Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Walkthrough

Everyone loves Prinnies — the lovable dead souls of sinners in suicidal penguin bodies are the marquee character of the Disgaea series, which is making another dip into the HD market with the fourth game in the series. The quirky turn-based strategy game from Japan is back with more strange humor surrounding the politics of the underworld as it’s assailed by demons, humans, and angels. Newer, sharper graphics make the new character classes and heroes really stand-out with a unique anime style. Don’t let all these features pass you by, confuse you, and leave you in the dust. Use our handy walkthrough to work through this massive game with ease.

The tactical masters at Game Front are here to provide more than just a helpful hand, we’ve also got some helpful side pages — check out our trophies and cheats.

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Table of Contents

  • Episode 1: Rebels of Hades
  • Episode 2: Prinny Wars
  • Episode 3: Enter the Final Weapon
  • Episode 4: Death Emizel’s Death
  • Episode 5: The Angel of Avarice
  • Episode 6: The A-Virus Pandemic
  • Episode 7: Battle! Tyrant vs. President
  • Episode 8: Battle! Final Boss vs. Final Boss
  • Episode 9: The Final Battle! The Moon, the Earth, and the Promise
  • Episode 10: Ties Deeper Than Darkness
  • Episode 1: Rebels of Hades
    1-1: Rehabilitation Room

    1. The first mission is a real push-over, coming just after the first round of tutorials. If you attack, you’ll win.
    2. The block from the tutorial, and the Orc enemy, are missing. No instant victory here, but it won’t be hard.
    3. The Geo panels offer some nice bonus effects to make this battle even simpler. Try standing on the blue panels for a 50% experience boost.
    4. Use your turn wisely, and pick off the Prinnies one by one. Use towers by stacking characters to really get everyone involved in a fight, giving easy experience to support characters that wouldn’t normally get in on the combat.
    5. Bring out five characters and start using combo attacks, team attacks, and special moves. Nothing fancy here, just consolidate a large team and start knocking out those Prinnies.

    1-2: Reincarnation Room

    1. Between fights, it isn’t a bad idea to bolster your forces. Pick up some different classes, it’s important to diversify your party. Stop by the Senate every once awhile to check out the newly available bills, and look through the stores for new and better equipment.
    2. With that advice out of the way, it’s time for a real fight. Three Masked Heroes, an Evil Ranger, and Warden Axel are positioned down the battlefield. The Masked Heroes are the front line force, but Axel is your real target.
    3. Deploy four or five of your party and rush for the first Masked Hero closest to the base. Send in two of your main characters, with a Fighter, and throw in some long-range back-up to hit the surrounded Masked Hero from afar.
    4. Don’t outstretch, wait for the Masked Heroes and Axel to close in next turn. When they close in, use the close range to combo and team attack each enemy, one at a time. Warden Axel might be the toughest opponent, but you can pick him off early in the battle with just a few simple combo attacks.

    1-3: Prinselytise Room

    1. For this battle, you’re dealing with three Catsabers (Lvl. 4) and two Abaddons (Lvl. 5). Most of the field is covered with green Geo panels that provide a bonus 50% defense. Axel and his Ranger sidekick are here to help this fight, too.
    2. There are Geo blocks, but you might want to leave the panels with the 50% defense bonus. At the back of the field, you can throw someone to a small area with two treasure chests, or use a blue Geo blocks to provide a 50% bonus to experience.
    3. It isn’t a bad idea to throw the pink Geo block onto the green Geo panels for another 50% bonus to your experience. It’s a pain, but it’ll help your team level-up during this fight.
    4. Back to the battle itself, start deploying your party and smashing the Catsabers one at a time. Focus your party, que up attacks for combos, and use team attacks to really destroy the Catsabers.
    5. The Abaddons can be nasty, but if you deal with them one at a time you’ll be fine. The best strategy for any fight is to focus your party and form a tight regiment – with front line melee fights, long-range fights behind your front line, with healers and magic users trailing behind to provide support.
    6. One handy strategy for dealing with enemies attacking your support classes, instead of diverting your main fighters from their goal, just lift and throw the enemies away.
    7. Clear the field and you’ve won, there’s nothing too dangerous to stop you.

    1-4: Albatross Collar

    1. At the beginning of the battle, the game will show you how to use Demon Fusion and Magichange. These are handy abilities to be aware of, so give them both a try. One strategy that really helps later in the game is the ability to combine enemy monsters. Lift and throw an enemy monster into another enemy monster and they won’t size-up, only their levels combine.
    2. Every Geo block is here to help, but the enemies are starting to stack up. You’re almost outnumbered this time with: three Orcs (Lvl. 5), two Catsabers (Lvl. 5), and two Abaddons (Lvl. 5).
    3. The Red Geo panels provide Ally Boost, which only help your party and do nothing for your enemies. Fight on the red Geo panels to get a good bonus, keep your party tight and deploy as many characters as you can.
    4. Make quick work out of your enemies, wait for them to come to you while you take care of the front line, and you’ll win this battle without a problem.

    1-5: Disaster First

    1. Finally you’ll be fighting a real battle. Take your time to equip your party, pick up some new classes and monsters, set up their evilities, do everything you can. Manage that party! More management options will be available later in the game.
    2. For this fight, you’ve got four Abaddons (Lvl. 5) as the front line, with two Healers (Lvl. 6) and the President’s Son Emizel (Lvl. 7). Emizel offers some strong ranged attacks while the Healers will support him and the Abaddons.
    3. Don’t rush into this fight, if you do Emizel will hit you hard while you fight the Abaddons, that will have the Healers to back-up.
    4. Draw the Abaddons towards your base by waiting near your base. This strategy will work for most battle, just bring out only one or two of your parties to draw the enemies closer.
    5. Blast the Abaddons first while they can’t get the support from the Healers and Emizel. Pick off each of the enemies one at a time, and target the Healers first if they get in close, they’ll only draw out this fight.
    6. Emizel is mean, but he’ll go down if you send your party after him. Take out the Healers if you’re going to be aggressive, which is another viable option. The Healers are a problem, but they’re a support class, meaning they have low defense and low HP, making them an easy target. Lift and throw your melee fighters if the Abaddons block your path.
    7. Defeat the enemies, and you’ll have this episode in the bag.

    Episode 2: Prinny Wars

    2-1: Rotten Sickbed

    1. Take some time to check out the Cam-pain map. For every completed mission, another square opens up on the map. Up until now, you can recruit another character or monster for each space, but now you’ll have access to a new feature.
    2. Now you can ask the Senate for Evil Symbols. These special structures provide unique bonuses to adjacent characters on the map. The only downside is that they take up one map square, depriving you of one character slot.
    3. Try placing a character between two Evil Symbols to stack the benefits. Nice, right?
    4. Back to the mission, you’ll be stuck in a complicated map with a large group of enemies; three Ghosts (Lvl. 7), three Red Blobs (Lvl. 7), two Eryngi (Lvl. 8), and one Thief (Lvl. 9).
    5. Send a melee fighter up to fight the Ghosts on the platform above. Break a block to climb up, or have another character throw them. Use ranged attacks to help support the fight, and run by the ghosts to throw the red Geo Block down to the rest of your party.
    6. Place the red Geo Block next to the other red Geo Blocks to lower the neutral blocks low enough to let the rest of your party climb up.
    7. Shoot the Red Blobs with magic or ranged attacks, or even throw the poisonous mushrooms down at the Blobs to drain their health. If you’re impatient, just jump down and attack.
    8. From the high platform, you can fight the third group of enemies – the Eryngi and Thief, at range without a problem. The trickiest part of this map is just getting around, the groups of enemies themselves won’t offer much resistance, just don’t overstep and cut any of your characters off from the party for too long.
    9. For some extra damage-dealing, place a ranged attacker on the green Geo Block. Bring the green block with you to break down the grouping of green Geo Blocks in your way. Break them down and you’ll have easy access to the last group of enemies.

    2-2: Hypha Invasion

    1. The odds are stacking against you fast; this fight features four Boggarts (Lvl. 8), two Skulls (Lvl. 9), two Lady Fighters (Lvl. 9), and four Zombies (Lvl. 8). Starting in the center, you have two bridges into enemy territory covered in Geo panels – blue removes the ability to use ranged abilities, while green switches HP and MP.
    2. The real danger for this mission are the Green Skulls. But, they won’t be able to use ranged attacks if you attack from the left and keep them on the blue Geo panels.
    3. For the slow approach, take out the four Boggarts, then the four Zombies, then the Skulls. That’s a slow method, but if you’re willing to go all out, go ahead and just start fighting the Zombies, move up through the Skulls, and finish off the rest in that order.
    4. Support will have a hard time fighting the Boggarts, try using the poison mushrooms on the gang or draw them out towards your base where you’re not standing on the blue Geo panels, giving you free rein to hit the ghosts with ranged attacks.
    5. Don’t split your forces. Pick one angle of attack and follow through. Don’t get caught off-guard by the Skulls – they’re powerful, but if you rush in and attack with your melee heavy-hitters, they won’t last long.

    2-3: Forest of Corpses

    1. This is kind of a gimmick map – there are two long bridges made of Geo Blocks with two groups of six Ghouls (Lvl. 7) on each of the bridges.
    2. The Geo Blocks are a problem, all of them provide powerful bonuses to your enemies. The best strategy is to use the four Geo Blocks around your base to destroy one of the bridges.
    3. Focus on destroying just one bridge, which will always result in a badly damaged group of Ghouls stuck below you. Use a Thief or a Skull to pick off the remaining Ghouls from the destroyed bridge.
    4. Meanwhile, for the intact bridge, line up a tough character to block the Ghouls from reaching your base and keeping them stuck on the bridge. Keep your blocker healed while ranged Skulls and Thieves take down the Ghouls.
    5. Follow this strategy for an easy win, the Ghouls are pretty tough, but they won’t outlast your party if you keep them from reaching your side of the map.

    2-4: Whispering Curse

    1. Another tricky map, but if you play it safe, you’ll do fine. At the outset of the battle, you’ll see your main target, Emizel (Lvl. 12) is across the map, guarded by five Boggarts (Lvl. 11), all while standing on an Enemy Boost +50 Geo panel.
    2. Closer to your base are three Red Blobs (Lvl. 10) and three Ghouls (Lvl. 10). The Red Blobs are also standing on the yellow Geo panels giving them a +50% boost. That’s a nasty boost, so you’ll want to take care of the blobs as quickly as you can.
    3. Start by deploying ranged attackers to hit the Red Blobs. If you want to avoid retaliation next turn, deploy your tough front units to throw the ranged characters safely back into your base.
    4. Deal with the Blobs first, they’ve got the bonus, and they’re the closest to your army. When they’re dealt with, advance on the three Ghouls. The Ghouls won’t offer much resistance, and Emizal with his Boggarts will stick to their spots.
    5. Grab the green Geo Block behind the ghouls and throw it onto the yellow Geo Panels to void the enemy bonus. With the enemy bonus gone, you can move your party towards Emizel and the Boggarts to mop up.

