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The Siege of Bastion’s Keep
Turning the Tide
The Breached Keep
Tremors in the Stone
Machines of War
Heart of Sin


  1. Tyrael joins you as you head across Rakki’s Crossing.
    • This bridge is much larger than the Bridge of Korsikk, and packed with many more creatures, and a few random encounter areas.
      • Bridge Stores – The crates and barrels here hold plenty of loot, and possibly the merchant Vidar the Collector.
      • The Underbridge – More crates, barrels, and loot.
      • Crazy Climber – Find Private James, who’ll ask you to fight your way to deliver a spyglass to Lieutenant Gryffith at the top of a nearby tower.
      • Blaze of Glory – Meet Captain Haile (again) about halfway across, and help him repel a particularly strong and lengthy demon attack.
    • Stay on alert for the Blood Clan Sorcerer. He can shoot fireballs that travel faster than any before, and his magic adds an increased health buff to the demons close by. Take him down quickly when spotted.
  2. Battle your way north across the expanse of Rakki’s Crossing, eventually reaching the gated Edge of the Abyss.
  3. Watch as Tyrael’s attempt to break the gate fails, only to be smashed down by the attacking monstrosity known as the Siegebreaker Assault Beast.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Siegebreaker Assault Beast
      • SAB has a very powerful front leg stomp that deals wide AoE damage. When you see it rise up on its hind legs, get away quickly.
      • SAB will launch into short charge attacks that include critical melee attacks with its arms. When you see it pawing the ground, prepare to dodge. Position yourself next to a wall, then get it to charge you and miss. Attack while it’s recovering.
      • SAB is immune to any knockback powers, but stun and slow work well, and should be used due to its agile speed.
      • There are no Healing Wells in this area, so keep moving and use your own healing items carefully.
  4. When the Siegebreaker Assault Beast is dead, follow Tyrael to the gate.
  5. Listen as Adria tells you about the Sin Hearts inside Arreat Crater. Siegebreaker quest complete!

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