Diablo III Press Conference Hodgepodge – All The Facts in One Post

The press conference is ongoing for the next hour or so; therefore, I will provide you with a bullet list of facts coming from the event live, as I get them from VG247. I will refrain from turning them into a thesis for you and just give you the facts. Here they are.

  • Blizzard vice president Frank Pearce has stated that at this time there is no set release date for Diablo III. ““It’s far too early in development for us to put a release date for it,” says Frank. “It’s been in development for four years”. Lead designer Jay Wilson stated: “We’re in hardcore production and working mainly on content at the moment”.
  • Jay states that the game will use a new engine designed specifically for the game and developed in-house. The engine has no name as of yet. The game has real physics, but it’s not a “pure, physics reactionary system”.
  • Jay also stated that Diablo III will be coming to Mac as well as the PC so that should make Apple users extremely happy. “It’s always our goal to run on a broad range of systems,” says Jay. System specs will be confirmed at a later date when development is getting closer to goal. As far as mods go, “It’s not very mod-friendly game because of the random nature,” says Jay. “Mods haven’t been a big focus. It’s difficult with this title”, he says.
  • The Diablo III storyline takes place 20 years after the events of Lord of Destruction and that the length of the game will be “similar to Diablo II”.
  • We have a new version of Battle.Net that will appear in the coming months,” says Jay. Frank says the new features for Battle.Net will be seen in conjunction with StarCraft II’s release. “The biggest thing we have to help us protect against piracy is the community”, says Frank.
  • The ideal of the game have stayed consistent with only the look and style changing the most. As far as monsters, Jay stated that while they have toyed with having one hundred of them on screen at once, they have not accomplished it – yet. However, the game is going to mix random and static maps and the development team which consists of 50 people, has been experimenting with random exits, entrances, monster placement, items, and so on. They have loads of monsters to reveal to us in the future.
  • On the subject of co-op: “We really see the single-player and co-operative play as the same thing,” says Jay. So I guess this means that both will be equally as awesome as the other. Frank stated that they’re also planning PvP features but they’re not saying anything about it right now. They also would like to add web-functionality to the game somehow.
  • Jay talks about how World of Warcraft and the Zelda games inspired the boss designers, and that while they do not have a boss frequency yet, the bosses will be much more complex this time around than they were in Diablo II. He also mentioned that he though the “Seasonal” stuff that WoW does is a “cool idea”.
  • Characters in the game will have their own plotlines and stories. You can pick your characters gender, but no customization options will be available because they want you to jump in and start killing monsters as soon as possible.
  • A beta will be discussed by all involved, but nothing regarding a beta has be confirmed or discussed as of yet. The Diablo III team is also hinking about e-sports and whether or not it makes sense for the game.
  • According to Frank, Blizzard’s main goal is to ship Diablo III in as many languages as possible, although that will be very hard to do. Since all regions are different as well, they have not made a decision regarding their financial model either.
  • Trading will be improved in the game, although the team is still working out how to do it, and the skill tree format has not been nailed down yet, so they refused to discuss it at this present time.
  • Frank stated that they are very interested in consoles, but that at this time they have no plans on becoming a console developer.

With all of the information that is coming out of the event, it looks like it is going to be a big year for Blizzard, and for Diablo fans who have been looking forward to this game, well, its just getting started.

Thanks once again to hard working gents Pat and Mike over at VG247. They clearly deserve a pat on the back for all the live-blogging during the event. If they were not thousands of mile across the huge Atlantic pond, I would buy them a round or two, or hell, even three.
Thanks a Bunch: VG247

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3 Comments on Diablo III Press Conference Hodgepodge – All The Facts in One Post


On June 28, 2008 at 10:41 am

AWSOME!! I knew they were making it :D Cant wait for them to announce a beta and then the release day along side with SC2 :D


On June 28, 2008 at 11:04 am

*no customization options will be available because they want you to jump in and start killing monsters as soon as possible.

lol wut? exsqueeze me, isn’t this supposed to be an RPG? and they’re like, deciding how you should be playing the game? oh boy. looks like DIII got NGE’d. Does Nancy McIntyre have anything to do with this?


On June 28, 2008 at 11:22 am




Otherwise, Diablo III has already got me hooked and I havent even played a Diablo game before!