    2-5: Plan of the Wicked

    1. The biggest problem on this map are the warp effects on the blue Geo Panels, combined with some tough enemies.
    2. You’re taking on Fuka (Lvl. 14) now, thought she’s all the way in the back. To avoid being randomly warped around the map with your enemies, stand on the mushrooms surrounding the main landing.
    3. Start with the two Ghouls (Lvl. 11) flanking your base. Keep your characters off the blue Geo panels. There’s a lot of randomness to the warp effect, so play it safe and just throw some of your characters to the mushrooms on the left side of the map. Fight off one or two of the four Matango (Lvl. 12) making up Fuka’s front line.
    4. On the top left edge of the map, you’ll find a Geo Block that will nullify the warp effect. Throw it down to get rid of this annoying effect.
    5. Now that warp is gone, you can fight your way through her ranks traditionally. If you do manage to get behind Fuka, you can use the Red Geo Block to change the panels’ effect to weaken enemies by 50%, which makes this battle trivial. That’s a tricky prospect, though.
    6. Taking the traditional route with warp nullified, just fight through the Matango (Lvl. 12) group, followed by the four Heavy Knights (Lvl. 13). If you take on these groups one at a time, you should be able to handle them without a problem.
    7. Bring down your full strength on each group separately, then finish of Fuka to complete the mission.

    2-6: Altar of Waste

    1. This one looks tricky, but it’s actually pretty easy. You’ll be facing a Red Blob (Lvl. 15) and seven Green Slimes (Lvl. 13-15) scattered around the field.
    2. The Geo Blocks have some nasty effects, the blue and yellow Geo Blocks have an HP/SP Switch, which probably won’t work in your favor, and the red and green Geo Blocks have the clone effect. Clone will make copies of your enemies, so you don’t want that as a Geo effect.
    3. Starting off, look to the small green island with a single Slime and covered in green Geo panels. Deploy three characters and stack them up, throwing one character over to the island. Attack the red Geo Block to start a chain reaction combo as the Geo panels change. That will nullify the effect of all the Geo panels and dish out plenty of damage to your enemies.
    4. With the Blob and Slimes severely weakened, deploy your party and finish them off.

    Episode 3:

    3-1: The Murder Labyrinth

    1. There’s a lot of enemies, but you’ve got a big advantage with the Geo panels.
    2. We’ll get to that later, for now just be aware of the enemies you’re about to face, and what level they’ll be – four Thieves (Lvl. 14), five Mothmen (Lvl. 15), and three Orc Captains (Lvl. 14) are the closest opponents and the first you’ll need to deal with.
    3. The furthest enemies are the three Gargoyles (Lvl. 15) and two Beast Tamers (Lvl. 16).
    4. You’re surrounded at the start, but these enemies only have a few points of access to your base. The only enemies with significant ranged attacks are the Thieves, so just block off those approaches with your high DEF and HP characters.
    5. This is where the Geo panels come in; at the start of the battle, you’ll be on a large square of Geo panels that provide a +50% bonus to damage. Stay right on these panels and just keep dealing damage to your enemies as they come to you.
    6. The battle plays out defensively. Use your toughest characters to shield your support and ranged. Pick off your enemies one at a time, it won’t be too difficult with your significant damage boost.
    7. The only enemies that won’t run towards you are the Beast Tamers. Clear out the rest of the enemies before moving all your party in for the kill.
    8. Ranged attackers like Thieves and Skulls are great for this mission, and can easily level up here if you want to go back and give it another try.

    3-2: Searing Euthanasia

    1. Starting this map, you’re totally surrounded by enemies in four directions. The only benefit you have here is that the Geo panels offer some nice rewards – extra treasure, an XP boost, bonus Mana, that sort of thing. The treasure Geo Block and panels make this map a good contender to return to if you want to extra equipment.
    2. Surrounding your base, you’ll have to deal with four groups of three; with a Gunner (Lvl. 18) surrounded by two Messengers (Lvl. 17). The rest of the enemies are two more Messengers (Lvl. 17), four Boggarts (Lvl. 17), two Gargoyles (Lvl. 18), and a Beast Tamer (Lvl. 18).
    3. You’ll want to start with the Gunner first, he’s the most dangerous ranged threat and he’s most likely to shoot your support in the back while trying to deal with enemies in other directions.
    4. When you pick a direction, go for it completely, don’t leave anyone behind. Commit to a direction, and send everyone forward. Leaving your support near the base will only draw in enemies from the other three directions.
    5. It’s okay if a few do follow you, deal with them and keep your party tightly knit. When the Gunner and his crew are down, return to the base and move in another direction. Pick off each of the four groups one at a time, and you should be okay.

    3-3: Chains of Judgment

    1. This map is a series of catwalks covered with Geo panels that do 20% damage while standing in place. It’s an ugly situation, so you’ll have to take this one slow.
    2. First off, check out what you’ll be facing; three Mothmen (Lvl. 18), three Orc Captains (Lvl. 18), four Gargoyles (Lvl. 19) and two Beast Tamers (Lvl. 20).
    3. Send your heavy-hitters forward with the support of ranged attackers and healers to keep them healthy. Drop your characters onto the safe spots and play it slow.
    4. Standing on the safe spots, enemies won’t worry about their own safety, and will usually charge your party anyway, leading them to stand on the damaging green Geo Panels.
    5. If you’re quick, rush to the green Geo Block and the blue Geo Block and throw them onto the green Geo panels. Wait for enemies to stand on the panels, and destroy one of the blocks – that’ll set off a chain reaction.
    6. That’ll do some serious damage to any enemies standing on the Geo panels. Now it’s just your job to mop up the rest of the enemies.

    3-4: Vengeful Road

    1. The road itself splits in two directions from your central base, meaning you’ll have to deal with enemies on both sides. While it looks like there are lots of enemies, six of them will Magichange the first chance they get.
    2. At the beginning of the battle, you’ll have to fight three Thieves (Lvl. 21) and three Red Skulls (Lvl. 21), both groups will Magichange the nearby Mothmen and Boggarts respectively to power-up.
    3. The remaining enemies are two Lady Fighters (Lvl. 19) and four Gargoyles (Lvl. 19), and these are the first enemies you’ll encounter out the gate.
    4. Your biggest advantage is your control over three Geo Blocks. Try moving the blocks around to put a disadvantage on your enemies will benefiting your allies. Move the blue Geo Block to the panel you’re moving into for an ally boost of 50%, and move the green Geo Block over panels where your enemies are waiting to lower their ATK by 50%.
    5. Pick a direction and send your party after the enemies on each side. If you stick around the base too long, both sides will bear down on you, but if you play defensively, you should be able to handle enemies on both sides.
    6. The most dangerous enemies are the Skulls and Thieves with their Magichanged weaponry. Target them first and try to weaken them with clever use of the Geo Blocks.
    7. Throw a dangerous melee fighter with high HP and DEF over to face either group of human enemies to really cause chaos in their ranks, luckily both Skulls and Thieves are fairly easy to destroy, just look out for their powerful attacks.

    3-5: Dark Execution

    1. This is a nasty map, covered almost exclusively by gun-wielding thieves on special Geo panels that really give them an edge, with an Attack +1 and Recovery 20% bonus. That means they get two attacks every turn, and will regain health.
    2. You’ll be fighting; eight Thieves (Lvl. 22), three Archers (Lvl. 22), and a Hunter (Lvl. 23) that will immediately Magichange the nearby Corpse (Lvl. 22). The enemies here will shoot at your from every angle, so be careful.
    3. Remember that the Thieves are armed with guns, they can only fire in four directions. The three Archers can fire in any direction, but they have a shorter range. Focus on the Thieves first.
    4. As you approach the Thieves, stop in diagonal lines to escape their gun attacks. Send in fast characters to rush in and throw them off their red Geo panel perches. When they’re thrown off, they make much easier prey for your melee fighters.
    5. Take care of all the Thieves before closing in on the Archers and Hunter. Stay away from the Hunter as you take out the Archers.
    6. Save the Hunter for last. With double attacks, and the Magichanged Corpse, she can dish out serious damage to your party. Stay out of her range until you’re ready to attack.
    7. When you’re prepared, send in powerful melee fighters and more to help support their attack. Destroy the barrels she’s standing on, then throw the Hunter off the red Geo panel. Now that she’s off the panel, she won’t be such a big issue.
    8. Swarm the Hunter with your entire party, and clean up the map to complete the mission.

    3-6: Forbidden Cell

    1. Before reaching this mission, you’ll need to complete an Item World challenge. If you enter the Common Sword Item World, you shouldn’t have any problem winning. Every map in Item World is randomly generated, so always be wary before entering Item World.
    2. This mission is an all-out melee battle, due to the inconveniently placed Geo panels around the main fighting area. The red Geo panels give the No-Ranged effect, meaning nothing can attack at range. Magicians and Healers can still use magic, but only in melee range.
    3. If you deploy, stick near the back-end of the map furthest away from the gang of enemies defending the boss. There are plenty of enemies to fight before reaching the boss, so focus on knocking out the enemies first.
    4. For this battle, you’ll face off against; two Gargoyles (Lvl. 21), three Mothmen (Lvl. 21), three Corpses (Lvl. 22), and four Guardians (Lvl. 23).
    5. Leave behind a single character and hide behind the base to draw the enemies forward. When they’re drawn forward, deploy the rest of your fighters to attack the nearby enemies. Bring your Healer forward to keep your melee fighters’ health up, and make sure to throw her backwards to keep the Healer out of danger.
    6. Take your time destroying the enemies, clearing them out one at a time until it’s just your party and the boss.
    7. At the back of the map, Desco (Lvl. 24) is waiting behind an impenetrable wall of Geo panels. The blue Geo panels don’t allow entry, but the panels will lose their power after nine turns. When the nine turns are up, you’ll be able to fight.
    8. It’ll probably take you that long to get rid of the rest of the enemies and approach Desco’s position anyway. When you’re ready to fight, play it safe. Send one or two characters ahead of your main party, to either draw Desco forward, or get close enough to throw her towards the rest of your team.
    9. When you’ve got Desco surrounded and overwhelmed, be quick about defeating her. If you use your team attacks, special attacks, and combos wisely you can defeat her in a turn or two.

