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The Siege of Bastion’s Keep
Turning the Tide
The Breached Keep
Tremors in the Stone
Machines of War
Heart of Sin

Heart of Sin

  1. Azmodan is using the Sin Hearts to give power to his demon army. Tyrael says that destroying them is crucial to defeating Azmodan’s army, and possibly Azmodan himself.
  2. Descend into the first level of Arreat Crater, through the two levels of the Tower of the Damned, to get to the first Sin Heart in the Heart of the Damned.
    • Expect massive amounts of much tougher Blood Clan (Impalers, Maulers, Occultists), along with the unholy Tormented Stinger (lightning sting), Demonic Serpents (burrowing attacks), Soul Lashers (tongue strikes and grabs), Hulking Phasebeast (teleport), and the deadly Succubus. Beware the red balls of death (damage and armor reduction) she sends your way, which will track your movement, making it difficult to evade.
  3. Cydea and her Daughters of Pain guard this Sin Heart. She also has a protective shield over the Sin Heart. Kill them to get to the Heart.
    • Cydea will appear in giant spider form, and will use melee, poison spit, and Spiderlings as her attacks. She will also drop web traps on the ground to slow your movement. She will run away after a certain time, calling in her Daughters of Pain to replace her.
    • The Daughters of Pain are three very tough succubi. They will make avid use of their red balls of death to weaken you for their Blazing Ghoul reinforcements to finish you off.
  4. Continue down the stairs to the second level of Arreat Crater, through the two level Tower of the Cursed, to get to the next Sin Heart in the Heart of the Cursed.
    • Stygian Crawlers are tougher versions of Tormented Stingers.
    • Hellhide Tremors are much tougher versions of Demonic Tremors.
  5. You’ll know you’ve reached the Heart of the Cursed when all goes quiet, with no creatures in sight. Continue along the path towards the center, where Cydea awaits.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Cydea, Maiden of Lust
      • Cydea will attack in the same manner as before, with short retreats into the ceiling for rest. She will summon green pits that will spawn forth waves of Spiderlings during this time.
  6. Destroy the final Sin Heart, then go down the nearby stairs and into the Core of Arreat.
  7. Fight across the Core of Arreat to get to the Heart of Sin.
    • Consider going back to Bastion’s Keep Stronghold for supplies before entering.
  8. Enter the Heart of Sin, and kill Azmodan once and for all.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Azmodan, Lord of Sin
      • Azmodan has a couple of strong melee attacks: a standard fist strike that will damage and slow you, and a more powerful belly flop attack with knockback ability.
      • Azmodan’s magic is much more dangerous. He will summon a mass of corpses to fall from the sky to strike you. Watch out for their red rings on the ground which indicate where they will hit.
      • He will also throw large fireballs at you, which will track your movements, and explode after a few seconds. Avoid these!
      • At about 3 quarters of life, Azmodan will add two more attacks: shooting lasers from his eyes, and opening up Demon Gates through which the Minions of Azmodan (unique Demon Troopers) pour forth. Watch for gray circles on the ground telling where a Demon Gate will appear, and destroy them quickly to stem the flow of Minions.
      • At about half health, Azmodan will then summon very large black pools of death to cover large areas, greatly reducing the amount of safe area you have to maneuver in. His previous attacks will continue, so fight well!
  9. Kill Azmodan, then collect the sparkling Soul of Azmodan.
  10. Tyrael, Leah, and Adria will arrive on scene to put the Soul of Azmodan into the Black Soulstone.
  11. Return to Bastion’s Keep Stronghold.
  12. Speak with Lieutenant Lavail.
  13. Talk to Leah in the Armory.
  14. Head up to the Keep Tower and watch as more of the story unfolds, leading up to the next and final Act.
  15. Enter the Portal to Heaven to begin Act Four. Heart of Sin quest , and Act Three, complete!

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