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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

Sword of the Stranger

  1. Cain has been speaking with the Stranger, who remembers that he had a sword with him when he fell. The sword has broken apart, and a piece of it may have landed in the nearby Fields of Misery, home to a tribe of Goatmen known as the Moon Clan tribe.
  2. Travel via the Waypoint back to the Cemetery of the Forsaken, break through the gate in the northwest corner, and begin your search for the sword shard in Khazra Den.
    • Moon Clan Warriors wield large two-handed axes, and like to get in a headbutt with their horns when they can.
    • Moon Clan Impalers keep throwing a barrage of spears at you, often changing position for a better attack angle.
    • Wood Wraiths try to attack with surprise very quickly, moving in close to pound with their branches, and calling up Spore Pods near you which explode and spread poisonous spores in a small area.
    • The poisonous living Plague Nest spews forth a number of Plague Carrier bats. Dodge the Plague Carrier stings and take out the Plague Nest to stop the bats from spawning, then finish them off, as well.
  3. While searching the Fields of Misery for Khazra Den, it’s possible to encounter a variety of side quest locations:
    • Forlorn Farm – Click on the dead large beast of burden in front of the Farm to trigger an attack by a pack of Burrowing Leapers and their pack leader.
      • Burrowing Leapers are slightly tougher versions of the Scavenger, with like movement speed and burrowing ability.
      • After slaying all the Burrowing Leapers, a Terrified Farmer will exit from the Farm’s cellar, and invite you down to meet his wife. Collect your reward from the chest there before leaving.
    • Rathe Family – Encountered on the second level of the Decaying Crypt.
      • Deathspitters prefer to stay away from close combat to use their projectile vomit attacks, and to spew forth their Decayer children. Decayers are slow-moving zombies with a bite-claw attack.
      • The ghost of Willa Rathe will ask for your help in ending a terrible curse on her family by killing the ghost of Father Rathe, Mother Rathe, and Little Jebby Rathe.
      • Father Rathe attacks with bashing and a short knockback, Mother Rathe has a cold aura defense, and Little Jebby Rathe is a faster Decayer with extra health.
    • Secluded Grove – When your hero enters an almost fully enclosed grove with a single suspicious chest in the center under a large tree you’ve found the Secluded Grove. You’ll have to battle The Old Man and his Wood Wraiths to survive this trap and loot the chest.
      • The Old Man is a much tougher version of the Wood Wraith, complete with a strong knockback, and the ability to summon normal Wood Wraiths to his aid.
      • Use the narrow entrance to the Grove to slow their attack advance and focus your attacks on The Old Man first, then dispatch the rest of them.
    • Precious Ores – This encounter takes place within the second level of The Lost Mine, and has you helping Tashun the Miner locate a Pure Gemstone vein and the Vein of Metals. Find them, and he will allow you to buy from his shop of fine weapons and armor.
      • Quill Demons and Burrowing Leapers infest The Lost Mine. When you locate the second item you’re looking for, a pack of rare Burrowing Leapers will attack.
    • Scavenger’s Den – This seems to once have been some villagers’ last stand that didn’t end well. It’s now infested with Quill Demons, Deathspitters, Decayers, and Leapers. Loot the Resplendent Chest once it’s all clear.
    • Pillaged Home – This sheltered cottage only shelters the dead now, so feel free to pillage the corpses of all the loot that remains.
  4. Keep your eyes open for traps to use to your advantage, including tripwires connected to massive axes, and log piles to set rolling down on following enemies.
  5. Find and enter Khazra Den, and battle through Dark Cultists to the rear of the cave.
    • Look for a circle of Dark Cultists performing a summoning ritual, and take them out along with their leader, Urik the Seer.
      • This prophet of torture uses fire and lightning as his attack and defense, respectively. He will also summon Dark Hellions to aid him. Dodge the thrown fireballs and Dark Cultists blades, grit your teeth against his up close lightning shocks, and put him down as quickly as possible.
    • Before you can get to the glowing sword shard, Maghda appears and summons another wave of Dark Cultists. Slay them all, then collect the sword shard.
  6. Return to New Tristram and give the sword shard to Cain. Sword of the Stranger quest complete!

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