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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

Reign of the Black King

  1. Speak to Cain in New Tristram to begin the quest. He will tell you to return to the Cathedral and seek out the Crypt of the Skeleton King.
  2. Use the Waypoint to teleport back to the Cathedral Garden.
  3. Enter the Cathedral and take Leoric’s Passage to the ornate door that will only open to the one carrying the crown.
  4. Cathedral Level 2
    • Tomb Guardians are hiding behind large wall frescoes, and will burst forth to attack once you’re close.
    • Beware of hulking Unburied popping up through the ground to attack. They move slow, but have strong melee attacks and a ground strike with knockback to look out for.
    • Stay on the look out for traps to use to your advantage!
  5. Cathedral Level 3
    • Enter this level to bear witness to a circle of Dark Cultists using magic on a helpless warrior to spawn their Necromantic Minions.
      • Necromantic Minions are slightly tougher versions of Skeletons.
      • Dark Cultists don’t move around much, preferring to stand and slash with their wicked knives.
    • Take out the Dark Cultists to put an end to their spawning more Necromantic Minions, and to rescue the warrior.
    • Help the warrior to the chest where his equipment is stashed, killing the Dark Cultists and Necromantic Minions guarding it.
    • Once he’s rearmed, he becomes the Templar, and speaks to you of finding Jondar, an evil enemy who now guards access to the Skeleton King.
    • Battle along with the Templar through the Servants of Jondar to the other side of this level.
      • Servants of Jondar are simply Tomb Guardians who move a bit slower.
    • Take the stairs nearby to head down and face off against Jondar.
      • Jondar attacks with a 360 degree spread of poisonous bolts. Dodge these bolts if possible and focus your attacks on him, while the Templar handles the Skeletons summoned by Jondar.
    • TEMPLAR: Choose to have the Templar join with your quest to defeat the Skeleton King, or choose to continue solo.
      • Choose one of his level 5 skills: Heal or Intervene.
      • Inspect his current weapons and equipment, and if you have any better, equip them on him.
  6. Cathedral Level 4
    • The largest of the Cathedral levels is filled with Tomb Guardians, Harvesters, Skeletal Archers, and Skeletal Shieldbearers. Blast through them as you search for the Royal Crypts.
      • Skeletal Archers will constantly shoot at you from a distance, but are crushed easily when hit.
      • Skeletal Shieldbearers have large shields to take the brunt of frontal attacks, so flank them from their non-shield sides, including overhead and underfoot.
    • Head into the Royal Crypts to find the ghosts of King Leoric and his guard, Lachdanan. Watch as Lachdanan kills King Leoric, then make your way on toward the Skeleton King.
    • The Skeleton King will run away, activating four pillars that will bring in a nonstop flow of Skeletons and Skeletal Archers.
      • Destroy the Activated Pillars to end the influx of enemy.
      • Use AoE attacks here, or funnel the enemy onto a staircase to better focus your direct attacks on them.
    • Take a moment before entering the Crypt of the Skeleton King to look over the status and quality of your items and equipment. Use the nearby Waypoint to return to New Tristram if needed.
    • Enter the Crypt of the Skeleton King and kill the Returned guarding the gate to his throne.
      • Returned attack with sword slashes and bony foot kicks that can knockback quite a distance, but may be easily flanked..
    • BOSS FIGHT: Skeleton King
      • The Skeleton King employs four main attacks methods: Summon Skeletons, Whirlwind, Teleport, and Cleave.
      • He will summon two Returned and two Forgotten Soldiers to appear almost right on top of you, and he’ll immediately summon the same four in a different location, making eight additional enemy to deal with at each summoning.
      • Keep an eye on when he is winding up his Whirlwind attack and get away quickly. Better still, lure him and the summoned skeletons into the same path and watch as the Skeleton King lays waste to his own minions. Because this attack takes a few seconds to play out, if you can get out of the way in time, it also leaves him open to your attacks.
      • Ranged fighters beware of the Skeleton King’s instant Teleport ability, which he uses to quickly get close to you for his Cleave attack.
    • Once the Skeleton King is defeated, go through the passage behind his throne to enter the Desolate Chamber, and follow the path down to the bottom of the fallen star’s crater.
    • Talk to the stranger there about what he can remember, which is not much at the moment.
    • Follow him out of the crater on back to New Tristram.
    • Talk to Cain and see if he can get more info from the stranger. Reign of the Black King quest complete!

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