    Trophy Unlocked: New Party Established – Complete Episode 3.

    Episode 4:

    4-1: Ultra Security

    1. This map is partially blocked off by blue Geo panels with the No-Entry effect, meaning you can’t cross, or even throw anyone or anything through. Ranged attacks still work, so line your ranged attackers on the line if you’re being harassed by the enemy.
    2. Starting off, you’ll be facing six Office Workers (Lvl. 21/22) and six Cu Sith (Lvl. 21). The Officer Workers are a brand of ninja, a type of enemy you haven’t faced yet. They’re all unarmed, so they won’t pose much of a threat.
    3. The Cu Sith have ranged special attacks you’ll have to watch out for while weaving through the blue Geo panels.
    4. Starting at the base, move right and fight the cluster of ninjas and wolves. You might be harassed by the wolves above you, but just take care of any wolf willing to get close to your party with Gunners, Skulls, or Thieves.
    5. Reaching the right side, move up to the blue Geo panel line, across it in the top right side of the map is where the breakable Blue Geo Block is. Smash it with a ranged attack to stop the effect. This will usually lead to every enemy on the map charging directly towards your party, so keep them close together.
    6. Once the blue Geo panels are switched off, it’s just a matter of cleaning up the last enemies on the map.

    4-2: Rotten Core

    1. You start surrounded and in tight quarters. It isn’t as bad as it seems.
    2. For this map, you’ll be fighting twelve Officer Workers (Lvl. 23/24), none of which are especially powerful. This one is just a slugfest.
    3. Deploy your melee fights to attack both your flanks, but stick close to the base. Let the remaining ninjas come to you, giving you time to heal and defend yourself
    4. The Office Workers are only dangerous if you let them swarm you, so make sure to cut down their numbers on the first turn. Use combo attacks, team attacks, and special attacks well.

    4-3: Total Fabrication

    1. Now the battles are getting tricky with the Geo Blocks. In this arena, you’ll be facing five Office Workers (Lvl. 25/26) standing on towers of Geo Blocks that grant them a magical range bonus, a 50% damage bonus, and invincibility. It’s nasty, so you’ll have to take them on one at a time.
    2. That won’t be so difficult, the ninjas won’t move from their towers, so you’ll have to throw them off. But first, fight off the two Alraune (Lvl. 25/26) near your base – there are eight total Afraune on the map.
    3. Pick up the two nearby Geo Blocks and throw them at ninja towards to your left and right. That will lower the tower enough to allow one of your party to throw the ninja off.
    4. Each tower is topped with a different colored Geo block. Use the left-over Geo Block from each tower to break down the next tower in sequence.
    5. Draw away the Alraunes and destroy them before moving in for the kill on the Office Workers, always. The Office Workers are armed with staffs and Mega Fire, so stay out of range until you’re ready to throw the Office Worker off their towers.
    6. Destroy each of the five towers, one by one. It’s slow going, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    4-4: Conspiracy

    1. Another indoor map, but this one is blocked off by several walls of Geo Blocks. You’ll have to deal with Office Workers (Lvl. 26/27) and Cu Sith (Lvl. 26/27) while working your way through the barriers.
    2. Take out the first two Officer Workers, and use the blue Geo Block to knock down the Geo Block wall. If you stand near the walls, the Cu Sith will attempt to use ranged attacks, which pass through the walls. That’s useful for your ranged characters, too.
    3. Press right, defeating enemies until you reach the right end of the hall. Defeat the two ninjas and wolves there, then grab both the red and yellow Geo Blocks, using them to break the last two barriers to your right.
    4. If you’re fast enough, there are two Green Treasure Chests in the left corner of the hallway. They disappear after five turns, so you’ll have to move fast to get them.

    4-5: Evil Propaganda

    1. Time for a nastier fight. Back on one of the tower’s landings, you’ll be surrounded right away by tougher Office Workers (Lvl. 28/29), there are a total of fourteen, so you’re already outnumbered.
    2. Lucky for you, this is a big map. The first group of four Office Workers is first priority as you deploy. These guys aren’t wimps anymore, some of the ninjas come with powerful magical attacks like Mega Ice.
    3. Use tough melee fighters to fight the first wave. By the enemy’s turn, more of the ninjas will jump down from their positions surrounding the tower.
    4. The tower platform will be covered in panels forcing a No Lifting effect. It’ll slow you down, so take your time and smash the Office Workers as they come to you.
    5. Find the green Geo Block, you should be able to hit it with a ranged attack and negate the No Lifting effect on your panels, making it easier to reach the Office Workers on the cliffs.
    6. The most dangerous enemies are the four Office Workers in the back, each of whom have used Magichange on their respective monsters to power-up. Don’t take these guys lightly, and don’t try to attack from the center where all four will come after you.
    7. Pick the left or right side and take the Magichanged ninjas out, if you move along either the left or right cliff, you’ll only have to deal with two instead of four.
    8. Before finishing the map, check in the bottom corner cliff – there are four treasure chests for some easy loot. If you’re not in a rush, go ahead and throw someone down to the cliff and grab that treasure.

    4-6: Fall of the Zenith

    1. This battle will test your party fairly well, as you’ll be stuck in the middle of a block of red Geo panels with the Warp effect, while most of your enemies are on the central tower with a nice +50% ATK bonus.
    2. Iris (Lvl. 31) is the biggest problem here, and she can hit you with ranged attacks as you deploy. The other enemies that will harass you throughout the battle are six Office Workers (Lvl. 29/30) armed mostly with guns, three Skeletal Dragons (Lvl. 29) which are just nasty, and two Alraunes (Lvl. 28) with two Cu Siths (Lvl. 28).
    3. Another nasty part of this fight, the Cu Siths and Alraunes will fuse to really become a dangerous threat.
    4. There are two methods to help alleviate your problems with Iris and the Geo panels. First, you can focus on getting rid of Iris quickly by throwing a melee fighter up to the central tower, then having that fighter throw Iris down near your base. Then you can deploy and hit her with your fresh troops before she can really become a thorn in your side.
    5. If you aren’t comfortable doing that, you can also play defensively by moving your characters off the Geo Panels and waiting on the skeletal bridges between platforms. Wait and draw your enemies in, fighting off the first wave before moving up to the central platform to fight Iris, the Dragons, and the Office Workers.
    6. To get rid of the enemy’s bonus, and the warp effect, send your party to the second platforms on the left and right. Drop the red Geo block onto the blue Geo panels and break it, changing every Geo panel red, and then yellow. Now everyone has an ATK +50% effect, but you don’t want that! Throw the blue Geo block onto any Geo panel and break it to get a nice evade status.
    7. With the effects no longer a huge problem, you can get to the job of defeating the last opponents that stand in your way. The Skeletal Dragons are the most dangerous enemies here. Move in close and keep your party together to hit your enemies with multiple attacks each turn.
    8. For a last bit of advice, try to attack the ninjas from behind or the sides to improve your chances of hitting them. Also, use your ranged character classes for their improved To-Hit stats.

    Episode 5: Angel of Avarice

    5-1: Scream Park

    1. Spend some time leveling up in your previous missions before tackling this episode. The easiest way to level up at this point in the game is to convene the Senate and request to increase the level of your opponents. Do this one, two, or three times and then return to a previous mission.
    2. In previous missions, enemies will be higher level, but their equipment will not improve. Levels alone won’t stop you, and with your superior equipment, you can wipe the floor with your enemies. Try fighting in Episode 4, in any of the indoor maps where you’re against unarmed Office Workers. They make leveling up easy.
    3. When you feel ready, pick up the newest equipment and bolster your fighting force with any new classes or upgraded ranks. Don’t forget to lower the level of your opponents back down to a normal level!
    4. At the entrance to the park, you’ll be facing down lots of enemies; four Warcats (Lvl. 30) split into two groups flanking your base, six Nekomata (Lvl. 31) serving as the bulk of the enemies, with a Corpse (Lvl. 32), Head Orc (Lvl. 32) and a Vizard Hero (Lvl. 32).
    5. At the outset of the battle, you’ll have to deal with the cascade of status effects. The important effects are the +50% damage bonus, and the 20% damage-dealing Geo panel for any ally unlucky enough to stand on them.
    6. Obviously, you’ll want to avoid the 20% damage panels, the problem is that the panels will change color every turn randomly as the Geo Blocks move around. Keep everyone’s health high, above 20% at least, to avoid an embarrassing end.
    7. Start the first turn by going after the Warcats to your left and right. Don’t get close to the Nekomata yet, just defeat the Warcats and the main bulk of the enemy will leave you alone as you work.
    8. Defeat the flanking enemies, and you’ll be free to push towards the Nekomata. Send your melee fighters first, and try to position your ranged people onto the bonus damage panels to really hit the enemy hard. Draw the Nekomata away from the main horde and pick them off one by one.
    9. Clean up the rest, if you’re properly leveled, you won’t have any problems on this stage.

    5-2: Lost Dignity

    1. Entering this mission, take a quick overview of your odds. Most of the map is covered by a +50% Enemy boost. That’s nasty no matter how you cut it.
    2. Start the battle by sending someone to one of the four yellow Geo panels and wait until you’re warped over towards the neutral Geo block. Smash it to get rid of the enemy boost, and you’ll be good to go.
    3. Of course, for any players that can’t handle a wait, go ahead and swarm the first group of enemies, the four Nekomata (Lvl. 32) just outside your base.
    4. If you don’t overreach and stick near the base, you won’t have to deal with the other three groups of enemies yet. They’re compromised of; four Cockatrice (Lvl. 32), four Nemophila (Lvl. 32), and four Hell Hounds (Lvl. 32).
    5. Don’t get near them and fight defensively – you’ll be able to fight each of the four groups separately. Once their boost is neutralized, it’s simple to destroy them all one-by-one.
    6. If you return to this map after completing it once, you’ll find that there are four Geo Blocks that will give you a +200 % experience bonus. Nifty, right?

