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The Fallen Star
The Legacy of Cain
A Shattered Crown
Reign of the Black King
Sword of the Stranger
The Broken Blade
The Doom in Wortham
Trailing the Coven
The Imprisoned Angel
Return to New Tristram

The Doom in Wortham

  1. Make your way to the New Tristram docks with Leah following and talk to the Ferryman. He will ferry you both across the river to the burning Wortham village.
  2. Your destination here is the Chapel Cellar, but you’ll have to fight your way past burning buildings and members of Maghda’s Coven (Dark Zealots and Dark Evokers) to get there.
  3. Speak with the fleeing villager who will ask you save the other villagers trapped in the burning chapel.
  4. Maghda will be there waiting for you, and introduces you to Urzel Mordreg.
    • Urzel is a Dark Summoner who can summon Dark Hellions, cast fire spells, and attack with his deadly dagger.
    • Keep up a fierce assault to attempt to keep him from summoning too many Dark Hellions, and bring him down quickly.
  5. A group of Dark Summoners and Dark Berserkers attack next.
    • Dark Berserkers try to slam you with their heavy large maces. If they miss, the mace can get stuck in the ground for a couple of seconds, leaving them open to attack.
  6. Speak to the priest near the chapel, who will tell you he left the third (hilt) piece of the sword with Virgil, down in the Chapel Cellar.
  7. Descend in the Chapel Cellar to find Virgil dead, and no sword hilt.
  8. Maghda will appear over an altar and laugh at you for falling into her trap. With you gone from New Tristram, she was able to steal all the sword pieces!
  9. Quickly return to New Tristram and enter Cain’s House. The Doom in Wortham quest is complete!

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