Disgaea D2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1: The Qualities of an Overlord
  • Episode 2: The Arrival of the Mysterious Angel Girl Sicily
  • Episode 3: The Netherworld’s Evilest Warrior
  • Episode 4: An Idol Overlord is Born!?
  • Episode 5: The Celestial Suspicion
  • Episode 6: Etna’s Letter
  • Episode 7: The Truth About Angels
  • Episode 8: The Overlord’s Heir
  • Episode 9: The Missing Angels
  • Episode 10: The Eternal Netherworld

  • Episode 2: The Arrival of the Mysterious Angel Girl Sicily

    Travel to the Unmoving Land stage of Frozen River to dispatch Laharl and Etna, then approach the pair of demons above on the right and use special skills from both characters to eliminate the threats.

    Dispatch two more characters to send them towards the left side of the battlefield and use a team attack to eliminate the closest enemy ahead, then continue pushing Etna and Laharl in the opposite direction so that both groups eventually meet in the middle.

    Eliminate any remaining threats to complete the stage and choose Cold Breath as your next destination, then dispatch Laharl to have him stand on the snowy shelf behind the gateway and all the enemy enough turns to draw them over to this location as one giant crowd.

    Dispatch Etna to eliminate the enemy closest to her and continue drawing the hostile group towards the snowy shelf by having Laharl fend them off with the help of his special attacks.

    Send Etna towards the top right corner of the map to break away from the crowd of enemies that have become distracted by Laharl and dispatch Flonne to cast a healing spell on both characters.

    With the hostile group separated between Etna and Laharl, dispatch another member of your party to help finish them off with team or special attacks and complete this stage.

    Choose Ice Demon grave as your next destination and dispatch Laharl to approach the first blue bird above, then throw the creature at the pink bird directly to the left to cause a chain of explosions and damage the majority of the enemies on the battlefield.

    Dispatch Etna to jump to the ledge directly above the gateway and eliminate the remaining enemies nearby with a Blade Bash attack, then send in Flonne and another team member to split the group up evenly.

    Leave one of the blue birds alive on the lower level of the battlefield to pick it up and toss the creature towards a cluster of hostiles on the ledge above to cause another explosion, then use Etna to finish clearing the area and complete this stage.

    Choose Freezing Winds as your next destination and dispatch Laharl, then end the player’s turn repeatedly to draw in the nearest group of enemies and send in three more members of the team once the birds are close enough to attack.

    Throw as many birds as you can onto the lower ice platform ahead to clear out the enemies on top of it and move the rest of your team into position to surround the nearby dragon.

    Send one member of your party to hit the green geo, then assault the dragon with special skill attacks and whatever birds are left over until the monster is defeated.

    Throw Laharl from the wooden fence posts in the corner above to the upper ice platform and clear out the remaining enemies by using special skill attacks to finish completing this stage.

    Choose Winter Ridicule as your next destination and dispatch Laharl to immediately end the turn for the purposes of drawing in the first group of enemies, then take out the nearest pair with the Blazing Knuckles special skills attack.

    Dispatch three more members of your team to finish clearing the battlefield with the help of special skill attacks and complete this stage, then choose Silver Witch as the next destination.

    Send in your weakest character first to sacrifice them to the dragons and draw the monsters in closer, then dispatch Laharl and Etna to execute a special skills attack against the nearest ones.

    Dispatch two more teammates to eliminate the remaining green dragons and end your turn to draw the boss in closer, then move three characters right up against the enemy to start wearing the monster down with special skill attacks and leave Flonne behind to cast healing spells whenever necessary.

    Once the purple dragon is defeated, surround Sicily with all four characters to survive her next attacks and continue assaulting the girl until she’s defeated to complete this episode.

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