    5-3: Wounded Pride

    1. This is a protection mission, the Angel Vulcanus is surrounded by demons, and you’re all that’s between her and death.
    2. On each of the pedestals, you’ll have to deal with multiple colored Geo panels with the Reverse Damage effect. Anything standing on the pedestal will lose HP when healed, and gain HP when attacked. That’s a problem we’ll deal with later.
    3. For now, take a good overview of the battlefield and figure out if you’re ready for this; nine Warcats (Lvl. 32) protect the casters on their pedestals, while Blue, Red, Green Mages (Lvl. 33) and Blue, Red, Green Skulls (Lvl. 33) stand on the pedestals. You’ll also have to deal with three Cockatrices (Lvl. 32/37).
    4. Don’t hold back, you’ve got to get into the fight to pull enemies off Vulcanus and keep her healed. It won’t be easy, so start with pummeling the three Warcats in your way. Don’t try to attack the Mages or Skulls until you can throw them off their pedestals.
    5. The easiest way to defeat any of the enemies on their pedestals is to move in close and throw them off. If you want to hurry, throw one of your own over the wall of Warcats and throw the Mages or Skulls towards your party, making them easy prey.
    6. When you’ve dislodged enough of the ranged casters, stick your own casters onto the pedestals to keep them safe as you draw in the rest of the enemies on the field to your position.
    7. Using the pedestals as a point of defense, you’ll be able to fight a prolonged battle safely, the enemies aren’t clever enough to heal your characters.
    8. Your focus should be on Vulcanus, keep her healed up and ready to fight, so you’ll need a healer or a runner to deliver healing items at the front of your party.
    9. With Vulcanus healed, and your support on the Reverse Damage Geo Blocks, just remember to remove the rest of the magic-users from their pedestals, and you’ll be fine.

    5-4: Ruin Coaster

    1. On the roller coaster, you’ll have some stiff competition to deal with right off the bat. Six Body Guards (Lvl. 33) are flanking your base, with seven more of the Body Guards ahead. You also have an Empusa (Lvl. 34) which is a fancy name for a succubus, and a Green Mage with a Blue Mage (Lvl. 34).
    2. On your first turn, it’s important to deal with the six Body Guards surrounding your starting position. The rest of the enemies on the roller coaster will not step off their Geo panel, so you won’t have to deal with them until you’re ready.
    3. When dealing with tough damage-soak opponents like Body Guards, send out your melee heavy-hitters first. While fighting this close to your base, don’t forget to deposit badly wounded characters in the base where they’ll be safe. Keep your people healed, and take out those six enemies.
    4. With the first wave of Bodyguards defeated, take some time to heal and prepare your party. Push past the first Body Guards on the roller coaster ahead, and go for the two Mages and Succubus.
    5. You can either throw your melee fighters ahead, or just step around the Body Guards, they won’t move from their Geo panels.
    6. The Mages and Succubus are the most dangerous enemies in this battle, but they’re also the easiest defeat. Don’t get bogged down fighting the Body Guards, and you should be able to defeat these three fast.
    7. Watch out, as you move up the roller coaster, you might draw in the last three Body Guards; this trio will chase you down.
    8. With the enemies’ main damage-dealers defeating, you’ll just have to fight the Body Guards. They won’t offer up a huge challenge if you keep them off your support characters.

    5-5: Frantic Wheel

    1. Take a quick look around the field before making your first move. Four Messengers (Lvl. 34) and four Hunters (Lvl. 35) surrounding the central Ferris Wheel. Two more Shamans (Lvl. 35) are hiding in the back to hit your party with status effects.
    2. The real problem in this battle are the two Baciels (Lvl. 22), protected by No Entry Geo panels, they’re also protected by multiple status effects; Enemy Level Up 10%, Mighty Enemy, and Enemy Turbo x3. Basically these two Gun Demons are invulnerable, and will gain levels every turn.
    3. Rush forward, this is no time to play carefully. Quickly break or lift the No Entry Geo block at the back of the map, throw someone that can absorb a few blows without dying.
    4. With the Baciels now reachable, rush forward and throw both of them off their Geo panels. Don’t bother breaking the two Geo Blocks on pedestals, it’s just a waste of two turns.
    5. While you’re weakening the Baciels, keep the rest of your team occupied fighting the surrounding Hunters and Messengers. Once the Baciels are exposed and thrown towards your main party, they should become first priority.
    6. Destroy the Baciels, and you’ll be okay. The Shamans aren’t much of a threat, so save them for last to complete this battle.

    5-6: Murder-Go-Round

    1. It’s just you and Vulcanus (Lvl. 39) with her cadre of Prinnies (Lvl. 36), 17 of them to be exact. The Prinnies aren’t your biggest problem, even when most of them Fuse to double in size and level.
    2. Vulcanus is a tough nut to crack, and easily the most powerful boss character you’ve faced yet. Play it defensively, don’t send your best people after her like you normally would. Vulcanus can open up with a powerful double attack that’s likely to kill even your toughest main characters in a single hit.
    3. Instead, sit back and fight the Prinnies, let them come to you. Eventually Vulcanus will engage your party if you get too close, so watch out. Because, when Vulcanus does get close, you’ll want to focus all your power on her.
    4. Keep your party scattered to avoid Vulcanus’ powerful area attacks that can hit multiple people in your party. Hang your most powerful fighters and support back, and away from the front line so they aren’t the first hit by Vulcanus’ charge.
    5. Hit Vulcanus with your entire party, use combo attacks, team attacks, and special attacks. Just keep piling on the damage. Keep your party healed, and if your best characters start taking damage, retreat to your base.
    6. There’s no easy way to win this fight, you just need a well-rounded party that can hit for plenty of damage. To delay Vulcanus, try lifting her and holding her up before completing your turn. Use a weak or expendable character to do so, they’ll probably die next turn, but Vulcanus will lose a turn, giving you more time to really knock down her massive health bar.

    Episode 6:


    1. The enemies here start out quite tough; two Snipers (Lvl. 40), a Beast Leader (Lvl. 40), and three bunches of monsters accompany the humanoid enemies. The monsters; two Messengers, two Warcats, and Two Guardians, all Magichange to power up the humanoid enemies and make them forces to reckon with.
    2. Luckily, your enemies are pretty far off, and won’t bother you just yet. Start the mission by destroying the No Entry Geo block just to the left of your base with a ranged character. This will make your future movement forward much easier for the party.
    3. Next, grab the Enemy Weak -50% Geo block and throw it into the purple Geo panels to null their modifier.
    4. The humanoid enemies will rush down to confront your party after they Magichange. It’s three against ten, so the numbers are on your side this time. Swarm them one-by-one as they approach your party, and pick them off to easily clear this map.
    5. There is another hazard to watch out for. The gravestones, if broken, will spawn a Zombie enemy. If you don’t want the extra enemies breathing down your neck, avoid breaking the graves.

    6-2: Oblivion Hill

    1. The map here is separated into four areas walled off by No Entry Geo Blocks. The first area is your base, tucked away in the corner.
    2. Grab the blue Geo Block and throw it against the first wall of blue blocks. Behind it are two Blue Skulls (Lvl. 41). The eight masked heroes, named Vizard Heroes (Lvl. 41) will menace you from the central platform, so try to clear some of them out with ranged attacks while your melee hitters crush the two Blue Skulls.
    3. Behind the Blue Skulls, you’ll find a green Geo Block. Throw it down and over to the green wall, but don’t break it down yet. The green Geo Block has a Reverse Damage effect, and because enemies don’t heal you, whatever character you place on the block with be invincible.
    4. Place the green Geo Block near the four Snipers (Lvl. 41), place a ranged attacker on the green Geo Block, and you’re totally safe. Just blast away at the Snipers.
    5. When you’re ready, break down the Geo wall and engage the three Shamans (Lvl. 40). Shamans just are not powerful, the Vizard Heroes are a bigger problem, and Axel (Lvl. 43) works as a mid-boss.
    6. Hit the Vizard Heroes from behind your walls before running up and clearing away the rest. With Axel, don’t mess around, throw him to your party and just hit him with everything you have.

    6-3: Ghoul Standard

    1. This is a simple map, but it is covered with lots of enemies; three Axels (Lvl. 44), four Green Dragons (Lvl. 43), two Messengers (Lvl. 42), and two Specter (Lvl. 42).
    2. The entire battlefield is covered in ATK +50%, and ATK -50%. To deal some easy damage, try throwing the blue Geo Block onto the red Geo panels, then break it.
    3. The ensuing chain reaction will badly damage some of the enemies. If you don’t want to expend your two ATK +50% bonus effects, try popping the blue Geo block on the blue Geo panels. It matters whether you want to share a double ATK +50%, or leave your enemies with a ATK -50% effect.
    4. Otherwise, this map is just a slugfest. Deploy your toughest fighters and keep your party tight as enemies move in from all sides. Defeat the Specter and Messenger closest to your base early, then stand and defend your base.
    5. The Dragons are your biggest threat. The three Axels are armed with various weapons, but they’ll go down if you take care of them one at a time.
    6. Play this one by the book. Deploy your fighters, rush forward with your speedsters like Fenrich, keep your Healers, Witches and Skulls in the back to support your team with healing and area effect attacks against your enemies. Use thieves, archers, and gunners to blast enemies from afar, stack up your attacks and execute to put down your opponents.

    6-4: Abysmal Mirage

    1. Time for something a little different. The map is one long path, with only six Axels (Lvl. 40). That sounds easy, and unless you’re under-leveled, it will be. What’s tricky is the yellow Geo Block with a Clone effect.
    2. The clone effect will copy any enemy on the Geo panels. Every turn, another Axel will appear randomly on the field. Start by destroying the two Axels near your base and start moving up and around.
    3. A new Axel can appear anywhere, so leave behind a few light melee or ranged characters near your base to wipe out any Axels that might appear. Send most of your force up and around, defeating Axels as you go.
    4. The trouble here is just destroying Axels faster than they can appear. The safest, and longest, solution is to just march your entire party up to the large cross at the top of the map and break the yellow Geo Block to stop the effect.
    5. That does take time, and the gravestones will slow down your match. Leave characters behind in the first part of the battlefield, and around the center while your main party clears out the top. Bring Red Skulls or Red Witches to hit Axel with fire attacks – they’re his weakness.
    6. If you’re going for a tight party strategy, don’t bother chasing down the new Axels that appear. Break the clone Geo Block first, then chase down the remaining Axels and you’ve got this one in the bag.

