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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

The Broken Blade

  1. Leah thinks she knows where the second piece of the sword is, based on Maghda’s description of it having fallen “where only the Ancients may tread”. Leah will join with you to lead you to the sacred Drowned Temple.
  2. Return to the Fields of Misery, then move along the path northeast toward the Old Mill.
  3. Once you encounter the Scoundrel, hear his story, then follow him to the locked Old Mill gate and through it, and assist him in the proceeding combat against the Brigands.
    • Brigands attack with throwing knives, and can easily dodge missile weapon attacks, but they are not very tough.
  4. Once the first few Brigands are down, another group appears from out of the farm house, lead by Nigel Cutthroat, a Thieves Guild Assassin.
    • Nigel has a good bit more health than the normal Brigands, but is very much like them in his attack and dodge combat methods.
  5. Defeat all the Brigands to get the Scoundrel his relic from the farmer’s daughter.
    • SCOUNDREL: Speak with the Scoundrel and he will offer to officially join in with you as your second companion.
    • Inspect his current weapons and equipment, and if you have any better, equip them on him.
  6. Continue northeast along the path to reach the Drowned Temple.
  7. Speak to Alaric the Guardian, the ghostly figure keeping watch over the entrance to the Drowned Temple. He will tell you the two keys to the Drowned Temple may be found in two places, the Crypt of the Ancients, and the Warrior’s Rest, both of which are located somewhere in the Festering Woods.
    • The Festering Woods hold more creatures to fight, Ghouls and Enraged Phantoms being the most notable. Ghouls will move into melee range quickly, make a slashing strike with its sword, then run off in a circular route to attempt to come up on your flank for another strike. Enraged Phantoms are ghosts that will float straight at you and attack multiple times with its claws, then dart far away to ready a repeat attack.
  8. Locate and enter the Crypt of the Ancients.
    • Returned and Returned Summoners are the main threats in here. Returned Summoners keep their distance and continually throw Arcane Orbs at you, and will aim to keep a steady flow of their summoned sword-wielding Returned in play to keep you busy up close. Kill the Returned Summoners to stop more Returned from entering combat, then wipe out any Returned that remain.
    • Find and collect the Beacon of Light before leaving.
  9. Locate and enter the Warrior’s Rest.
    • Returned Archers, most likely lead by a Dark Skeletal Archer, are the threats to face down in here. Returned Archers attack with a non-stop barrage of arrows, and can fire them at a very long range. Dark Skeletal Archers attack the same way as Returned Archers, but at a much faster firing rate.
    • Find and collect the Beacon of Hope before leaving.
  10. When both Beacons have been found, return to the Drowned Temple and place them on their respective pedestals to open the way.
    • As Alaric the Guardian warned, you’ll have to face his brothers if you expect to get to the sword piece.
      • Ezek the Prophet is a spectral champion with plenty of health and a massive axe. Do your best to dodge his axe swings and bring him down quickly.
      • Brother Moek is the fastest of the three Brothers who attack at once. Lure him away from the other two and kill him quickly before he gets reinforcements.
      • Brother Karel has a very strong knockback ability to beware of.
      • Brother Larel is perhaps the most dangerous of the three with his fire abilities. Get away quickly when he dies!
    • After defeating the Brothers, speak to Alaric again to receive a reward.
    • Maghda is waiting in the final chamber, and will summon a wave of Dark Zealots for you to deal with as she escapes – without the sword piece.
  11. Retrieve the second sword piece and return to Cain in New Tristram. The Broken Blade quest is complete!

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