Disgaea D2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1: The Qualities of an Overlord
  • Episode 2: The Arrival of the Mysterious Angel Girl Sicily
  • Episode 3: The Netherworld’s Evilest Warrior
  • Episode 4: An Idol Overlord is Born!?
  • Episode 5: The Celestial Suspicion
  • Episode 6: Etna’s Letter
  • Episode 7: The Truth About Angels
  • Episode 8: The Overlord’s Heir
  • Episode 9: The Missing Angels
  • Episode 10: The Eternal Netherworld

  • Episode 5: The Celestial Suspicion

    Travel to Ishtam Devis to choose Sinful Road as the next destination and dispatch the strongest members of your team into the blue area, then move Laharl forward along the edge of the battlefield to reach the group of enemies on the other side.

    Use Musou Slash to eliminate two opponents at once and push the rest of the team in the same direction to deal out damage as well, then dispatch your weakest characters to draw some of the fire during the next enemy turn.

    Cast healing spells regularly and fight your way up the grassy ledges with Laharl to reach the top of the battlefield, then hit the yellow geo first and blue geo after that.

    Move Laharl back towards the ground below to attack the nearest cluster of enemies with Nether Slash, then finish clearing the area to complete this stage.

    Choose Ghostly Daydream as your next destination and dispatch Etna to hit the green geo near the gateway, then attack the closest enemy to remove them and send in Flonne to cast healing spells.

    Use Etna to continue fending off the approaching enemies and dispatch Laharl to stand on top of the pyramid teleporter until he disappears.

    Move Etna to stand on one side of the pyramid, then dispatch Lanza to stand on the other and fire back at the enemies with long-distance arrow shots.

    Rotate the battlefield to locate Laharl on the opposite pyramid teleporter and have him strike the yellow geo below on his right.

    Push Etna and Lanza forward to start cutting through the group of enemies ahead with special skill or team attacks, then have Sicily join them after the next turn and use Flonne to continue casting healing spells.

    Send in a group of your weakest characters to start drawing opposing fire in between turns and continue clearing the area, then teleport Laharl again to join the rest of the team and move forward with them to attack the enemies around the left side of the rock formation.

    Choose Scale of Good & Evil as your next destination and dispatch Sicily to hit the small group of enemies on the left with special skill attacks, then send in the rest of the strongest characters to start fighting towards the teleporter at the top of the battlefield.

    Leave Sicily at the gateway for a few turns so she can eliminate the two enemies that approach from the other side of the map.

    Move your team in front of the green-lit area above to throw Etna down onto it first and send her to the back the pyramid teleporter, then fend off the surrounding enemies until you can toss Laharl into the mix as well.

    Use Blazing Knuckles to help clear the area and have one of your weakest characters finishing throwing the rest of the team down into the green zone.

    Cast a Giga Heal spell on Laharl and use Nether Slash to strike both geos below before sending him through the warp, then immediately start clearing the red zone with a special skills attack.

    Send Flonne through the teleporter next so that she can keep Laharl alive in the red zone, then transport the rest of your team in this manner to help finish clearing the area and complete this stage.

    Choose The Floating Lands as your next destination and dispatch Laharl to have him approach the enemies on the right side of gateway, then execute a Musou Slash to remove two of them.

    Dispatch Etna to eliminate the remaining enemy on the right and send in the rest of your strongest characters.

    Move Lanza to the edge of the battlefield that looks down on the adjacent island below and target the enemies that occupy it with projectile-based attacks, then send Sicily to stand beside her and repeat the same action using Sea Horse Charge.

    After clearing the island below, start throwing your strongest characters down onto it to enter the teleporter and make sure that Flonne is brought along to cast healing spells.

    Once Lanza passes through the warp, have her attack the nearest enemy above from a safe distance and move the others in at close-range to draw the rest of the hostiles in for special skill attacks.

    Hit three enemies at once with Laharl’s Overlord Wrath attack and continue passing as many characters as you can through the teleporter, then cast healing spells to keep the strongest teammates alive the longest and finish clearing the area to complete the stage.

    Choose Boundary of Darkness as your next destination and dispatch Laharl to take out the two nearest enemies ahead with Nether Slash, then send in Etna to eliminate the next closest one with one of her special skill attacks.

    Continue clearing the first island with just Etna and Laharl, then send in Flonne to cast healing spells when necessary and dispatch Sicily to increase your combat efficiency.

    Move Etna and Laharl into the red zone first, then fire on the remaining hostiles above with your archer character from a safe distance and dispatch the weakest members of the team to start drawing some enemy fire.

    Focus your archer’s fire on enemies that have most recently suffered damage from one of the other character’s special skill attacks and finish clearing the area to complete this stage.

    Choose Celestial Gate as your next destination, then dispatch the weakest member of the team and allow Xenolith to use his turn attacking the enemies across from the gateway.

    Send in Laharl to descend onto the first blue-colored step on the left side of the gateway and use Overlord Wrath to attack three of the enemies below at once.

    Move as many of your strongest characters as you can onto the blue step and continue fending off enemies with the help of special skill or triple team attacks.

    Keep your archer and Flonne at the top of the staircase to attack the enemies below or heal the team from a safe distance, then position those that can’t occupy the blue step to stand on the grassy ledges that surround it and finish clearing the area to complete this episode.

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