    6-5: The Defiled

    1. Here’s something new – enemy bases. Each base has a set amount of reinforcements inside that will pour out with every turn. If you’re tough enough, you can complete a mission quickly by defeating every enemy on the field before more appear. That isn’t very likely your first time through, so try to play defensively instead.
    2. Deploy from your base and just wait. The five Axels (Lvl. 46) aren’t anything special, but they’re not complete push-overs either. At this point in the game though, the Axel Reinforcements (Lvl. 40) should be pretty easy to deal with.
    3. Stick near your base and keep your weak healers and magic-users protected with a wall of melee fighters. Destroy the Axels as they leave their bases, and don’t overextend yourself. Because of the positioning of the two enemy bases on the bridge, you risk becoming surrounded.
    4. The Axels won’t offer much in terms of a dangerous fight, but they will whittle down your party’s health with raw numbers. Stand your ground and keep destroying the Axels for six or seven turns.
    5. The original five Axels will eventually go after your party, and they can dish out moderate damage. Make the high-level Axels priority, but don’t rush forward and get yourself cut off by the Axel reinforcements.
    6. Missions like these, healers are very important with their area-of-effect healing skills. Healing items are just too slow, and you’ll need your party fighting, not healing.
    7. Slug it out with the Axels, eventually they’ll stop coming, and you’ll be able to mop up the rest without a problem.

    6-6: Fracturing Bouquet

    1. More Axels, more problems. Really, this is a simple map. The field starts on four tiers, with four Axels (Lvl. 40-43) each waiting on a tower, two of which have Clone effects.
    2. The towers have no other bonuses that’ll help the Axels. They aren’t as high level as the previous Axels, and they don’t outnumber your party. The two Clone effect blocks will spawn extra Axels every turn, but it’s only two a turn until the Clone blocks are destroyed.
    3. There are three methods of climbing the tiers. Use the stacked crates, which is the slowest method, use the Jumping Power +50% Geo Blocks, or just stack up your party into a tower and throw the tower up.
    4. Break each Axel’s tower, throw him off, and just crush him. Deal with the Axel clones as they trickle out every turn, and you’ll be in the clear.

    6-7: Infringement

    1. The final battle is surprisingly simple. There are no Geo panels or blocks, but there are lots of low-level Axels (Lvl. 5) defending the original Axel (Lvl. 53).
    2. The low-level Axels only serve to block your path, they won’t even be able to damage your party with their attacks.
    3. Like all tough boss level enemies, you’ll want to send a character up towards Axel and throw him back towards your deployed party.
    4. This Axel is especially tough, with high damage and high health. The low-level Axels won’t attack until you attack Axel. They’ll swarm around your team and make it difficult to move, so try to get everyone in position to attack boss-Axel before the end of your turn.
    5. Boss-Axel won’t die in one turn, unless you’ve been grinding or using the Item World. Use your party and let loose, it may take two or three turns to bring down Axel, but he doesn’t use attacks powerful enemy to kill multiple party members in a single turn.
    6. Use your numbers to build your combo and do extra damage. Axel, like always, is a big joke. When he’s defeated, prepare for a much more difficult episode coming up next.

    Episode 7:

    7-1: Rebel Invasion

    1. This is the biggest fight yet. The enemies will also gain on your party in levels, so you may need to take a quick break to grind some levels before taking on these Corrupternment soldiers.
    2. The battlefield is covered in small enclaves of enemies waiting on Enemy Boost +50% Geo panels, with another Geo Block with the Super Expansion effect, which causes all the Geo panels on the field to slowly expand. You don’t want an entire battlefield covered in Enemy Boost, so your first priority is shutting down those Geo Panels.
    3. First, an overview of the enemies you’re about to face. At the front line are four Bouncers (Lvl. 51), behind them are two Rogues (Lvl. 51) followed by two Snipers (Lvl. 51). Flanking the field are four Empusa (Lvl. 51) and four Pao Mao (Lvl. 51), with the last two enemies protecting the Geo Blocks as Chernobogs (Lvl. 51).
    4. Empusa are cat demons, while the Pao Mao are succubi. The cat demons are powerful melee fighters, while the succubi have status effects and magic on their side. The Chernobogs are deadly Grim Reapers, and the most dangerous enemies on the map. Sadly you won’t have time to save them for later.
    5. The goal at the beginning of this stage is reaching the Geo Blocks in the far back. Make a stack of three or four and throw a character to the Null Geo Block. Break it and every effect on the map will shut down, while hurting the enemies on the red Geo panels.
    6. There is one problem, you’ll probably sacrifice whoever you throw. Make sure they can break the Geo block in one hit, because they’re likely to be swarmed during the enemy’s turn.
    7. Now it’s time to play defensively. Retreat with your thrown characters and get back to base to fight off your opponents as they rush the main part of your forces. With your main problem out of the way, you can play the rest of the battle slowly.
    8. Stay near the base and draw your opponents in, picking them apart one at a time. This fight is dependent on level, and if you’re not high enough level, you’ll get creamed.

    7-2: Shard of Regret

    1. The leaders here are nothing to scoff at. Each comes with a small force to protect them, and they’re no slouches in combat, so don’t take your three main enemies lightly. The Special Onmyo (Lvl. 57), the Special Fighter (Lvl. 56) and the Special Heavy Knight (Lvl. 56) are protected by a force of Bouncers (Lvl. 55).
    2. Each of the Special classes is also protected by weaker versions of their own class, four Warriors (Lvl. 54), four Iron Knights (Lvl. 54), and four Onmyo Trainers (Lvl. 54).
    3. Starting on the red Geo panels, you’ll have access to several Geo Blocks to really boost your party’s combat prowess. Use the Geo Blocks to give yourself a bonus, but make sure you have a speedy or reserve character to move the Geo Blocks before your enemy’s turn.
    4. The Recovery 20% Geo Block is an easy one to use, most of your enemies will die in a single turn if you swarm them properly, so your party will get most of the benefit.
    5. Other Geo Blocks like Attack +1 and ATK +50% are very useful, but deadly if you leave them left on your enemy’s Geo panels. Plan ahead and move these to neutral panels or just to a different color of Geo panel.
    6. Because the Geo Blocks take some time to move, you might want to save using the Attack +1 and ATK +50% Geo Blocks for later in the battle while your characters are already in combat.
    7. To the actual combat, your party will face off against four Iron Knights and Warriors first. Hang back and let these first enemies come to you, you can always handle the leaders later. Trying to fight the leaders and their helpers won’t do you any favors.
    8. As long as you don’t rush ahead you won’t draw the leaders to your party. Try to handle each of the leaders alone, they’re not especially powerful, they just absorb a lot of damage. Alone, they won’t be much of a threat to your party.
    9. Take on each of the Brutes, alone, until all three are defeated and you can continue your march towards the Presidency.

    7-3: Busted Mythology

    1. Multiple islands on a sea of blue Geo panels, this fight looks daunting at first, but it’s really not so tough.
    2. Most of the map is covered in blue Geo panels, with the Lonely effect. That means only one character can stand on the blue section at a time. That sounds bad, but that’s what the green Geo panel islands are for.
    3. Each green Geo panel island houses a single Chernobog (Lvl. 56), with eight in total. They’re fairly spread out, and the green Geo panels provide a myriad of special effects for them; increased defense, enemy boost, increased magic range, recovery, and increased Wind Element power. That makes these Grim Reapers dangerous at range.
    4. Just push forward. Destroy the first two Chernobogs in your first turn to give yourself some standing room. You’ll need to do a lot of lifting and throwing to traverse the map, so don’t spread out your heavy-hitters too much and leave your support far behind.
    5. Once the first two are down, just throw your party up to the second level instead of trying to walk people up those stairs. Once you’re in melee range of the Chernobogs, they don’t stand a chance. A few hits should take care of each one of these enemies.

    7-4: Dark History

    1. This is a high level battle, and just like 7-2, you’ve got some mid-boss characters hanging around to give your party a bad day.
    2. In your corner, hidden behind green Geo panels with a No Entry effect, is the first of the four Devas. The Special Shaman (Lvl. 59), the other four are at each corner of the field; Special Skull (Lvl. 59), Special Genin (Lvl. 59) and Special Succubus (Lvl. 59). Protecting each of the corners are a dizzying 16 Body Guards (Lvl. 57) and eight Chernobogs (Lvl. 56/57).
    3. Take a quick headcount. Yep, you’re very outnumbered, so use the Geo panels to your advantage. At the start of the fight, the surrounding Body Guards can’t touch you from behind the impenetrable wall of green No Entry Geo panels.
    4. With a strong ranged force, attack the Body Guards before breaking the green Geo Block. That No Entry effect is the only thing stopping the swarms of Body Guards.
    5. Huddling up in the center of the battlefield with your base might seem safe, but you’ll also be surrounded by the Chernobogs with their powerful ranged magic attacks. If you can’t reach them, you’ll have problems, especially if you get their attention.
    6. When you feel ready, after defeating the Body Guards and Chernobogs, or at least as many as you can, destroy the green Geo Block. Go straight for the Special Shaman, the first of the four Devas, and throw her back towards your main party.
    7. Close in on each of the Devas, starting with a speedsters and throw them back towards your party to get in as many hits as possible. Don’t split your team, pick one of the staircases and send everyone up.
    8. The rest of the Body Guards and Chernobogs are likely to go after your team. Be prepared for a second wave of tough melee fights, but if you fight from just one direction, you won’t be swarmed by eight Body Guards at once, you’ll only have four to deal with.
    9. The Body Guards are just damage-soaks, the Chernobogs are the real danger. Skip by the Body Guards and attack the reapers if you can.
    10. Sadly, the Enemy Boost is too hard to reach at the beginning of the fight, you’ll just have to deal with the extra damage. Keep your healers safe and ready, this is going to be a long brawl.

    7-5: Post-Purge Purge

    1. Another tough-looking map that isn’t so bad – this time facing a group of seven. The six special characters, The Seven Yakshas (Lvl. 60) are Masked Heroes armed for ranged combat and positioned on towers of explosives.
    2. There are also 14 Pvt. Prinnies (Lvl. 20) scattered around the barrels, with one of their numbers being the The Seven Yakshas (Prinny Member) (Lvl. 58).
    3. There’s no real strategy here, just step forward, grab an enemy Prinny, and throw them into the barrels. The ensuing chain reaction of explosions should defeat any nearby Prinnies and knock the Masked Heroes off their pedestals.
    4. The Seven Yakshas are tough enough to withstand the explosion, but they’re easy to pick off. They’re spread out enough that your entire party will be able to fight each one alone.
    5. After exploding each Yakshas’ tower, move forward and throw them into your main party where they’ll be easy prey. Follow this simple strategy to complete the mission.

