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Fall of the High Heavens
The Light of Hope
Beneath the Spire
Prime Evil

Prime Evil

  1. Diablo waits for you at the top of the Silver Spire. Battle your way through the Spire’s two levels for the final confrontation with him.
  2. Race with Tyrael on the narrow bridge that leads to the Spire’s gate, slaughtering all evil along the way.
    • The Aspect of Terror is an elite Terror Demon with the ability to phase in and out of sight. Its slashing claws will reduce your healing ability for 10 seconds after each successful strike.
    • It will also summon more Terror Demons.
  3. Take the lift to the first level of the Silver Spire.
    • Talk to the ghost to trigger a fight with another Aspect.
    • Ghosts and Aspects: The ghosts and Aspects are randomly selected. Ghosts include Leah, Deckard Cain, Mira Eamon, Captain Rumford, Maghda, Zoltun Kulle, and a character from Diablo II, Marius. Aspects include Lies, Sin, Anguish, Pain, Hatred, and Destruction.
  4. Fight through this level of the Silver Spire.
    • Morlu Incinerators can call down burning meteors, so watch for the red glows on the ground telling where they will strike.
    • Morlu Legionnaires and Morlu Incinerators can revive themselves, so be sure to destroy them fully after they drop to a knee.
    • Expect plenty more Mallet Lords, who will work in conjunction with Hell Witches (tougher Succubi) to deadly effect.
  5. Take the lift to the Great Span that links the two levels of the Silver Spire.
  6. Cross the Great Span towards the second level of the Silver Spire.
    • BOSS FIGHT: Izual the Betrayer
      • Diablo’s corruption has turned this once glorious angel and Tyrael’s former lieutenant into an elite Oppressor.
      • Izual uses the cold element instead of fire, throwing large ice bombs that will greatly decrease your movement when they hit.
      • He wields a massive mace for melee attacks.
      • Corrupted Angels, Oppressors, and Swift Flayer Demons (frenzy attacks) will aid Izual in combat.
    • Face off against another randomly selected ghost and Aspect just before reaching the Silver Spire’s second level.
  7. Enter the second level of the Silver Spire and fight through to the Pinnacle of Heaven lift.
    • Beware the Enslaved Nightmares, as they can drop your resistances by 50%!
  8. Speak to Tyrael before taking the Pinnacle of Heaven lift.
    • This is it! Consider returning to Bastion’s Keep Stronghold for any and all supplies you’ll need for the next and final fight!
  9. Take the Pinnacle of Heaven lift up to the Crystal Arch.
  10. Watch the scene play out with Imperius, Tyrael, and Diablo.
  11. Enter the Crystal Arch.
  12. Kill Diablo.
    • ULTIMATE BOSS FIGHT: Diablo, The Prime Evil
      • Diablo’s main element is fire, so take precautions against it.
      • The Crystal Arch has only 2 healing wells that replenish 30 seconds after use, so use them wisely.
    • Phase One
      • Diablo will melee strike with instant damage and a damage over time with each successful hit.
      • His ground stomps send forth fireballs in all directions, but only do instant fire damage when they hit.
      • His fire projectile attacks will hit the ground and spout a large flaming area that will cause burning damage over time if you’re caught within it.
      • Beware the shadow cages that Diablo summons from the ground. Watch Diablo’s hands, and when you see him raise them above his head, look out for the darkening circles on the ground, and run away. If you get caught in one, Diablo will quickly grab you, crush you in his grip, and slam you to the ground.
      • Diablo is susceptible to Chill/Freeze and Slow/Stun controlling attacks, so use ‘em if you got ‘em.
      • Once Diablo reaches about half health, he will teleport to you and cast you all into the realm of Terror for the next phase of the fight.
    • Phase Two
      • (Shadow of) Diablo has all the attack powers from the previous phase.
      • He will also summon Shadow Clones, dopplegangers of your Hero’s class, complete with an assortment of skills and powers from that class. Look for Diablo to suddenly vanish, then expect Shadow Clones to attack. Diablo will return after they are slain.
      • Hooded Nightmares will come to aid Diablo. Take them down quickly so you don’t lose focus on Diablo for long.
      • There are no healing wells in this phase!
      • Once Diablo has been defeated here, you’ll return to the Crystal Arch for the final phase of the fight.
    • Phase Three
      • Diablo has only half of his health for this phase, but don’t think it’s gonna be a quick and easy fight!
      • Diablo has the same attack powers as in the first phase, only now he will cast them in incredibly quick succession. Don’t. Stop. Moving.
      • Watch for Diablo to lean back, as if taking a deep breath. When he does, he will emit his deadliest attack: lightning breath. This attack and both range and longevity, as Diablo will slowly turn in place to have the lightning beam cut a sweeping path of death across half of the Crystal Arch area. The best safe area during this attack is behind Diablo, if you can get there quickly.
  13. Once Diablo is dead, speak to Auriel. Prime Evil quest, and your journey through Diablo 3, complete!

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