Dishonored: Brigmore Witches – Runes & Charms Locations Guide

Find every rune, bone, and corrupted charm in the Brigmore Witches DLC for Dishonored with our add-on locations guide. Hunt down every special collectible in all three major missions — Coldrige Prison, Draper’s Ward, and Brigmore Manor. Make the mission easier for Daud with these assassin upgrades in the list below.

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All Runes & Charms Collectible Locations


  • Rune #1: Automatically collected in the Assassin HQ, when Daud collects his sword and gear from the chest.
  • Rune #2: Find two Assassins on the way out of the HQ that talk about Daud’s leave for Brigmore. After they disappear, look up and to the left. Blink up onto the tall stacks to find a hidden rune.

A Stay of Execution for Lizzy

  • Rune #3: Find this Rune in the rocks below Coldridge, just after leaving the sewers to the dry river bed. Look to the right of the rocks leading up to the prison, behind a fallen sheet of metal.
  • Bone Charm #1: Inside the main prison, there’s a courtyard with a raised platform. Look underneath it to spot a rune. Found near the Watch Guard that will speak with Daud.
  • Rune #4: To the right of the desk, in a dark corner of the Interrogation Room.
  • Bone Charm #2: This very tricky charm is found after leaving the Interrogation Room and entering an exterior guard room. Blink out through the open roof in the hallway, and then blink down to the ground below. There is an alcove lit by a purple lamp where the charm is hidden.
  • Corrupted Charm #1: Found in the large prison block. The special charm will appear randomly inside one of the prison cells here.

The Dead Eels

  • Rune #5: To get this first rune, you must complete Granny’s recipe. Travel to the second floor of the building, near the pule of bodies outside the gate, to find the recipe on a desk. Find the ring in an alley marked with the “Pratchett Warehouse” sign. There’s a pile of trash with the ring among the items. Next, grab a Dead Eels thug and bring him back to the apartment where you found the recipe. Knock him unconscious and drag the body to the room. Bring a second thug to the scene, then place the ring on the objective. A fire will appear, and you’ll get a rune.
  • Corrupted Charm #2: Climb onto the roof of the building where you found the recipe, then climb up another ceiling to find a glass roof. Sneak to the edge of the glass, to the right, to find a corrupted charm.
  • Rune #6: Purchase a favor to get the gate open down along the dry canal near the sewers entrances, down the street from Granny’s apartment.
  • Bone Charm #3: This can be purchased from the Black Market shop across the canal, accessed through the open second floor balcony.
  • Rune #7: Enter the Dressmaker’s Studio from the alleyway. The rune is plainly visible on the wall across from the entrance doorway.
  • Corrupted Charm #3: Found in the room where Daud meets another assassin, before reaching the docks where the Undine is moored.
  • Rune #8: On the docks with the Undine, one of the cargo doors is wedged open with a cargo container. Sneak over the top to find a rune inside.
  • Rune #9: Enter the watch building at the end of the docks through an underwater opening to find a rune in the ruined basement.
  • Bone Charm #4: Purchase a favor to get the cache of items dumped at the docks. Go to the location to find a bone charm underwater with the rest of the contraband.
  • Bone Charm #5: Check out the water beneath the Undine, below the contraband hatch underneath the ship, to find this charm laying on the sea bed.
  • Bone Charm #6: Just after entering the Textile Mill, follow the right wall to find an abandoned booth with a bone charm inside.
  • Rune #10: Enter the warehouse through the skylights to find a rune in the office.
  • Corrupted Charm #4: Sneaking through the rat-infested sewers, Daud will enter a large room with a platform in the center. Enter the room with the statue and the witch beyond that. After the chat, smash the wooden floor to find a charm with a swarm of rats.
  • Bone Charm #7: Continuing through the sewers, you’ll enter a canal with a tunnel collapse to the right. Look on the rocks to find the last charm of the mission.
  • Rune #11: Plug in the power to the office deeper in, and you’ll be able to get by a fan after is breaks apart in the ventilation system. There’s a dead worker at a desk, and a locked gate ahead. Jump and blink through the gnarled metal bars above the doors to find the last rune.

Delilah’s Masterwork

  • Rune #12: Outside the estate, blink up onto the structure near the water to find a cache with the first rune. To find this cache, you must purchase a favor.
  • Corrupted Charm #5: Search the waters outside the estate fence.
  • Rune #13: There’s an open safe to the right of the estate entrance, partially submerged in the water.
  • Rune #14: The last rune is the trickiest. You’ll need to complete Granny’s next spell by finding 3 Krusts. The recipe is in the greenhouse. Blink up to the rafters, then blink into the room at the top to find the inventory. Look on the shoreline to find the first Krust. The second is hanging from the wall to the right of the estate entrance. Blink over the fence to find the Krust hanging. Knock it down and collect the pearl. The last Krust is inside the ruining building behind the estate. In the same building as the last Krust, drink the water from the fountain. Finally, the rune will appear.
  • Bone Charm #8: Behind the estate, look for a rock ledge above another fountain. The bone charm is on a chair guarded by another witch.
  • Bone Charm #9: To get the next charm, you’ll first need a lever. The item is located inside the building with the tree growing through the roof behind the estate. Next, travel to the graveyard behind the greenhouse and attach the lever. Drop into the crypt, and look to the right. The charm is under the statue.
  • Corrupted Charm #6: Just entering the manor, look up for a hole in the floor above. Jump and blink to the second story of the manor, then turn around. Sneak through the fallen hallway to find a surface with the corrupted charm.
  • Bone Charm #10: There’s a desk in the office next to the previous collectible with another charm.
  • Bone Charm #11: Near the top of the manor, look for an alcove where two witches discuss Delilah’s plan near a chest and a log. The chest here contains a charm.
  • Rune #15: In the room next to the previous charm, there are more chests and a desk with the final rune.

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