Disgaea D2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1: The Qualities of an Overlord
  • Episode 2: The Arrival of the Mysterious Angel Girl Sicily
  • Episode 3: The Netherworld’s Evilest Warrior
  • Episode 4: An Idol Overlord is Born!?
  • Episode 5: The Celestial Suspicion
  • Episode 6: Etna’s Letter
  • Episode 7: The Truth About Angels
  • Episode 8: The Overlord’s Heir
  • Episode 9: The Missing Angels
  • Episode 10: The Eternal Netherworld

  • Episode 1: The Qualities of an Overlord

    Enter the Castle Hallway to make a left into the area with blue carpeting above and approach the door on the right to speak with Meaver, then choose the Plains of Grief as your intended destination and learn the basics of battle.

    Use the basics of battle to defeat the group of enemies and return to the Catsle Hallway, then purchase any available items at the nearby store and choose the Plains of Grief again as your next travel destination to continue learning more combat techniques.

    Visit the Dark Assembly to create a new character and play through each of the stages in Plains of Grief by using the strategies learned from the tutorials until you can access Tainted Soil, then remove the geos from the shelf ahead to ambush the enemies on the other side using characters armed with melee-based weaponry and position a character armed with projectile-based weaponry on top of the shelf to start the attack.

    Move your melee attack characters towards the remaining group of enemies to start removing them from the battlefield and cast healing spells whenever necessary to help them survive.

    Finish off the enemies with your projectile-based characters to clear the stage, then visit the hospital to receive the proper treatment and travel to Silent Death Land.

    Dispatch your party into likability-compatible pairs so that one group approaches the closest enemy to the left of the arrival gateway and the other approaches the monster to the right of it, then eliminate both creatures with a team attack.

    Cast a healing spell to strengthen the allies that take damage during the next enemy turn, then finish clearing the area with the help of team attacks and special skills.

    Travel to Withered Local Pride and send your melee attack-based characters across the green patches of grass nearby to draw the attention of the enemies. then move the projectile-based allies up the blue path of silence to flank the group of monsters as they assault the rest of your team.

    Use healing spells to keep as much of the group in the battle for as long as possible so you can execute team attacks to help clear the first enemy wave.

    Hit the red geo to increase the Ally Boost percentage before taking on the group of Mothmen above and jump onto the stone shelf at the top of the battlefield to finish clearing the area with the help of special skills.

    Visit the store to purchase items that will increase your HP and HL before traveling to Filthy Ruins, then dispatch the weakest character to draw in one of the enemies as a means of wasting their initial turn.

    Dispatch Laharl to eliminate the closest hostile and move him backwards to draw in the rest of the enemy group until their turn is over.

    Use a Blade Rush attack to eliminate two enemies lined up with each other at once and dispatch Etna to remove another pair of hostiles with Blade Bash.

    Continue clearing the area until only the boss remains and cast healing spells to survive his next turn, then use Etna’s Blade Bash to defeat this enemy in one turn and complete the episode.

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