Dishonored: Bone Charm Collectible Locations [Video]

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Bethesda has released Corvo in Dunwall, and according to Game Front’s Dishonored review it is a fantastic experience. With all that freedom to accomplish your goals, you’ll also have time to explore the levels during each mission. While searching for secrets, you might just run across special collectibles called Bone Charms that give bonuses to your skills. You won’t want to miss these if you’re planning on being the best assassin. Find our locations guide below.

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Bone Charm Collectible Locations


High Overseer Campbell

  1. At the beginning of the mission, take out your heart and look right to spot a Charm on a tower on the water. Swim over to a rubble platform across the water, but be fast! Squeeze through the narrow path ahead and use a nearby chain to climb up. The first bone charm is right up top, near a dead body.
  2. After crossing the large gate, turn right and continue down the street. Keep going down the optional street until you find two thugs harassing a man. Take out the guards, then smash the boards to enter the harassed man’s abode. Talk to the man, then make your way upstairs, climbing the wreckage to find a charm on the table.
  3. The next charm is inside the distillery. Push past several areas full of guards until you reach a room above the elixir still, marked with a painted skull. In the back corner of the room is a tall object you’ll need to use Blink to get on top of and find the hidden charm by navigating the rafters and crossing the barrel storage.
  4. Another charm is located in the workshop in the backyard of the Overseer’s mansion. Either through the exit door, or through the streets. In the backyard, you’ll need to break into the workshop to find the valve and attach it to the door barring your way to the charm. Or, climb to the top of the charm-building and break the wooden boards to get inside.
  5. This charm is also in the backyard. Find the location with the Heart, then climb the building’s vents to reach a high window. There’s a tripwire protecting the window, so look out. Climb down to the first floor using the chains, and avoid the swarm of rats that’ll attack if you don’t stay out of their reach. The charm is held in a vice on a worktable, just interact to get the charm out of the vice’s grip.

House of Pleasure

  1. Travel up to Bottle Road, and use Blink to access the interior. Use the Heart to spot the rune in the building filled with deadly assassins.
  2. An easy charm can be found in the underground with Granny Rags.
  3. In the third floor of the Golden Cat, you can find the charm framed hanging from a wall.
  4. Another charm can be found in the Captain’s Chair Hotel. To get inside, you’ll need to complete sidequests for Slackjaw in the Distillery.
  5. Inside the Distillery, you can find a metal locked gate. You’ll need to collect the key to the gate through the valve-controlled door deeper inside the Distillery.

The Royal Physician

  1. The first rune is down the street of the first area. Look for an alley on the right side of the main path, behind an apartment balcony entrance. Behind the building, climb to the roof using a chain and continue north to find a bridge that can be lowered. Lower the bridge then Blink up into the creepy apartment full of Weepers. Inside, there’s a rune.
  2. Another rune is located in the Midrow Substation area. Past the flywheel and controls, but before reaching the North End, you can spot an abandoned building on the left side of the way. Enter the abandoned building and enter the rat-filled basement to find the charm.
  3. Outside Sokolov’s home, you can find another abandoned apartment with a secret entrance. Use the water tap three times, found just left as you enter the North End area. The charm is inside the apartment.
  4. If you’ve kept your Chaos Level low, you can talk to Cecilia in the pub and she’ll talk to you about an empty apartment. Check Cecilia’s bed to find a key to the apartment, and inside you’ll have no problem finding this charm.

Lady Boyle’s Last Party

  1. Near Boyle’s mansion, you can find a creepy infested apartment building. Circle behind the building and Blink to get inside to the upper floor to find a charm.
  2. Across the canal from the mansion is another infested apartment building, at the corner street where Tallboys patrol the area. Get inside and reach the third floor to find a charm, runes, and more.

Return to the Tower

  1. A tricky charm is located on the outer edges of Dunwall Tower’s second floor. Blink upward from the water and look for an interior area on the second floor of the tower, before reaching the roof.
  2. Another charm is inside a secret room on the top floor of Dunwall tower’s interior, before reaching the roof. In the corner across from the room containing the Reagent’s Chamber Key and down the hall from the General’s Office, you’ll find a corner with a sconce you can interact with. Do so to reveal a secret room containing a rune.

The Flooded District

  1. Blink across the rooftops in Rudshore Waterfront to enter a building from the top, just use the Heart to locate. Beware of Weepers inside.
  2. On the second floor of the Refinery, you’ll find a ruined metal walkway, drop down below the walkway to find a charm underneath.
  3. A tricky Bone Charm is located in Daud’s pocket. You’ll need to pickpocket him inside his hideout to get your hands on the collectible.
  4. In Central Rudshore, follow the channel to a large metal gate all the way to the end. In the corner, you can spot an easy charm next to a corpse.
  5. Inside the Gateword Tunnel, immediately turn right and look in the dead end channel for a rune sitting on top of a rock.
  6. Crossing through the Old Port District Outskirts, on your way to the sewers, look for a building down a right turn and on the left side. Just look for an open door. Go inside and upstairs to find a charm.
  7. Near the end of the sewers, you’ll enter a cave with some water creatures. Look for a grating hiding a couple of elixirs and the last rune.
  8. If you’ve unlocked it, there’s a Charm right near the entrance using Granny Rags’ special route into the sewers. If the route isn’t open, you can backtrack to the area once you’ve entered the main sewer corridor.

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