    7-6: Overlord’s Test

    1. This one can be nasty. Surrounding your base are Geo Blocks with an Ally Damage 20% effect, while four groups of three enemies have you surrounded with gaps between your central platform and their’s.
    2. First, an overview of the enemies: there are three Shooters (Lvl. 62), three Outlaws (Lvl. 62), three Witch Doctors (Lvl. 62) and three Magic Knights (Lvl. 62).
    3. Start by focusing your attention on the Shooters guarding the aqua Geo Block. Throw your melee hitters to quickly deal with the archers, while leaving behind either a tough character or an expendable one.
    4. Punch a hole through the archers, and don’t leave anyone behind on the aqua Geo Blocks unless you have to. When you have access to the aqua Geo Block, throw it onto your central platform to destroy the first layer of Geo Blocks.
    5. With that dangerous damage effect gone, you can start deploying your ranged attackers to soften up your enemies. Don’t try to spread your forces too much, but also be aggressive here. Your enemies do high-damage, but they don’t have high defense or high HP. They won’t stand up to a concentrated melee attack.

    7-7: Feast of the Wolf

    1. This one is a challenge, so start the map with your usual careful tactics. Exploring the map, you’ll find each of the Ten Overlords (Lvl. 61-65) is positioned on Geo Panels with either a bonus to evade, ATK, DEF, or Attack +1. Each of the Overlords comes with one or two Body Guards (Lvl. 63), with 18 of them on the map.
    2. As you can see, your party is far outnumbered. But, the map is large, and you won’t be immediately swarmed at the start. The enemies become gradually tougher and more dangerous the further up you travel, so take your time and clear each Geo panel position, one at a time.
    3. Just as the battle starts, the first two Overlords and their Body Guards will attack. If you’re quick, defeat these two in the first round.
    4. The Overlords are particularly aggressive, but the Body Guards are as passive as can be. The bouncers will barely try to attack you, much less move off their Geo panels to fight. They have no ranged attacks, your party can just walk by them and the bouncers won’t move an inch.
    5. The lack of ranged attacks on the bouncers is a good thing. They’re practically worthless in this battle, making targeting the Overlords alone a cinch. Just run forward, pick up the Overlord, and throw them into your party.
    6. It’s just that easy, the Guards won’t attack, and you can pick off the Overlords one at a time. The biggest issue you’ll face are the ATK +1 Geo panels. Defeat the enemies on them, and use those panels to your advantage with magic-users.
    7. Make sure to clear up the bouncers left behind as you march forward. The real difficulty comes when you reach the top two staircases.
    8. Pick one and clear it before moving to the second, don’t split your forces here, and throw those Overlords off their Geo panels. Follow these instructions, and you’ll do fine.

    7-8: Evil Office

    1. This is it, it’s time to win the presidency. Hugo (Lvl. 69) is waiting for you at his desk, behind a small army of eight Exorcists (Lvl. 68), Problem Solvers (Lvl. 68), and Onmyo Trainees (Lvl. 68).
    2. Before starting the battle, look at those levels. Your team many need to do some grinding – and if the enemy’s levels are higher than listed above, make sure to request that enemy levels be lowered at the Senate.
    3. For the battle itself, it’s all about defeating the enemies protecting Hugo first. The Netherworld President is a powerful opponent, and you don’t want to fight his guards and him at the same time.
    4. Deploy and stay near your base. The enemy mages will come to you. The mages lack offensive strength, so don’t be afraid to let them attack, but it’s always safest to step out of your base with the toughest characters.
    5. Try to draw off the Onmyo, what the mages lack, these four possess is excess power. You’ll want to move quickly and destroy these guys fast. Like most supporting magicians, they won’t last long against your party’s heavy-hitters.
    6. When all his support is gone, it’s time to deal with Hugo. At this point in the battle, Hugo might jump out and engage your party himself, if that happens, try to surround him and clean up any remaining magic-users. The bouncers only exist to waste your time, don’t let them. (But, it doesn’t hurt to get rid of those three early.)
    7. Hugo’s normal stats aren’t out of control for a boss character, but his single special attack is a very nasty area-of-effect.
    8. Like all enemies, surround him with as many fighters as you can and just punch away. Use characters with a high-chance for counter-attack to drain even more of his health – anything to throw more attacks at him without letting him use his special.
    9. Combos, team attacks, and special attacks are your best friend. Don’t let Hugo target your weakest party members, don’t let the first wave of enemies defeat many of your available characters, and you should make it through this battle alright. And don’t forget to use those healers to their fullest.

    Trophy Unlocked: E Pluribus Netherum – Completed Episode 7.

    Episode 8: Battle! Final Boss vs. Final Boss

    8-1: Rising Tragedy

    1. The Demon World is conquered (mostly…) and now it’s time to deal with those pesky humans. Science has gone far, and your first enemies show off their abilities right here. The humans have your base surrounded by 16 Bio-Suits (Lvl.67), an all new enemy.
    2. The Bio-Suits don’t want to move off their defensive position, they’re each standing on Geo panels with a +100% defense bonus. That’ll make these enemies a lot tougher.
    3. Start by destroying both Geo Blocks guarded by two Bio-Suits. Once the Geo Blocks are done, this mission is just a leveling game. If you’re high enough level, you’ll be able to crush these suits.
    4. Pick a direction, the Bio-Suits are all armed with pistols and will start chipping away at your party’s health. Start clearing the enemies either left, right, up, or down. When they’re crushed, just follow a path around the circle and clean up the rest.
    5. Use your magic-users to hit the Bio-Suits with area-of-effect attacks, or use special attacks to hit multiple enemies. The Bio-Suits still won’t move even without their bonuses, making them easy targets for multiple-panel attacks.

    8-2: Deadly Elevator

    1. Not only are there eight Bio-Suits (Lvl. 68) but also an upgraded Combat Suit (Lvl. 68) to menace you in this fairly small arena that’s filled with deadly Geo Blocks.
    2. The Geo Blocks don’t need description here, they’re all terrible and they’ll all give you a head-ache trying to deal with this pesky enemies. Your best bet is just to get these humans off the Geo Blocks.
    3. What better way than to just throw them. These guys are all armed with guns and use ranged special attacks to chip health off your party, so you’ll need support while throwing the Bio-Suits off the central stack of Geo Blocks.
    4. The Bio-Suits love their Geo Block effects, so they’re not about to chase you down, they’ll stay put where ever they are, allowing you to stay out of range and heal up between rounds.
    5. The Bio-Suits are grouped in twos at each corner, giving you plenty of space to work. Just take your time and move your party around the stack of blocks, finishing off each pair of Bio-Suits before going in for the kill on the Combat Suit.

    8-3: Section-D

    1. Like the previous battle, you’ll be against enemies with Geo effects that greatly improve their combat prowess. The enemies here have a Recovery 20%, and an Enemy Boost +50%.
    2. The variety here is just as ugly as those Geo effects; there are two Wood Giants (Lvl. 70), two Wraiths (Lvl. 68), two Ghosts (Lvl. 68), two Fungi (Lvl. 68), two Head Orcs (Lvl. 68), two Watchers (Lvl. 68), two Blue Gelatins (Lvl. 68), two Nebiros (Lvl. 69) and two Pharbitis (Lvl. 69).
    3. This all looks very daunting, but there’s one Geo Block that will make this battle trivial. A blue Geo Block in one far corner has the Deathblow effect. This effect means all enemies on the purple Geo panels will die in a single hit.
    4. Create a tower of characters, it’ll take a lot to reach the blue Geo Block, so prepare with as many people as you can.
    5. Once you reach the blue Geo Block, and try to do this all in one turn, otherwise your party will be badly spread out and make easy targets for the various powered-up enemies, lift and throw the blue Geo Block onto the purple Geo panels.
    6. With the Deathblow effect in place, the enemies won’t stand a chance against even your weakest party members. Start killing and clear out the map.

    8-4: Chaos Factory

    1. The battle gets even worse, with tons, and tons of enemies. The field is just one long ramp reaching up, with your base at the bottom below a nasty amount of enemies grouped up in a fairly small map.
    2. Compare levels now to see where your party stacks up; there are 4 Warcats (Lvl. 68), five Beast Leaders (Lvl. 68), two Body Guards (Lvl.70), a Chunin (Lvl. 70), an Iron Knight (Lvl. 70), a Sniper (Lvl. 70), a Star Skull (Lvl. 70), a Destroyer (Lvl. 70), two Professors (Lvl. 71), two Acolytes (Lvl. 71), a Certified Onmyo (Lvl. 72), and a Hunter (Lvl. 72).
    3. That enough enemies for you? If you have a hard time counting, that’s twenty-two enemies in all. The difference between this battle and the previous one is that now the Geo Blocks are in your favor. The blue Geo Block has a Recovery 20% effect, and the yellow Geo Block has an Ally Boost +50% effect.
    4. The recovery effect is nice, but the Ally Boost +50% effect is your best friend here. Pick out a handful of dedicated damage-dealers to use the boost and pick off enemies with melee or ranged attacks.
    5. Play defensively and let your opponents come to you. Don’t deploy your entire party, and many of the enemies will come after you. The enemies are tightly packed, allowing your Skulls or anyone with area-of-effect attacks to catch several enemies at once.
    6. Area-of-effect with the Ally Boost +50% effect will destroy your opponents. Keep throwing the yellow Geo Block and using it to give your party a damage boost after clearing the first two rows of enemies.
    7. It’s all about chasing down the remainder of enemies or drawing them to you now.

    8-5: Section G-9

    1. Your base is in an ugly position, situated on top of an Enemy Boost +50% Geo panel effect. There are Geo Blocks available to take and change the effect, but it’s a difficult proposition that will likely result in sacrificing several of your party, it’s better to just fight aggressively.
    2. Surrounding your base are four Pao Maos (Lvl. 72), the second row of enemies are four Sophists (Lvl. 72), and the last batch of enemies are six Fafnirs (Lvl. 72).
    3. Start round one by killing off the cat-girls surrounding your base at the edge of the purple Geo panels. Take out as many of the Sophists, too. The more of these enemies you can kill, the less damage they’ll be able to do, and you’ll be able to block them out, so they won’t be able to take advantage of the +50% Enemy Boost.
    4. The major threats are the Pao Maos and Sophists. Once they’re taken care of, you can take time defeating the Fafnirs, who won’t move into the beneficial Geo panels.
    5. Start at the bottom or top of the rows of Fafnir and just pick them off one at a time. Don’t let them all attack your party at once, and you’ll make it through this battle.

    8-6: Two-Headed Dragon

    1. Welcome to a puzzle stage. There are four Bio-Suits (Lvl. 74), a Star Skull (Lvl. 74), and a Star Mage (Lvl. 74), but they aren’t really your problem. The problem is getting rid of all the Geo Blocks with terrible effects.
    2. Deploying from your base, you’re surrounded by Bio-Suits. Throw them away from the one green Geo Block your party can grab, just get them out of the way. You can try killing them, but with the -100% Defense effect, and no ranged attacks, it’ll take time.
    3. This one is all about throwing Geo Blocks to pop the rest. To make more room, try throwing the Bio-Suits into one another, they’ll gain levels but won’t be able to do much damage, still.
    4. Keep popping the towers until you get rid of the No Range effect, allowing you to kill the Skull. Once both towers are broken down near the ground floor, you can finish off the Star Mage to complete the stage.

