael and learn of your next mission. Machines of War quest complete!

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