Disgaea D2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 1: The Qualities of an Overlord
  • Episode 2: The Arrival of the Mysterious Angel Girl Sicily
  • Episode 3: The Netherworld’s Evilest Warrior
  • Episode 4: An Idol Overlord is Born!?
  • Episode 5: The Celestial Suspicion
  • Episode 6: Etna’s Letter
  • Episode 7: The Truth About Angels
  • Episode 8: The Overlord’s Heir
  • Episode 9: The Missing Angels
  • Episode 10: The Eternal Netherworld

  • Episode 8: The Overlord’s Heir

    Choose Dark Impact as your next destination and dispatch the weakest character to draw in an enemy from above, then send in Laharl to eliminate him by trading regular attacks.

    Eliminate the next enemy that approaches by using the same method as before, then dispatch your strongest characters to push forward and clear the closest group of opponents ahead with special skill attacks.

    Stand your ground beside the first cluster of crystals to the right of the gateway and draw in as many enemies as you from this position to remove them.

    Continue holding your position near the gateway and luring enemies away from the red zone to defeat them with more ease using special skill attacks, then move Laharl to the right of the gateway and eliminate the next monster above with Musou Slash.

    Push your team across the red zone to eliminate the remaining enemies with special skill attacks that target multiple opponents at once and complete this stage.

    Choose Dark Barren Road as your next destination, then dispatch Etna to join Laharl and have them approach the bridge on the left side of the battlefield.

    Move Etna across the bridge to open the treasure chest and lift up the monster in front of her to toss it into the left corner above, then push Laharl forward to start clearing out the enemies with special skill attacks.

    Approach the cluster of four geos in the alcove above and strike the one in the bottom left quadrant, then move Laharl to the opposite bridge to eliminate the enemies around it.

    Position Laharl and Etna in front of the enemies on the island at the center of the battlefield, then toss Laharl onto it to eliminate the monsters at close-range and complete this stage.

    Choose Vile Black Crystal as your next destination and dispatch Laharl to stand beside the first monster ahead on the right, then hit the enemy with a special skills attack and send in Sicily to repeat the same action on the other demon nearby.

    Dispatch an archer to stand between Etna and Laharl, then continue attacking both monsters until they disappear and send in Flonne to occasionally heal them.

    Send in the strongest members of your party and split them between the next two platforms above, then eliminate the enemies on both sides with special skill or team attacks.

    Merge the two groups back into one team so that you can attack the last platform with your full force, then finish clearing the area to complete this stage and choose Fallen Destroyer as the next destination.

    Dispatch Laharl, Etna and one of the more mediocre characters in your party, then move all of them in front of the purple crystal to the right of the gateway.

    Toss Laharl and Etna across the gap so that they land on the green column ahead and throw Laharl for a second time so that he reaches the area at the opposite end of the battlefield.

    Send in on of your weaker characters and throw them onto the same column as Etna, then have Laharl start clearing the area with his Overlord’s Wrath attack and dispatch Flonne.

    Toss Flonne into the same area as Laharl and keep him alive as he eliminate the enemies around him, then throw Etna to have her join them and strike the blue geo above.

    Dispatch Sicily to stand in front of the purple crystal to the left of the gateway and eliminate the enemy on the column ahead.

    Send in one of your archer characters to stand on the jagged ledge that extends out over the pit directly in front of the gateway, then use a special skill attack to eliminate the enemies on both sides of them.

    Move Etna in front of the pair of winged enemies on the opposite side of the battlefield and eliminate them with her Trident attack to complete this stage.

    Choose Shadow of Misfortune as your next destination and dispatch the strongest characters in the party to approach the first pair of enemies below.

    Eliminate the two enemies with Laharl’s Nether Slash attack and have Sicily target the next opponent above with Sea Horse Charge.

    Move Sicily and Laharl ahead of everyone else, then eliminate the next pair of enemies using their Gone with the Cotton and Musou Slash attacks.

    Send your entire party into the turquoise zone ahead and split them between the enemy groups on either side of the battlefield, then use special skill or team attacks to finish clearing the area and complete this stage.

    Turn 1: Choose Utopian Abyss as your next destination, then dispatch Laharl and a few of your more mediocre characters to stand at the edge of the red zone ahead.

    Throw Laharl forward so that he lands on the second red step ahead and send in Etna to stand in his place, then attack the nearby enemy with the other available characters and dispatch Sicily to join in as well.

    Use Laharl’s Nether Slash to eliminate the nearest enemy above and move as many characters as you can to the edge of the red zone.

    Turn 2: Move Laharl onto the top step directly in front of Barbara to hit her with Musou Slash and dispatch Flonne so that she’s close enough to heal him whenever possible.

    Turn 3: Once you’ve drawn Barbara down the steps, use Etna to hit her with a special skill attack from behind the red zone and move Sicily in front of one of the grey demons on either side of the battlefield to do the same.

    Turn 4: Use Laharl to finish off Barbara, then eliminate the grey demons using Sicily’s Gone with the Cotton attack and Etna’s Spear Blow.

    Turn 5: Send Laharl up to the center platform at the top of the steps, then eliminate the remaining enemies using Musou Slash and complete this episode.

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