    8-7: Mission Improbable

    1. There are two approaches to this mission, both of them take time against the long line of twelve Deaths (Lvl. 75).
    2. The map is one long bridge of Geo Blocks, with a variety of ugly effects for both you and the Deaths. The HP/MP switch gives an advantage to magic-users, which the Deaths definitely are, but there’s also an Silence effect, completely ruining that benefit.
    3. The straightforward route is just to melee your way through the entire stack of Deaths. That’s the long route, but if you want to speed things up, make a tower on your first turn and throw the single red Geo Block to the single exposed red Geo Block at the end of the bridge.
    4. By destroying the red Geo Blocks, you’ll be able to support your melee fighters with area-of-effect attacks from behind. The Deaths can hit hard with their special attacks, so don’t take them lightly and try to weaken them by hitting multiple enemies.
    5. Nicely, destroying the red Geo Blocks still gives you the +50% ATK effect. The line of Deaths won’t use that bonus as effectively as you, and you’ll be able to pummel them one at a time with ranged attacks, special attacks, combos, or team attacks. Take your pick. Not like these flying skeletons can surround you.

    8-8: True Final Boss

    1. Here it is, the big boss. Des X (Lvl. 78) is waiting in the back, protected by two Sophists (Lvl. 76) and two Power Armors (Lvl. 76). The other five Power Armors (Lvl. 76) are just ahead in a separate partition.
    2. Two sets of Geo Panels, one red, one blue, block your way to Des X. A yellow Geo Block behind Des X moves every turn, switching the No Entry effect from the blue Geo Panels to the red.
    3. Just be patient, wait for the path to open up, and you’ll be fine. Be thankful that the Geo panels exist to keep every enemy from attack you all at once.
    4. Work around the first barrier, or wait for it to move, then engage the five Power Armors. Your full party should be able to deal with them, just play carefully and don’t let the Power Armors kill any of your people off.
    5. Soften the enemies up with ranged attacks before jumping in for the kill with melee fighters. Don’t get too close to the top group and they’ll leave you alone while you clear out the last Power Armors below.
    6. Heal and set off for the final confrontation. Jump in and take out the Sophists first for two easy kills on your first turn attack. The Power Armors might offer more resistance, but try to get rid of them before focusing everything you have. If you’ve drawn Des X down to you, try to get rid of her in one turn before clearing out the rest.
    7. Des X is tough, but two or three rounds of combo attacks will defeat her. Stack up your party, surround her, target her with magic, ranged attacks, and melee. Prepare special attacks, team attacks, and anything else you can muster in one single execute.

    8-9: True Final Boss (Part 2)

    1. But, of course Des X isn’t defeated yet. Des X (Lvl. 80) is back in her final boss form. This mission is a continuation of the previous battle, so your party may need healing. Before moving forward to face off against Des X, heal up.
    2. There’s no one to help Des X, even with her increased stats and levels. This is a simple battle that’s all dependent on being high enough level to withstand Des X’s attacks.
    3. Des X has strong elemental resistances, except against wind attacks. Star attacks work well, but nothing works better than a lot of special attacks, team attacks, and physical attacks to build your combo meter.
    4. If you need to, pick up Des X and throw her into your main party just as you move in for the kill. Surround her and just pick away at her health. It may take several turns, but being alone she just isn’t as dangerous as a full team of enemies.

    Episode 9: The Final Battle! The Moon, the Earth, and the Promise

    9-1: Gloomy Moon

    1. This short battle will introduce you to an all new enemy; the Androids. For this first fight, you’ll be against six of these alien androids (Lvl. 66/67) that have a mean area-of-effect attacks at range, while having respectable ATK stats.
    2. This battle won’t be too much trouble. The ramp leading up to your enemies is covered in yellow Geo panels with a No Ranged effect. There are more effects, but the Androids won’t use them, except by accident.
    3. Use your gunners, archers, skulls, witches, or anything else with ranged attacks to hit the Androids by flanking the ramp, just stick to the ground to the left and right.
    4. Send your melee fighters towards the wall of crates blocking the way to your enemies and start breaking them. When a hole opens, just finish off the remaining Androids that your ranged hitters haven’t picked off yet.
    5. Take some time to get a handle on these Androids, you’ll be seeing a lot more later.

    9-2: 3rd Colony

    1. More Androids and Geo panels are here to stop your party from destroying the Ignition Device. Your goal, as usual, is to clear the field of enemies. But, this time, you also have an inanimate object to destroy before the mission is complete.
    2. The nine Androids (Lvl. 77) are stuck in a series of green, yellow, and purple Geo panels with No Entry effects. They can’t move, and they’re pretty far apart from one another. They won’t be able to swarm you, but you won’t be able to draw them into your party either.
    3. Use your ranged attackers to smash the Geo Blocks sitting just out of range of your melee fighters. When the Geo Blocks are popped, you’ll be able to move on and fight another batch of Androids.
    4. Because the Androids won’t attack you at close range or chase you, you’ll have plenty of time to heal your party if they’re low on health.
    5. The last Android, hiding behind the Ignition Device, is heavily equipped and can dish out some deadly attacks. Just rush the Android and take it out quickly, other than a good weapon, it’ll be defeated as easily as the rest of the Androids.

    9-3: Parasite Nest

    1. Another Ignition Device needs destroying, this time protected by another round of three Androids (Lvl. 80) and two Cyborgs (Lvl. 80). The Androids are what you’ll usually expect, while the two Cyborgs will Magichange with two nearby Watchers (Lvl. 80) to power-up their ranged attacks.
    2. The remaining enemies, the two Deaths (Lvl. 80), two Death Dragons (Lvl. 80), and two Fafnirs (Lvl. 80) will combine to double in size. They look dangerous when they’re so huge, but they’re not significantly more dangerous that one of the same creatures alone.
    3. There are no Geo Effects in this battle, it’s all about effective party management. Deploy everyone you have, because every enemy on the field will charge your base anyway. These guys are eager to murder your team, so don’t make it easy for them.
    4. Start with the nearest enemies and branch out from there. Defeating the two Cyborgs should be priority, as their Magichanged weapons are killer. Otherwise, they won’t offer much resistance if you let loose your entire team on them one at a time.
    5. The first turn is all about fusing and Magichanging, giving you a good opening to attack the first three Androids during your first turn.
    6. Don’t rush ahead too far, just stick with attacks the Android and Cyborgs. By the second turn, everyone will be after you. If you back off from your positions slightly, none of the giant fused monsters will be able to reach you, giving you an easy counter-attack.
    7. As before, destroy the Ignition device last. Not like it’s about to fight back.

    9-4: Concrete Knowledge

    1. Prepare for another slog through reinforcements, because enemy bases make their triumphant return. Six Androids (Lvl. 81) are scattered near the bases, while up to twenty-one weaker Androids (Lvl. 70) will stream out every turn.
    2. Like the previous battle against the Axels, you can win the battle early by defeating every enemy on-screen before more reinforcements appear. That tactic requires an aggressive attack, as well as spreading out your party to deal with the new Androids appearing out of a random base.
    3. Another method is to just wait out the reinforcements by sticking near your base and taking them on as they move in to attack your party. The original six might be tough, but your party should easily out level the newcomers.
    4. The six higher level Androids won’t attack if you stay near you base, while the easier Androids will, making them easy targets.
    5. Another problem for an aggressive team is the Enemy Boost +50% and Silence effects on the central Geo panels. Either stay off, or destroy the Geo Blocks to get rid of whatever effect you like. Plan correctly, and you can use the +50% XP effect to give your team a quick level boost.

    9-5: Evil Heresy

    1. Tired of Androids yet? This map features six Androids (Lvl. 82) and four Cyborgs (Lvl. 83), all positioned around your base to give you a maximum headache.
    2. The four Androids to the left and right can’t be reached at close range, and they’ll start shooting at your party after your turn is over. Deploy ranged attackers to hit them from afar, you’ll just have to deal with the No Entry Geo panels for now.
    3. The other six enemies are waiting on the red Geo panels with an Enemy Boost +50% effect. Rush forward with your toughest melee fighters to start taking the two closest enemies down. Or use runners to throw the two into your main party.
    4. Throwing will help as you move into the red Geo panels. Lift and throw your opponents somewhere they won’t get that deadly enemy boost.
    5. There are Geo Blocks surrounding the reactor to help you, but they’re so difficult to reach, and only marginally more helpful. It’s easy enough to just pick off each of the aliens.

    9-6: Sign of Demolition

    1. This is it. It’s time to save the Earth and the Moon. There appears to be a lot of enemies, but really you’ve only got five Cyborgs (Lvl. 84/85) and one Automaton (Lvl. 86) to deal with. But, boy, are they a doozey.
    2. At the beginning of the battle, there are six corresponding monsters just slightly closer to your base than the Androids. These are; a Basilicrow (Lvl. 81), a Nemophilia (Lvl. 81), a Death (Lvl. 81), a Fafnir (Lvl. 81), and a Gambiel (Lvl. 81).
    3. What your enemies want to do is Magichange to create incredibly powerful weapons for the Cyborgs and Automaton. If they do, you’re in for a real slugfest.
    4. If possible, try to kill off as many of these monsters as possible in the first turn. There’s nothing to stop them from Magichanging at turn two, so your only option is to kill them now. Aim for the ranged monsters, like the Death, Nemophilia, and Basilicrow for some easy kills. You probably won’t be able to kill them all, but just getting rid of one or two is enough to help later on.
    5. Leave you weaker party members further behind your front line than usual, many of the Magichanged Androids have powerful long-range attacks that could kill your healers, skulls, or mages in one hit.
    6. The Automaton is your biggest threat, with her massive Wood Golem axe already equipped. Getting rid of her should be first priority, especially if she closes in on your party.
    7. Try to match your enemy’s levels, always try to get some of your party members to equal the level of the lowest level enemy. This might take some level grinding, sad to say, as there’s no tricks to exploit here.

