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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

A Shattered Crown

  1. Speak to Cain in New Tristram to learn about the prophecy of the fallen star, and the return of the Skeleton King. Cain will mention needing to find the crown of King Leoric, the only thing that will defeat the Skeleton King, and that Haedrig the blacksmith knows where to find it.
  2. Follow the path north through town, stopping to check out the wares of the town’s two newest shop keepers: Arghus the Collector and Radek the Fence.
  3. Find and speak to Haedrig. His immediate concern is about his wife, Mira, who has been bitten. Follow Haedrig to the cellar where Mira and other infected people are quarantined.
  4. Enter the Cellar of the Damned with Haedrig, and kill all the Ravenous Dead surrounding Mira to allow Haedrig a moment to speak to her one final time.
    • The Ravenous Dead walk as slow as their brethren, but turn much faster, and hit much harder.
  5. After Mira transforms, help Haedrig put her out of her misery.
    • Mira Eamon changes into the likeness of a Wretched Mother, with slow melee attacks and a more dangerous poison spit. But, she doesn’t raise any Risen, so take her down quickly.
  6. Speak to Haedrig, who will tell you about his grandfather, who was King Leoric’s Chancellor. The crown is buried with him, in a cemetery past the Weeping Hollow.
  7. Before you leave for the Weeping Hollow, Haedrig will ask you to tell his apprentice to get back to town, if you happen to find him.
  8. Head to the north gate out of town, and help the guards there kill a small pack of Scavengers as they try to rush in to town.
    • Scavengers are fast-moving critters, sometimes leaping in to attack with claws or a bite, and sometimes burrowing into the ground to pop up at another place for a new attack. Use some AoE power to slow them down or root them in place, and they are easy pickings.
  9. The Cemetery of the Forsaken lies to the northeast through the Weeping Hollow. Don’t be in a rush, and take time to clear out the Weeping Hollow and gain plenty of XP and loot.
    • Scores of Ravenous Dead, Scavengers, Skeletons, Hungry Corpses, and Hungry Torsos can be expected here, along with Retching Cadavers.
    • Retching Cadavers will blow rancid and deadly chunks as a ranged attack, and will also vomit up Ravenous Dead.
    • Skeletons will crawl out of grave sites and Rotting Coffins, so stay cautious when you see headstones nearby.
    • Packs of Hungry Torsos will quickly crawl out from the Weeping Hollow’s flora when you get close.
    • Stay alert for loot sources, as usual: stumps, rock piles, logs, rotten logs, chests, resplendent chests, rotting coffins, and dead villagers.
    • Bonus Quest: Find Haedrig’s Apprentice.
  10. Once in the Cemetery of the Forsaken, there will be three Defiled Crypts open to explore, one of which houses the Chancellor’s Tomb, where King Leoric’s crown is kept.
    • If you find a blue glowing Dungeon Stone in a crypt, your hero will remark about the crown not being in this crypt, giving you the cue to search another one. Use the Dungeon Stone to teleport to the entrance of the crypt.
    • Imps are fast darting buggers that make more noise and nuisance than anything else, but don’t let them get close, anyway.
    • Harvesters are tougher Grotesques, with spike and suicide bomb attacks, which release a trio of Fiends (slightly tougher Imps).
    • Tomb Guardians are tough boss skeletons with magic; they hurl Arcane Orbs as ranged attacks, and can summon four Skeletons at a time.
    • Ghastly Gravediggers attack with their shovels capable of inflicting cold damage and that irksome knockback effect.
    • Ghostly Murderers are dead brigands armed with a dagger, which they can throw from a distance. They have a quick dodge and slash attack ability, as well.
    • EVENT: The Matriarch’s Bones – A ghostly Lady Dunhyld implores you to find the three urns that hold her remains and return them to her sarcophagus. Lord Dunhyld, her ghostly husband, will attempt to stop you with Soul Leech attacks and by raising Skeletons. Find and put Lady Dunhyld’s remains back in her coffin for a quest complete reward.
    • EVENT: Jar of Souls – Finding a large room with a small blue jar floating above a platform triggers this event. You must stay alive for 60 seconds against a swarming mass of Skeletons. Bring out your best AoE powers, and stay close to the walls so they don’t surround you. Quest completes and doles out a reward when time is up.
    • You will know you have found the Chancellor’s Tomb when the monstrous Manglemaw attacks. Stay out of reach of his massive melee / knockback attack, and let him have it.
  11. Once in the Chancellor’s Tomb, you’ll have to fight off one or two Tomb Guardians before approaching the crown.
  12. The crown is resting on an Altar, and clicking on the Altar summons the dead Chancellor Eamon, now the astral guardian of the crown.
    • Chancellor Eamon has a nasty Soul Siphon ability that chills and slows you down, setting you up for his knockback melee attack. He also teleports around often, but never far away from the crown. Defeat him and claim the crown.
  13. Return to New Tristram with the crown and report to Headrig. A Shattered Crown quest complete!

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