    Episode 10: Ties Deeper Than Darkness

    10-1: Swarming Malice

    1. Last episode, for real this time. Fear the Great is covered in special monsters with higher stats than you’re used to.
    2. Spread around the handful of walkways are two Malice Orks (Lvl. 82), three Malice Slumber Cats (Lvl. 82), three Malice Shrooms (Lvl.82), and three Malice Mothmen (Lvl. 82).
    3. None of these enemies have magic, so the Silence effect on your base’s blue Geo panel walkway won’t negatively affect them. If you want to get rid of the Silence now, just throw someone over to the green Geo Block your first turn to break it.
    4. The only other big issue here are the Geo panels with the Byebye effect. Never heard of it? Anyone standing on a Geo panel with this effect will explode, making a very large explosion.
    5. Draw in your opponents and crush any stragglers. Several enemies are likely to die by ending their turns on Byebye Geo panels.
    6. This is a short and lethal battle. If you defeat any enemy while they’re standing on the ByeBye panels will also explode and hurt your people, so don’t stand near an enemy about to explode.
    7. After the previous battle against those Cyborgs with their massive Magichanged weapons, this one is just a push-over.

    10-2: Disaster Dimension

    1. Another short and sweet map to work your way through. There are eight Malice Sludges (Lvl. 83) surrounding your base, all situated on a tower of Geo Blocks with several effects.
    2. The effects of the Geo Blocks are as follows; Silence, ATK -50%, DEF +50%, and Attack +1. That makes things tricky, as most of the sludges won’t take any damage with your attacks weakened and their defense bolstered.
    3. The simplest method is just to attack from your base. Deploy extra characters to throw your characters back into the base if you’re worried about them being killed. Use special attacks and magic to hit the sludges hard, if you’re lucky you might destroy some of the Silence Geo blocks.
    4. With the Silence Geo blocks destroyed, you can use your magic-users anywhere on the field, or send out melee fighters to use that nice Attack +1 effect. With your strongest characters ready, this fight will become trivial.

    10-3: Ruler’s Wound

    1. Things are about to get difficult again. On the clear walkway with your base are four Malice Armor Knights (Lvl. 85), with two Malice Rocs (Lvl. 85) and two Malice Dragon Zombies (Lvl. 85) near them.
    2. Off to the flanks of the walkway are support casters that will harass you while gaining the advantages of three Geo panel effects; DEF +50%, ATK +50%, and Magic Range +1. As you can tell, these casters can be deadly opponents.
    3. The casters surrounding you party are; two Malice Magicians (Lvl. 85), two Malice Clerics (Lvl. 85), and two Malice Witches (Lvl. 85).
    4. Start the fight with a two-pronged attack. The first thing the Malice Armor Knights will do with their nearby monsters is Magichange. They’re so close to your base, you shouldn’t have a problem going ofter those monsters first.
    5. Deploy your toughest characters to get rid of the monsters that first turn. The more of them you kill, the better of a position you’ll be in to defeat the remaining enemy casters.
    6. If you rush to the Armor Knights’ previous positions, on the ends of the walkway, the casters won’t be able to hit you with their magic. Importantly, you’ll want to go after the Yellow Geo Block with the No Color Change effect to get rid of their bonuses.
    7. The casters are deceptively the most dangerous opponents on the map. Melee fighters can’t reach them, only ranged characters can dislodge them from their pedestals. Don’t leave your weaker ranged characters exposed where they’ll be picked off by the enemy casters.
    8. The trickest part of this battle is managing your targets and positioning yourself to choose the optimal route to victory. The enemy is very powerful, all of them will try to get access to effects or bonuses that can quickly kill your weaker characters. Protect your Cleric and get her healing after the initial attack to keep your characters fighting.

    10-4: Dark Mud

    1. Fused enemies, ahoy! There’s one Malice Spirit (Lvl. 87), one Malice Succubus (Lvl. 87), one Malice Death (Lvl. 87) and one Malice Rifle Demon (Lvl. 87) surrounding your base, standing on some ugly Geo blocks.
    2. Underneath Death, is a Recovery 40% Geo effect. Underneath the Rifle Demon is a ATK +100% effect, while the Succubus has Reverse Damage, and the Spirit has HP/SP Switch. Be very aware of these effects before you take on any one of these enormous fused enemies.
    3. The demons are so fat they take up all the space you need to throw your party to, except for two spot in the left and right corners. Out of these four demons, the Malice Spirit and Malice Death have the weakest bonuses. Kill the Death in one turn and his 40% recovery is useless, just like the Spirit’s HP/SP switch isn’t going to improve its stats any.
    4. The Succubus can be easily dispatched with a good enough Cleric. Just hit her with a few magical heals to get rid of her.
    5. Your biggest issue is the Rifle Demon, with his attack bonus. He has range and power, so save him for last. Stay away from the edge, or even the center of your central base block where he can hit you.
    6. Once one of the giant fused demons is dead, throw members of your party across the gap to get your melee characters involved in the fight.
    7. If need be, use the Geo Blocks in the corners to boss the mid-boss level demons’ Geo Block towers. It helps to get rid of their bonuses, especially against the Rifle Demon. Just remember to save the Rifle Demon for last, destroy his Geo Tower with a Geo Block, and move in for the kill all at once.
    8. Throw your best melee fighters onto the single two spaces they can stand. Using your melee attackers, Death and the Spirit are easily defeated.
    9. Even the deadly Rifle Demon can be easily defeated the first round. Throw two powerful melee fighters on the corners of the Geo Block tower diagonal to the demon to attack, they’ll gain the 100% ATK bonus for themselves, immediately ending his threat.
    10. With the Rifle Demon gone, the rest of the demons are much easier to defeat. If you’re having problems healing the Succubus, just throw a block to her and destroy her tower.

    10-5: Deadly Option

    1. The missions are getting harder as you inch closer to the final confrontation. And this battle is just ugly. The battlefield is split into three tiers. The base is on the first tier, which is also covered in blue Geo Block with an Attack +1 effect, and green Geo Blocks with the Enemy Boost +50% effect. Guess where all five Malice Archers (Lvl. 90) are standing?
    2. On the second tier is an enemy base that spawns fifteen Malice Masked Heroes (Lvl. 95), one Malice Professor (Lvl. 92), and four Malice Sorcerers (Lvl. 90). The enemies, including the reinforcements on the second tier are completely trivial.
    3. The problem is the Archers with their enemy boost. Five of them means that your team will be eaten alive very quickly by multiple attacks – at least one or two of your party will be killed each turn if you don’t get rid of them quickly.
    4. Area-of-effect magic is your best friend against the archers. They’re Malice enemies, so they have no weakness, but star magic is always a powerful weapon. Try to hit the archers with multiple attacks, and if you’re caught with most of your party on their side of the field, try throwing the archers off their green Geo Blocks.
    5. Make sure to take advantage of the blue Geo Blocks when attacking the archers to quickly eradicate them to double your magic attacks.
    6. When the archers are finished, you just have the masked heroes left. They trickle out one at a time and can be very annoying, but they aren’t high-damage enemies, and can be defeated easily with a properly leveled party.
    7. Similarly, the professor and sorcerers aren’t going to do anything to your party, they’ll barely make their mark with very weak attacks and even weaker status effect abilities. The masked heroes at least get in your way.
    8. When the archers are dead, you’ll need to create stepping stone to reach the second tier. Try building a step of two blocks, then a step of four blocks next to it.
    9. The high damage output of those five archers is what makes this battle difficult, the rest of the enemies are just an annoyance. Deal with those archers quickly, use area-of-effect magic and get them off their Geo Blocks to put them down.

    10-6: Boiling Point

    1. Magichange just went up a level. The map appears to be covered in enemies, but really you’ve only got four baddies to kill. The Malice Gunner (Lvl. 95), the Malice Bouncer (Lvl. 95), the Malice Lady Samurai (Lvl. 95), and the Malice Battle Suit (Lvl. 95) are tough, but not so tough the first round.
    2. It isn’t until the second round when all six monsters Magichange to seriously power-up the humanoid enemies that this battle will get ugly. Every enemy is also standing on an Enemy Turbo x3, if this situation wasn’t bad enough.
    3. Unless you can kill every enemy on the field on your first turn, you’ll need to destroy that red Geo Block in the corner. Throw a fast character over to the Geo Block and have them destroy it, first thing.
    4. With that effect gone, you now stand a chance. Start by prioritizing the Malice Wood Golem, then moving on to defeat the Gun Demons or Succubi. Kill as many of these nearby enemies as you can, the fewer monsters that can Magichange next turn, the easier this battle will be.
    5. After the first turn, and when the monsters Magichange, each of the remaining enemies will be as powerful as the strongest boss enemies. Keep your party spread out here to avoid getting multiple people killed from special attacks.
    6. When the enemy turn ends, it’s time to pick each of the powered-up enemies off. Without their bonus Turbo effect, you only have to worry about the No Lifting effect, which means you’ll have to go after each of these opponents.
    7. The trickiest to reach is the gunner, and with his powerful ranged attacks, you’ll need to make sure any of your ranged allies survive until the end of this battle. Without powerful ranged characters, you’ll find it very difficult to kill the gunner.

    10-7: Defying God

    1. Finally, the last boss shows himself. Nemo (Lvl. 100) is in the center of the arena, with six Malice Androids (Lvl. 97). Unsurprisingly, this won’t be easy.
    2. Take some time to grind levels before facing off against Nemo. As always, you’ll want to match his level, at least. Get your main characters and heavy-hitters to Lvl. 100 or higher before trying to fight this guy.
    3. The Malice Androids aren’t a huge problem for a well leveled team, but more will appear each turn. Clear them out early in your first turn, or else you’ll be slowly overwhelmed.
    4. Nemo is just as powerful as you’d imagine, with long-range special attacks that can kill multiple characters with a single hit. Hunting down the six Androids should spread out your team, and keep it that way. Don’t let your team get close.
    5. Focus on using magic attacks and special attacks at range instead of bunching up your party. Nemo will chase you down, so don’t play defensively either.
    6. More androids will show up, but once the initial six are down, just ignore the rest. When Nemo is defeated, the battle ends and you’ll have finished the game.
    7. Like most battles against a single opponent, their isn’t much strategy here. You need to be tough enough to last a few rounds, you need powerful special attacks and you need to keep your party spread out.
    8. Heal your best characters, there’s no class here that you desperately need, just lots of power and lots of defense. If possible, try hiding your best magic-users inside the base until Nemo is drawn closer.
    9. After a few rounds, Nemo should go down. Any longer than that, and your party will be taking a dirt-nap. When Nemo is defeated, you can sit back and enjoy the ending. Congratulations, you’ve finished this long and difficult game!

    Trophy Unlocked: The End of the Beginning – Completed Disgaea 4′s main game and unlocked the post game.

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